Federation Member
Lorenzo Castro

Lorenzo Castro began to work as an architect in 1988 and by 2015 he consolidated his firm, Castro Arquitectos. In the public sector, he has led the recovery of public spaces through projects for plazas, boulevards, parks, and bike paths. His projects cover urban and architectural design, from the large scale to that of detail. His architectural projects are solved in a precise and technical way. It is an architecture to stroll, where the borders dissolve and make the projects permeable, allowing the places to be built again with the pass of the people who inhabit, walkthrough, and penetrate them. Projects dilute in the proper displacement of time; citizens time, the longest time of the patina, and the extended duration of the city's time. They filter the exterior into the inside, besides creating spaces, the walls are loaded with plastic materiality and make it difficult to establish the limit where architecture becomes art, landscape, and city. All his project experience has been transmitted to new generations through his academic contribution as a professor for 30 years.