Liu Guanzhong(China)

Vice-Chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation Council2015-2017

Professor of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts ,Vice director of China Industrial Design Association and Academic and Exchange Commission, Honorary professor of HongKong Polytechnic University, Adjunct professor and doctoral tutor of Central South University College of Art,Doctoral tutor of Guangdong University of Technology,etc.

China's most famous industrial design academic leader and theorist.Teaching a course such as The Method of Design about Neo- Confucianism.In 1984, created China's first "industrial design" school.For many years hard working, as a teacher by worthy examples, he laid the foundation of China's industrial design disciplines theory and teaching systems, and has become China's most famous industrial design academic leader and theorist.His household teaching, academic and design practices have trained large quantities of the design elites and backbones;Said its "lifestyle", "symbiosis aesthetics" and "science" theory in domestic and even international design making a guidance effect, forming its own theoretical system .