Works Appreciation
BACKGROUND STORY:In the future, an onslaught of solar flares have depleted the ozone. Poor crop yields and inconsistent connectivity have left the world in disarray. The preservation of the largest surviving forests is now essential for the resortation of the ozone layer, and any hope of life before. In these desperate times Tactical Park Rangers must be enlisted to not just preserve, but protect these forests from increasingly desperate survivors.

These pants were adapted from my Thermoregulation Backcountry Pants project with fabrics specific to the Tactical Park Ranger project.

The Tactical Park Ranger shacket features dual two-way venting and storage zippers that give access to hidden internal pockets. Additional external storage includes a vented Velcro pocket, an accessory chest pouch, and a sunglass or pen holder. Nametape, TPR themed Pine Tree side venting, and dual sided vent ruffles on the arms complete the shacket. There is also a deployable ninja mask for sun projection and stealth.

Energy Machete - 3D printed handle, laser cut etched and spray-painted fluorescent acrylic blade, UV flashlight inside.(designed by Daniel J Carhuff)