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AIOT-Smart Park integrated decision-making system
The Fourth Paradigm Smart Park integrated decision-making system +AIOT platform uses AI technology to promote the development of a new generation of scientific, efficient, and safe Smart Parks, benefiting all walks of life.Rely on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and edge computing to realize the intellectualization of the Park as a whole, monitor and predict the potential safety hazards in the Park in real-time, reduce the probability of risk occurrence, and give the treatment plan after the sudden alarm, to improve the safety of the Park.
Based on digital twin technology, restore the buildings in the Park, and conduct unified data collection, analysis, presentation, and control of all facilities and equipment that need to be managed through the Park LAN.
The new UI interface uses advanced metal texture and fretting effect to improve the sense of future and ease of operation. It visually highlights the design quality with a neutral color and creates a scene atmosphere with strong color differences in function and warning.