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A one-bedroom 38 m2 Moscow apartment

Size:38 m2

Type :A one-bedroom apartment


Features: The larger room is a living room, while the smaller one is a kitchen; there is a small pantry almost at the entrance.

We transformed a 38 sq. m Moscow apartment for a couple, optimizing space by separating the kitchen-living room from the bedroom. The kitchen boasts a complete corner unit with built-in appliances, including a clever retractable coffee machine shelf. The balcony was converted into a home office with a hanging desk and storage. A double-sided wardrobe centers the kitchen-living area, and a sleek sofa with thin legs keeps the space visually light. In the bedroom, we ensured easy access with two entryways and frosted glass sliding partitions to share light. The bathroom gained space from the hallway and now features a shallow cabinet with a worktop washbasin. An open storage system replaces swinging cabinets in the dressing area.designer:Karen Karapetian