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Setsu Ito

Setsu Ito


Japanese designer settled in Italy,have a wealth of experience  in architectural design,

interior design, product design, industrial and packaging design.worked on Alchimia studio with the Italian avantgarde design leader alessandro, is believed to have the cooperation, and modern architectural design master after Angelo, jia rorty cooperation. In 1995 started own studio, in 1997,began to establish cooperation relationship with Ito Shinobu, they mainly

provide international customers with the architectural design, interior design, industry and packaging design and so on a series of consulting services. During this period have won many awards, such as "The Italian Young & Design Award 1999", "Japan The Good Design Award 2001", "Japan The Toyama Product Design Award 2001", was selected as The ADI Italian Design index 2001and 2005 and five golden compass Award in Italy. There are some items are triennale design museum and Munich Die Neun Sammlung international design museum's permanent

collection. I am the milan domus design institute, milan polytechnic university, university of Venice architecture, IED European design institute, a visiting professor at the university of tsukuba university and other famous school. I have a good teaching reputation, have won The "Italy The r.onetto Award 2002" Award. I am 2015 Germany the IF award jury members.

Reasons for join APDF:

I want to be a member of APDF and support the promotion and the publicity of it.