Jane Ho(Malaysia)

Mrs. Jane Ho from Malaysia, the Principle design director of MNC Design played a key role in the development of the company to its present position as one of Malaysia’s leading interior design companies. Her career training began in Ulster University, United Kingdom. Upon her return to Malaysia she served and headed the interior design departments of several established companies such as I.C.I. Paints Malaysia and leading architectural firms and developer responsible for providing interior design in office buildings, hotels, and residences before establishing her company.

Through her experiences in interior designing field serving many different purposes, she has acquired a unique experience and produced an exiting variety of design solutions, This clearly demonstrate her unique approach on providing exciting design solutions to a host of diverse solutions .Her vast experiences in interior design work ranging from restoration and renovation of pre-war buildings to theatre, banking halls and international class hotels, condominiums and apartments, corporate offices, shopping centers and airport terminal buildings.

Some of her design works like the Penang Museum, “The CITY HALL Theatre” DBKL theatre, the Pick ‘N Brew Café have won excellent accolade from the public.

Her design work is highly regarded by the industry and her peers with this quality; she won the prestigious IDA competition gold award for the “Pick ‘N Brew café ”,the prestigious lifetime achievement award and is also conferred as the fellow of MSID by the Malaysian Society of Interior Design.

Jane is one of the pioneers of the Interior Design industry and is well known and respected by her contemporaries and clients. With her in- depth knowledge of the interior design industry, she was elected as the president of The Malaysian Society of Interior Designers (MSID) from 2003 to 2005. She plays an active role in promoting the public awareness of MSID and education of the interior design profession. She serves as assessors, academy adviser to some of the local colleges of design,

In recognition of her vast experience and forte in interior design work,  she was invited as judges, guest lecturers, speakers and panelist for various interior design conferences both locally and internationally, such as MIFF: Tsinghua University, Beijing; Academy of Art Hangzhou, South East Asia Greater China Convention held in Qingdao, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, APSDA convention in Bali etc.

She has also traveled extensively and has a good network with international designers abroad through her active participation in the world interior design organizations like “IFI” and “APSDA”.