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Felipe Assadi is an architect from the Finis Terrae Unlversity (1996) and a Master's in Architecture from the Universidad Católica de Chile. In 1999 he received the Young Promotion Award from the Chilean College of Architects,awarded to the best architect under 35 years of age in the country.He has been a professor at various Chilean and other foreign universities like Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Colombia and the USA. As of 2011 he has served as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Finis Terrae University.He has been invited to speak in Venezuela, Peru,Mexico,Puerto Rico,Costa Rica,Argentina, the United States, Italy, and Spain. His work has been widely published in various countries in magazines such as Wallpaper and Architectural Review in London, Arquitectura Viva and AV Monographs in Madrid,Architectural Record in NY,GA in Tokyo,Domus and Casabella in Italy among others, and in specialized books throughout the world.He has participated in exhibitions in Barcelona, Pamplona, London,Quito,Tokyo,Madrid, Venice. His work has been developed in Chile,Mexico,Guatemala,Peru,Puerto Rico,Venezuela, the United States, Italy. Ecuador and Colombia.To date he has five monographs, one in Santiago, one in Navarra, one in South Korea, one in Buenos Aires, and one in Mexico City.