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YM Series Industrial Connector
The YM series connectors provide connection to electrical mains in complex and harsh industrial conditions, especially those high in corrosion-resistance to salt mist. 
The YM Series Connectors are designed to be highly water-proof, corrosion resistant, safe and reliable, which are realized from the following steps.
First, we innovated the waterproof structure by rubber sealing the socket and the case, the plug and the socket, the plug and the cable.
Second, we adopted advanced engineering plastics with excellent properties with better tolerance to salt mist than its metal counterparts. And the internal terminals are finished with nickel plating.
Third, the product uses a 3-pin bayonet connection and 5-point fixing structure to be more safe and stable.
The product stands multiple tests, such as TUV and UL, and also undergoes expert review,, experiments and user feedback, garnering much market recognition.