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Product name:The eleventh IAI Design Award Yearbook

Title: The eleventh IAI Design Award Yearbook

Price: ¥380.00

Press name: Shanghai Calligraphy & Painting Publishing House

Publication time: 2020.01

Editor-in-chief: Oskar Ho

Folio: 16

Number: 978-7-5479-2193-3

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The 11th “IAI Design Award Yearbook” will be published by the Shanghai Century Publishing Group's subordinate :

Shanghai Calligraphy & Painting Publishing House. This yearbook contains 253 IAI outstanding works, which are

divided into three major categories: interior design, architectural design and industrial product design and  wonderful

reviews from IAI judges and winners list are also included , totaling 400 pages, it is a design monograph with academic

reference values and design guidelines. At the scheduled time, it can be subscribed at Xinhua Bookstore, airport, major

professional college libraries, as well as Amazon, Jingdong, Tmall, Dangdang and other online platforms.

Since its publication in the first volume in 2006, the “IAI Design Award Yearbook ”has been highly regarded and praised

by designers, design enthusiasts and relevant readers at home and abroad. After the 2010, IAI Yearbook was awarded

the second prize of China Excellent Book, it has become the most worthy of collection reference tool books in the minds

of designers and a reference literature for research on modern and contemporary design.The "IAI Design Award Yearbo

ok" is not only the best promotion for  award-winning designers, but also an exquisite gift for important customers and

strategic partners.Welcome to call / WeChat / mail subscription and advertising cooperation!