Federation Member


Participated in which domestic and international professional associations:

Asia Pacific Designers Federation Enterprise Member

HK Indoor Desiger Association Full Member

Engaged in professional work resume:

KS STUDIO LTD – 8.5 Years

The main achievements:

Awards won in 2019:

 -" Most Outstanding Service Award" in HK, " Most Outstanding Enterprise Award" in HK

 -REA Best Interior Design Award

Application to join the APDF statement:

KS STUDIO LTD is a Hong Kong interior design and consulting company.

The KS STUDIO LTD team consists of design directors Kenwin Chan and Kevin Mok and a group of designers who love art and creation. We provide various interior design services. The main project areas include high-end residential and villas, restaurants, offices, beauty chain stores, Financial institutions and shopping malls. Clients include state-owned enterprises, listed companies and professionals.

In order to cooperate with the development of business in the mainland, the Guangzhou branch "Qisi (Guangzhou) Design Co., Ltd." was established in 2018, hoping to combine the different advantages and resources of the two places to bring better service quality to guests.