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Recyclable PET Flooring&Wall Panel
Recyclable PET Flooring&Wall Panel is only 4-5 mm thick, which is a new generation panel that complies with sustainable development requirements. It is the first application in the flooring& panel industry globally with various kinds of recycled PET items(from clothes, water cups, etc.), while its PET Core can still be recycled many times after being discarded, thus significantly reducing the white pollution of existing plastic materials and the abuse of new materials. Based on the principle of "fusion of same material", no adhesives or glue are used, and a solid adhesion is still reached between the PET and the UV material. With a surface hardness up to 67, it can effectively resist impact. And its waterproof, anti-slip and abrasion resistance characteristics make it usable for more than 10 years, and it is easy to maintain and repair. A combination with the acoustic pad can effectively reduce noise. And installation with click system is simple and fast. The space occupied after installation is small, leaving more space for utilization. Moreover, it is a perfect decorative material, suitable for a variety of styles of home environment, such as modern simplicity, Nordic style, simple European, light luxury. The product can be perfectly restored in 4 designs and patterns thanks to high-definition ink jet technology and digital printing technology: 1. Featuring a restrained design, Lauren Platinum contains patterns outlined by golden edge lines in a background color of Lauren white, as well as delicate and smooth texture, vividly presenting the high quality as real stone. 2. Stauffenberg adopts Normandie gray as the background color, characterized by wabi-sabi design style, which is quiet, elegant. 3. Slovenia features a background color of Athens gray, which carries the original natural flavor, and brings an all-embracing beauty. 4. Inspired by the work "The Starry Night" of the Impressionist painter Vincent William van Gogh, Starry Night uses diverse colors to perfectly render the entire colorful starry sky. The light blue tone and dynamic lines leave people with a free sense of time and space and infinite reverie. You’re what you buy. Providing consumers with a new choice of environmental protection consumption, this product fully embodies the enterprise's concept of "Leave The Forest To The Nature & Let The Human Enjoy The Green World".