Works Appreciation
The Mountain Villa
This 15 years ago rural self-built villa, when we first met in 2009, many places have begun to deformation and subsidence, the foundation of the house is not deep, underground is full of stones, the gables wet and bubbling water...... The complex hillside environment greatly increases the difficulty of building transformation. After repeated research and scientific calculation, especially considering the difficulty of construction and transportation, the final plan is to continue the previous architectural framework and strengthen and repair the house on the original basis.

In combination with the project environment and the owner's desire, we define the house as a "house growing in the mountain", just like the bud planted by the owner 15 years ago, which has been dormant for a long time, and has been revived with life and vitality today.

It must be a kind of Chinese expression, a kind of localized memory, a kind of local response, a kind of plain and mild habitation. It stands on the mountainside, like standing in the empty nostalgia, in the vast clouds, in the quiet mountain stream, in the past such as a pole.