Works Appreciation
The LF03 is a hair dryer with an exclusive motor. It has a subversive sinking air inlet structure and a high-powered motor. It gives users a comfortable and quick drying hair experience while saving time and effort. Dry hair more gently with the integrated constant temperature and negative ion function. The weight is merely 407g, making it easy to travel and store. Its ergonomic design allows users to dry their hair at any angle and is simple to use. It is a perfect option for business travel.
The tail of the air duct is equipped with a unique ring light, and the light will display different colors in different temperature gears. Users can adjust it according to their own needs at any time, achieving the unity of aesthetics and practicability. In addition, the magnetic air nozzle can also meet the needs of users for a variety of hairstyles. The detachable 
magnetic suction filter is convenient for cleaning and later maintenance.
When LF03 supplies air, the concentration of negative ions is as high as 200 million/cm3, which sends pure oxygen from the scalp to the ends of the hair. After the neutralization of negative ions, it completely eliminates static electricity and frizz to ensure smooth, dry, and shiny hair.