Chen Yaoguang (China)

1996 - 2005, continuous Tenth Chinese interior design contest seven times, won the first prize
2006 12th Asian Congress of Architects Forum Speaker
Keynote speakers for 2006 at its twelfth annual meeting of Southeast Asian design (organized by the American Hardwood Export Council)
The Chinese version of the American Society of Interior as "master election assistant first national network new trials" one of the ten Masters
Hall of Fame China (Hall of Fame) 2007 one of the first members of China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions)
2007 10 model room designer
Professional Committee, deputy director of Chinese art furnishings
Chan Yiu Kwong and his Hangzhou DIANSHANG design company colleagues representative works: Li Shutong Memorial Hangzhou Han Meilin Art, Beijing Han Meilin Art, Zhejiang Art Museum, Grand Theatre of Jiaxing, Zhejiang Jiaxing Radio and Television Center, Hangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou Economic Development District Urban Construction cultural Center, Mount Putuo Buddhist Museum Redstar Culture Hotel Hangzhou, Hangzhou DIANSHANG design company office space, Suzhou Jinji Lake Golf Club, Suzhou new to office, Hangzhou Qianjiang New CMC building, Hangzhou, the United States the Dilithium Yang international office, Hangzhou the Chenghuang restaurant, Zhejiang Concert Hall and other large- scale cultural art space, public space, commercial space, hotel space, commercial office space, interior design, and over the past decade dozens of products for high- end housing involves floor , Church, Hall, the interior space planning design, the fine decoration product planning design, the noble boutique luxury, top apartment living space design.