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Good Design Crew

Good Design Crew

Engaged in professional work resume:

Executive director and general manager of design, graduated from Guangzhou University in 2007 with a major in architectural design, worked in a large domestic design company from April 2007 to 2015, joined Guangzhou Dayi Decoration Co., Ltd. in May 2015 and founded a sub-brand Guangzhou Good Interior Design Company (Gooddesign). Has a wealth of practical design experience and overall planning experience in large-scale design projects. Have a solid foundation of architectural and decorative design, have perfect control ability and excellent leadership skills for the overall project.

The main achievements:

Good Design Crew is a sub-brand of Guangzhou Dayi Decoration Co., Ltd. It was newly established in 2015 to provide high-end design services for the purpose of design brand. In the same year, it signed an annual partnership with Gansu Tianqing Group, Midea Real Estate, and Guangxi Yangshuo Riverside Hotel Group

Provide professional and innovative services for large business users, including hotel club space, office space, commercial space, food space, education space and so on. The accurate development of the rapid development of the real estate industry has won the favor of developers with its forward-looking planning and management concepts and rich practical experience. Provide a systematic, highly market-leading and competitive overall solution.

Application to join the APDF statement:

Good Design Crew is a cutting-edge design team composed of a group of young designers who enjoy creation and challenges. The team's original staff have many years of work experience in serving well-known domestic property developers, and have established long-term stability, mutual trust Partnership for common development. Also willing to long-term and trust our new and old customers, common growth and development.

Promote environmentally friendly living together and contribute to the social living environment.