Works Appreciation
Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel

As China’s cities develop, business travelers look for unique experiences within the urban setting.  The design of this hotel looks to a contemporary asian life style that offers a unique business + resort concept. The Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel has its reception on the top floor of a 273m building. The design intent brings a breath taking view and a relaxed calmness together with a view to the city and the sky.  The design uses nature as a concept, breaking down the words shenzhen, Chinese for

Shenzhen, into water, cave, wood, earth and river, using these elements to create a calming environment that has an eastern zen atmosphere while employing sustainable materials to create an artistic environment. Careful planning of the spaces results in an open plan arrangement with the reception, all day dining on the 57th floor and a sculptural stair connecting to the 58th floor Chinese Restaurant. Simple, unifying materials achieves a minimalistic, harmonious design for business travelers looking for a relaxed ambiance in the city.


The overall black and white color tone with splashes of greenery is inspired by the Chinese ink paintings while an eco-friendly choice of materials gives an earth-friendly approach to sustainable design.