Works Appreciation
This armchair was specially designed for the Artizon Museum in Tokyo’s Kyobashi business district. The design of the piece of furniture of the same name is coordinated with the newly occupied premises in the Museum Tower Kyobashi. A special design feature is the curved backrest, which simultaneously forms the armrest and wraps around the seated person. The wood used is Japanese oak from Hokkaido, a popular regional wood that is easy to work with. The line of the backrest continues seamlessly to the front legs, giving the chair an uninterrupted organic shape. The minimalist design and aesthetic restraint of the chair are also reflected in the precise workmanship. For the seamless surface of the wood, a 3D milling cutter was used in the processing. In use, the armchair also allows for easy cleaning or simple replacement of the seat itself, as it is screwed and can be loosened and changed by hand. Although KYOBASHI was originally designed for the Artizon Museum, the armchair can also be used in other interior spaces.