William Lim(China HongKong)

Member of the International Council of the Asia Pacific Designer FederationMember of the IAI Design Award Committee

Managing director of architect Hongkong Si Lian Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Professional qualifications:

Member of the APDF Academic Committee. A registered architect in Massachusetts, a registered architect of the American Institute of architects, a member of the American Institute of architects, 2003 president of the Hongkong branch of the American Institute of Architects

Main achievements: bamboo ladder - Venice Architecture Biennale 2006 CR Land House I-IAI2006 Design Competition Gold Medal (sample room) 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 IAI design prize award Beijing Shangri-La West Village Japanese cuisine American Institute of architects Hongkong branch 2007 excellent interior design award

DDB Hongkong Office - Asia Pacific Interior Design Bronze Award 2007 (office category)

DDB Hongkong Office - Hongkong Designer Association Award 2007- Excellence Award (office / public institution category)

Coloured lantern Grand View Garden - Hongkong Arts Center - Greater China outstanding design Award 2007 Northwest Pacific area American Institute of architects honorary Design Award 2007

Nishimura Restanrant-IAI2008 Design Competition Award for outstanding design (dining space) East Hong Kong Golden Award for the -IAI2010 design competition in the East (hotel space)