Works Appreciation

The challenge in this project was to propose a new facade to an existing building on a busy avenue, providing visibility and conveying attributes associated with a century-old corporate furniture brand. On a corner plot, Riccó would establish itself, repositioning its most important concepts such as tradition and the precision of its production.

After various studies of materials and volumetrics, we opted for a metallic envelope reminiscent of origamis, inspired by the Miura-Ori model created by Japanese astrophysicist Koryo Miura. Around 600 pieces of aluminum composite sheets were used, processed in Riccó's own manufacturing structure.

To make the execution feasible, a large support grid was created that could be repeated several times, covering the entire surface. Across the facade - a frontal length of 33 meters - only two shapes were used, diamonds and triangles, which can be in different colors (gray and white), perforated, or flat.