Works Appreciation
Toca do Urso Brewery

The Colorado Brewery inaugurated, in its hometown of Ribeir?o Preto (SP), the Toca do Urso - a space that simulates a cave to welcome visitors.

Designed by Superlim?o, the standout feature of this project lies in the use of various vernacular and passive techniques to create a pleasant microclimate in an extremely hot and poorly ventilated region, without enclosing the environment and without relying on active conditioning techniques.

Located in front of the Brewery's factory, the old parking lot made way for the Toca do Urso.

The goal was to make the most of what already existed in the surroundings, such as the canopy of two large trees that shade the area for much of the day.

The large circular hall was buried 1.5m, and the soil removed from the ground was relocated, creating a 3m embankment around the central hall, forming a significant thermal inertia barrier like in caves.

The circular wing-shaped roof with a skylight optimizes natural circulation and captures wind from any direction, similar to wind catchers common in Islamic constructions.