Works Appreciation
Art and business, day and night. All herald a huge difference in their atmosphere and environment. And this is also the difficulty of design. In order to combine the composite format of art exhibition halls/coffee/bars, we cut the space into two layers, upper and lower, for the display of the second floor for commercial operation. This is also different from the design logic of traditional commercial bodies, seeking common aesthetics, In order to attract loyal customers more effectively. From the name of BAYZ, this design is destined to be more like a structure of the inner world. It is different from exploring the mountains and seas from the ancient books of thousands of years. What we have to do is just to restore the master's. Original intention. A pure and "fairy" world. Therefore, we have sorted out the concept of "nest", from brand design to build an overall IP image, and then transplant the main concept into the entire space. The rough cement, fine glass, and the flickering lights flickering between them, like the undulating lines of the labyrinth, all foreshadowing the unusual depth of the "nest". And when you find the deepest part, you will find that BAYZ is right there. If we say that our previous design is to create a space, a field, a feeling. Then this time we will break the tradition and let the space "live". In order to better present BAYZ mountain and sea world, we have updated the combination of lights and movable devices, When you are in it, you will find that the flowing smoke, the beating lights, and even the "BAYZ" will also look at you from time to time.