Works Appreciation
The Chunpu Bamboo Dock, hidden in the deep mountains of the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan, is designed with a concrete main body combined with a solid wood mortise and tenon structure roof. The design of the double "human" shaped roof breaks the traditional form of southern Sichuan residential buildings. The entire building is divided into two parts by cutting, one high and one low, with modern glass structures used as the connecting parts in the middle. The combination of rammed earth art paint and old demolished wood on the exterior reflects the design concept of modern Eastern aesthetics. Nature has constructed different forms of beauty, and we have discovered this beauty in our home here. We have carved it into this simple set of buildings in our natural environment. The design stands in the Wanqing Bamboo Forest, capturing the changes in climate and scenery, and the shifting stars of natural scenery, perfectly blending the six guest rooms with the wind, bamboo forest, and sky. Unlike the row after row of urban houses, it continues the residential form of the Bashu forest and adds the design concept of modern architecture.