Federation Member
Gracinha Viterbo

Founded in 1971, Viterbo Interior Design is an international interior design brand on a mission to Design Extraordinary Spaces for Extraordinary Clients. We are a full service interior design firm that handles a variety of projects in the residencial and hospitality sectors, from personal residences to luxury hotels. Everything from research to planning to execution is handled in- house by a carefully curated team of Designers and Artisans. At Viterbo ID, we create unique and inimitable ambiances that reflect stories, experiences and memories as unique as the identity of each client.For over 40 years, Viterbo ID has prided itself on creating gorgeous, luxury designs that blend the classical with the contemporary. We take a personalized approach to each project to create spaces to tell stories- your stories.Viterbo is a legacy; a 40- year legacy of unique concepts, translated into achievements made possible through the union of twogenerations: that of the founder, Graca Viterbo and that of her daughter, Gracinha Viterbo.

The international prestige of Viterbo ID has been a constant, having attained worldwide recognition in the field, including the press, owning to the countless challenges and projects for which it has distinguished itself at the highest level. From the vast number of accolades it has garnered to dates, some thirty Prizes and Distinctions can be counted, some of which received in consecutive years.Having earned glowing references from publications such as ‘Condé Nast Traveler’ and ‘The New York Times’, a Viterbo ID has been distinguished with leading international awards, chief among which are ‘Best Private Luxury Residence’, given by Bloomberg, as part of the ‘Europe & áfrica Properties Awards’, in 2010 and 2011.The double nomination of Gracinha Viterbo for the ‘Andrew Martin Award’, considered the Oscars of interior design, is among the many accolades that testify to the continuity of 40- year legacy of unique concepts, translated into achievements made possible through the union of two generations: that of the founder, Graa Viterbo and that of her daughter, Gracinha Viterbo.

For us is very important to join the APDF because this association notice the true professional dedication a professional gives in to a project. Designers are professionalized Artist, it is good to feel that all hour, all dedication, all sacrifice is acknowledge by those who truly have the eye, the experience and the soul for it. It is gratifying and truly engaging to become part of this group of professionals and celebrate style and expertise. In the last few years, our company has developed several projects in Asia from our office in Singapore and we feel is very important to have a very strong relation with APDF.