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CAMAL STUDIO was founded in 2008 by Alessandro Camorali.

The studio is the result of a decade of experience in the field of 3D modeling and design. Already established in product and automotive design with customers such as Ferrari S.p.a. and Pininfarina, CAMAL studies and enters new markets with a high level of competence and experience in the world of design developing style projects with particular attention to the needs of the customer and the market.

The main achievements

The (AZNOM) PALLADIUM is a luxury vehicle designed to tackle any terrain, combining the versatility of a sports SUV with the elegance of a limousine. Designed by CAMAL and built in Italy it aims to resume a road travelled by the well-known Italian vehicle body shops of the past where every vehicle was produced by hand with care and passion. Each of 10 cars planned for this limited series, will be made in the same way as a tailor-made suit for the customer who, through the selection and full customisation of details, will be a key player in the creation of their car.