Neville Mars(Netherlands)

MARS Architects is a boutique design studio that specializes in complex, site- specific construction projects. Sustainability and functionality drive the multidisciplinary team in developing intricate spatial solutions. With over ten years of experience in Asia, we have fine- tuned a unique design methodology that delivers distinctive projects on all scales, from ecocities to smart buildings and evocative interiors and furniture. MARS Architects have won national and international architecture competitions, including the winning bid for a 300 meter tall office tower in Chongqing, the winning entry for the national image museum in Chengdu, and the winning entry amongst over 360 entries worldwide for the international competition for a brand headquarters in Sofia. MARS architects’ clients include froward looking brands such as the BMW and Guggenheim Museum, Royal Dutch Shell, Volkswagen Group, Walltopia and BOLONI. MARS Architects is a Sino-Dutch company, lead by Dutch architect Neville Mars.

Neville Mars started his career working for OMA- Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam. Mars has been active in China since 2003 when he founded the Dynamic City Foundation (DCF), an interdisciplinary research methodologies developed with the DCF, have become the underpinnings of MARS Architects, Shanghai and have been applied to various eco-city planning projects across China, including the new Sino- Dutch Eco- city in Shenzhen and a comprehensive future vision for Caofeidian Eco- city, presented at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Mars is the author of Chinese Dream - a society under construction (010 Publishers, Mars, Hornsby, Rotterdam 2008, 800 p). As a member of the BMW Guggenheim Lab in Mumbai, Mars has developed unique grassroots urban strategy based on a series of community level sustainable technologies, realized through engagements with local stakeholders. The first installation, the WATER BENCH, has been installed in parks across Mumbai. The work of Mars has been widely published and large-scale installations have been exhibited in biennials in Europe, Asia and America. Mars has presented his vision for a clean China in lectures the world over, from Harvard to the V&A and TED global INK conference talk. Winter 2014, Mars will publish his second book Manifesto of Mistakes - urban solutions for the new world, a comprehensive eco-city design manual.