Xing Tonghe(China)

Honorary Council Chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation Council

He is a very prolific architect, as many as dozens of practical completion of the works. Years of design practice has formed his own unique style. Shanghai Museum is his masterpiece. His pursuit of the spirit of the times and national traditions, the organic combination of modern technology and the history and culture, with a strong sense of innovation.Graduated in 1962 from the Department of Architecture, Urban Planning of Tongji University. Civil construction design institute in Shanghai in 1991, he was appointed Deputy Chief Architect, Chief Architect of Modern Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. since 1998, he concurrently director of the Architectural Design Research Centre of the World Expo, Chief Architect, professor- level senior architects, national class registered architect, national experts who have made outstanding contributions, 40 years presided responsible for designing the project more than 80, was named to the 25 countries, the Ministry of outstanding municipal design. Representative works: Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Bund with the Shanghai Longhua Martyrs' Cemetery, Deng Xiaoping, the former residence of the gallery, Chen Yun Memorial Lu Xun Museum, Shanghai Art Museum. Xing same and Design in both museums Expo venue and so embodies the strong national character, his breath penetrate deep Chinese cultural heritage buildings, the only nation in the world. He believes that building materials should also learn from the national spirit, only with national characteristics, marked with the imprint of the times, in order to board the world stage.