Works Appreciation
The Sea Of Clouds

The Sea Of Clouds is a remarkable project located near Huanshan East Road, the city's main urban arterial road. This project not only showcases the city's image but also capitalizes on the rich surrounding landscape resources. It seamlessly connects the cultural, tourism, and urban development sectors in the region. Architects embraced two design concepts: one inspired by the mountain's shape, featuring undulating roofs and zigzagging facades, and another inspired by the momentum of water, reflecting distant mountains, sea of clouds, and the rising sun through water elements. The building harmoniously integrates with the landscape, incorporating green hill units, recuperation areas, and entertainment spaces, creating a dynamic and functional space. The theater within the building is intelligently designed to accommodate various performance forms. The materials used, such as luminescent concrete, ultra-thin stainless steel, and high-transparency glass, contribute to the theater's elegance and resilience, making it a unique and climate-resistant architectural masterpiece.