Works Appreciation
The rose fountain
The rotation curve is not only beautiful in appearance, but also common in architectural design and industrial design. However, in our innovation of jewelry design, we have learned from architectural principles and adopted the rotating Mosaic process to show the soft feeling of the water column of fountain and 92% high refractive index of light, which make the arc moving line of diamond ring more beautiful and increase the sparkle of diamond. The rose fountain breaks through the previous design conventions of flat and static diamond ring and makes all angles of the diamond ring become the aesthetic focus, which is very different from the traditional diamond ring. Through creative design, we discover the infinite possibilities of jewelry, and thus convey the independent spirit of daring to be different and pioneering to women in the new era. Compared with similar works, the unique hollow structure makes up for the neglect of the light effect on the side and bottom of the diamond in the previous diamond design, and enables the light to pass through the gap of the pedestal to make the diamond ring look more transparent and shining no matter at what Angle. The inside of the ring uses an ergonomic Smile Arc radian and this makes the ring more comfortable to wear.