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China Resources·Youshan Yuejing Show Flats

We use the showroom project of Runlin Real Estate as the hub to explore in contemporary life and humanistic spirit, trying to weave an ideal habitat for human settlements and we use design + scientific methods to bring the residents back to a quiet and vibrant life in the downtown area.


The 113-square-meter three-bedroom room has been given a gentle and elegant soft furnishings. Wood is the sleeping sunlight. The balcony leaves a space inward to "store" the sunlight, so that the apartment can "breathe". The tea room is placed to make the interior functions more diverse. The white translucent curtains are matched with light-tone wood and cotton and linen. The furniture brings a leisurely and fresh space atmosphere to the space.


Through thinking about the family structure of four persons, the 148-square-meter three-bedroom showroom adopts the overall color of light gray, bold sculptural artwork, and the black spiral staircase in the duplex space, bringing a strong modern artistic atmosphere.