Works Appreciation
portable electron virus-scanning microscope
Macau University of Science and Technology - Zhi Hua
The COVID-19 has been rampant in recent years. In addition to specific medicines and vaccinations, how to prevent epidemic and detect virus as quickly as possible ,and study the environmental characteristics of its existence have become crucial. In terms of equipment functions, it adopts the principle of scanning electron microscope. After detecting a virus, it will automatically generate pictures and send it to the background server through the cloud to compare it with the virus database to determine which virus has the highest similarity, so as to make the correct decision.
The whole equipment aims to fully reflect the concept of being safe, efficient and humanized. The main body adopts the modeling techniques such as straight lines and rounded and beveled corners, and integrates the equipment components.
A good design does not only mean a good appearance,but also its internal structure, materials, assembly and the like. This equipment contains hundreds of parts after being split, and each part is completed by the designer after careful research and repeated scrutiny. The internal and external functional partitions should consider both the practicability of functional components and the aesthetics of the appearance, so that the equipment can meet the function at the same time,as well as make the visual aesthetics of the equipment appearance to achieve the best!