Federation Member
Saros Architectural Concept

Saros Architectural Concept

Participated in which domestic and international professional associations:

Asia Pacific Designers Federation

Engaged in professional work resume:

Founded SAROS Architectural Design (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. in 2015 (renamed its current name in 2018)

Has been engaged in the architectural space design industry for many years and has deeply cultivated the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regional markets. He has rich design experience in office space; hotel space; commercial space; and various educational spaces.

The main achievements:

Nanjing University's long-term cooperation team in space design and graphic design.

Greenland Group's long-term cooperative design team for architecture, landscape and interior space.

UNSW-CHINA (New South Wales) designated team for space design and graphic design in China.

Application to join the APDF statement:

The company applied to join the APDF alliance, hoping that after joining the association, it can effectively promote the company's business development and help the company effectively improve the professionalism in the region. SAROS Architectural Design (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. was founded at the beginning of the company in 2015. With the "Integrated Solution", the SAROS team provides customers with comprehensive planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design and brand image design design service. In the design practice for many years, we know that the key to the integration of planning, architecture, environment and interior design lies in: focusing on the discussion and research between professionals, and exploring the internal and connection of the project. We believe in a holistic interpretation of design, creating a living and dialogueable architectural space. SAROS architecture design upholds a rigorous professional attitude, an excellent team and a comprehensive project control model, combined with a professional project consultant resource system, and presents a focused corporate attitude through a variety of spatial works.

As an international professional design organization, Asia-Pacific Designers Alliance provides an international flow platform for design professionals, scholars and design institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. From the perspective of the designer, he can exchange design ideas and learn excellent design works; from the market level, the excellent works that emerge one after another and the academic activities organized by the APDF alliance are all effective guides for social development and people's lives.