Federation Member
Creative Group

Creative Group

Participated in which domestic and international professional associations:

Taiwan Inerior Design Aesthetic Association    Deputy Chairman

Taipei Association of Interior Designers   Director

Taiwan Association of Interior Design   R.O.C   CEO

Taipei TAID International Forum  CEO

Engaged in professional work resume:

Allness Design

Concept Architecture

Journey Architecture

BoConcept Taiwan distributor

The main achievements:


German IF DESIGN AWARD "Intermission" Design Award


Italy A‘Design Award & Competition Silver Award

Italy A‘Design Award & Competition Bronze

IAI Asia Pacific Design Award "Square and Round" Winner

IAI Asia Pacific Design Award "Living Wild Annual Ring" Winning Award

Asia-Pacific Space Design Award "The Opal in the Tea Pavilion"-First Prize

Asia-Pacific Space Design Award Most Influential Design Agency

China Shanghai Golden Bund Award Best Living Space Award


German iF Design Award "Share House" Design Award

Japan Good Design Award

China International Space Design Award-Aite Award

Taiwan TID Taiwan Interior Design Award


China IAI Creative Design Award,  Best Design Agency of the Year, Best Design Award of the year  China

Shanghai  Golden Bund Award Best Living Space Award (Excellent)

China APDC Asia Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Competition, Bronze Award in Residential Space Category

Taiwan TAKAO Interior Design Award, Residential Space Category, Outstanding Works TAKAO Award, Best Visual Effect Award

Taiwan Gold Creation Award Office Space Bronze Award


China Golden Hall Award Annual Excellent Residential Apartment Design

China Modern International Decoration Media Award Annual Home Space Award

China Interior Design Grand Prix Best Enterprise Award, Residential Engineering Silver Award

China International Space Design Award-Aite Award

Taiwan Jinchuang Award Residential Category A Excellent Work Award

Application to join the APDF statement:

The creative space has 17 years of experience in interior decoration, from a group of less than five people to more than one hundred people. Bring together diverse talents with background in industry, architecture and interior design, gather diverse talents with background in industry, architecture and interior design 3. Complete service from contract preparation to later execution.

In 2011, we began to integrate the operation and management of our subsidiaries, and the "Creative Space Group" was formally established to implement a diverse industrial chain related to architecture, interior design, furniture, home furnishings, and life aesthetics. In order to practice environmental protection and social responsibility, Chuang Space Group headquarters established the "Chuang Zhao Engineering Team" in 2012 and started the construction of environmental protection projects. In 2014 and 2015, the "CONCEPT Nordic Architecture" interior was established with the concept of nature, innovation and green architecture. The design company and the "JA Architecture Traveler" architectural design company convey the spirit of harmony between man and nature. Chuang Space Group looks forward to joining the IAI organization and passing on the concept of industry promotion and perpetual symbiosis.