Works Appreciation
Yuanshe, lanshu
Yuanshe · Guanshu is in the mountains of Songyang. The road to the B & B is the old tea horse road, which is still full of vegetation. There is an ancient tree of hundreds of years old at the intersection of the road. Under the tree is a small temple which is rumored to be very effective. On both sides of the road are farmland and tea garden. Songyang is rich in herbal medicine. Along the way, you can see green mountains and green hills, and the bamboo trees shade the trees. As soon as the mountain wind blows, the fatigue of the road will dissipate in the mountains. The outdoor constant temperature swimming pool faces the green hill. Langshu village, where Yuanshe · Lanshu is located, is located at an altitude of more than 800 meters. It is surrounded by green mountains and surrounded by clouds all the year round. You can see the villages and fields in the distance at a glance. With rammed earth walls, Horst stones and logs, the appearance of B & B is simple and generous. They have contracted the whole village so that the whole homestay can be perfectly integrated with the nature. The buildings are scattered layer by layer according to the mountain situation. The rammed earth walls, Horst stones and small green tiles of the traditional buildings in Songyang are also used properly. The rare 100 year old trees in the village are also included in the architectural layout. The houses are spread around the ancient trees, as if they are holding the ancient trees in their arms The source of the name "tree". From a distance, B & B is like an ideal village embraced by mountains and rivers, hidden in the mountains. Although the B & B is hidden in the mountains, there is no lack of Jiangnan Lingxiu implication. There are 17 guest rooms planned for B & B, and the style of the guest rooms echoes the local culture of farming and reading in Songyang.