Works Appreciation
Shan Zhen Qi Hai
The project is located at a tranquil and simple small building in Zhuhai City, China. Sitting back against the mountain while facing the sea, no doubt that it’s quite a hermitage. For a better integration into the environment, B&B where you can relax and feel the serenity and elegance is the optimal choice. The main building is predominantly white without any superfluous decoration. Only a few spacious glass windows applied is enough to lead the mountain scenery and sea views, whether light and shadow or rain and snow into the interior, making full use of the outdoor landscape. In the lobby, the public space which is divided into the front desk, water bar and relaxation zone by decorative cabinets is concise and transparent. Here you can order a cup of coffee, sit in silence, place your gaze through the glass and return to nature both physically and mentally.