Federation Member
Jin Yi (Shanghai) Decoration Design Co., LTD

Jin Yi (Shanghai) Decoration Design Co., LTD

Participated in which domestic and international professional associations:

Standing member of the Furnishing Art Committee of China Architectural Culture Research Association

Engaged in professional work resume:

Jinyi (Shanghai) Decoration Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 as a core design and creative company under Hong Kong Jinyi International Design Group Co., Ltd. In 2015, the founders of KIM Group proceeded from the perspective of the industry, followed the development trend of the times, and continued to optimize the original core commercial space, boutique hotel, creative office space, real estate sales office, model room, and "check-in" At the same time as the design and private high-definition service, it will expand the business layout to the fields of community life aesthetics business, Internet and cultural communication. The main creative staff of KIM Jinyi Design is composed of senior people in industries such as art, architectural interior design, business planning, international brand home furnishing, original artwork, etc. It is good at integrating multiple cultures and practicing design in accordance with actual needs. Professional institutions.

The main achievements:

Executive Council Member, Display Committee, China Architectural Culture Research Association

China“Interior Furnishing Design Standards” Specification Participating Unit

Director Unit of China's "Architecture and Culture" Magazine

Pioneer of the Chinese Community Aesthetics Center Model

2017 China Furnishing Art Benchmark Brand Organization

2017 China Decoration Design Award · Most Influential Design Agency

2016 International Space Design Award-Aite Award "Best Furnishing Art Design Award"

2015 Tenth China International Building Decoration and Design Art Fair

Top ten most innovative design agencies in 2014-2015

Design influences China ~ 2014-2015 top ten excellent project works institutions

Application to join the APDF statement:

KIM Group starts from the spatial aesthetic design to the creation and spread of life aesthetics, hoping to provide customers, teams, and business partners with the opportunity to create and realize beautiful dreams, adhering to the concept of green design from the "heart", committed to becoming the best life in China Way design service provider. The APDF Alliance is praised as "Design Oscar" by Chinese and foreign media. It is one of the most influential and prestigious design competitions in the Asia-Pacific region and internationally. KIM Jinyi hopes to join the alliance to communicate and grow with other members.