Works Appreciation
Founded in 2006, Chongqing Pinsheng Technology is committed to providing marking and identification services for the people’s livelihood industries such as communications, power, finance, and medical care. With the mission of “giving digital identities to all things and becoming the cornerstone of an intelligent society”, they practice “every time Marking is a connection with the world" the original intention, so that every seemingly cold and serious marking behavior becomes a very warm humanistic care. The designer Zhou Zijian re-examined the relationship of contemporary office space, and refined the four cores of the enterprise-system, order, creativity, environmental protection, soft sensibility and rationality, and revealed the core of modern civilization and the futuristic sense of technology invisibly in the space. . A space that depends on "people" and "order" needs to have the dual personality of rigor and vitality. Geometric lines and warm white rough materials extend from the elevator corridor to the interior of the space, giving the entire place a uniform temperament. The long and narrow aisle sets a calm and rational tone for the entire field; Pinsheng products are full of spatial details, inadvertently showing the "trend" attitude of cutting-edge technology. One step is narrow and one step is wide. The designer creates a space rhythm of opening and closing, giving the audience plenty of room for exploration and imagination. The nature, simplicity and antiquity of wabi-sabi creates a humanistic atmosphere in the space, perceives the delicateness and temperature of the space through vision and touch, dilutes the unfamiliarity and coldness of technical products, and actively establishes the intimacy between man and technology. Humanity is invisible, but the most charming. While chasing the futuristic sense of science and technology, while based on the origin of life, Pinsheng people put work and daily life into a certain ritual. Rooted in such a culture, the designer uses the interweaving sequence of colors, materials, elements, light and spatial modeling to continue the happiness and sense of belonging of Pingsheng people in the space, following the changes of the space and perceiving the context of emotional relaxation. . The classic arched architecture gives a sense of space ritual. The pure and smooth geometric blocks are full of vitality in the walk of the sun, adding an eternal definition of flow and tranquility to the space, and is perceived by the spiritual world of people; A display stand is derived from the shape sequence, which displays the representative products of Pinsheng in each period in sequence according to the time axis, forming a sense of theater in the space and deepening the relationship between people, objects and space. The arch fa?ade wall extends on both sides of the multifunctional hall, shielding the old and messy glass curtain wall, allowing the space to be reborn; the new space has a new identity --- "Pingsheng College", which is responsible for the society of corporate education Responsibilities, changeable scenes, and complex interaction create more possibilities for people's collective activities such as meetings, performances, learning, and training. The doorway invisibly separates the office area, the leisure area, and the dining area. The space is softly connected between the “boundary” and the “between”, allowing people to naturally release their emotions; the concept of gardening landscape is placed outside the space, and at the same time , Pinsheng personally develops and manages vegetable gardens, integrates beauty into daily life, and reshapes the habitat that humans and nature interact and share. Scarpa once said: "You need to create certain relationships to make things come alive." Pinsheng office space responded positively to the creation of “effective relationships”. By combing through the multiple relationships behind the company’s personality, emotions, and humanities, it achieves balance and connection in the design context, optimizes people’s work and life awareness, and improves people. The self-discipline and creativity, this is the new civilization.