Pekka Korvenmaa(Finland)

Doctor in Pekka Korvenmaa, vice President of the college of art and design,Aaltouniversity,Finland.Professor,doctorial tutor in Design & Culture Lecturer, college of art and design,Aalto university.Dr Main in architectural history and Received a doctor's degree in art history in the university of Helsinki,Study for a master's degree in the United States,has been a researcher and professor.In 1998 as a special council member in the American Council of Learned Societies , learning from the university of Pennsylvania,Thomas p.  Hughes (Thomas p. Hughes) in research on history of technology.Since 1991, has been teaching here at the college.In the 1990s,Professor Pekka Korvenmaa deeply engaged in formulate the state design industrial and launched international work in this field.Pekka Korvenmaa also focus his energy in research and evaluation work ,In 2010, presided international assessment of design research in Denmar and published a lot of books about history of Finland architecture and design in Finland and global.