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Integrated Customs Health Declaration and Verification Machine
Customs health declaration and inspection machine is an intelligently integrated machine for health declaration and inspection of inbound and outbound passengers for epidemic prevention and control. The device is an intelligent verification and shunting system which integrates functions of collective temperature monitoring, declaration and verification, certificate recognition, face recognition, object sensing, soft gate, etc. This system can be docked with the Chinese Customs health declaration applet and the Customs New Travel System. Passengers can quickly complete the customs declaration verification by brushing the electronic two-dimensional code generated by the health declaration on the verification system to achieve the verification of the passenger self-service health declaration. Warning alerts for abnormal body temperature, abnormal declaration information and high-risk or controlled passengers have been provided. One-to-one contact-free screening and automatic accurate interception have been achieved, the risk of spread of infectious diseases and passengers'immediate analysis and retrospective have been reduced, problems such as asymmetric information, concealment and non-reporting have been solved, and the efficiency of port inspection has been reduced, and difficulties in information verification have been effectively reduced. Effectively alleviate the work pressure of staff, avoid cross-infection between staff, optimize the working environment of staff, improve the customs clearance environment of passengers, and make an outstanding contribution to epidemic prevention and control.