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Product name:The ninth IAI global design awards Yearbook

Title: The ninth IAI global design awards Yearbook

Price: ¥368.00

Press name:Huazhong university of science and technology press

Publication time: 2016.10

Author: -

Editor: Changcheng He

Folio: 16

Number: 978-7-5680-1450-2

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TheIAI design contest attracted nearly twenty countries across four continents participating designers and design institutions, including Chinese (mainland and Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia), Italy, Australia, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Britain, Mexico, Ecuador, Japan, Slovenia and other countries.

This yearbook contains 117 awardwinning works of the IAI design award competition, which covers three major categories: interior space, architecture and industrial products. This contest will be the first industrial products included in the review, so the quantity is less, only a piece of works won awards, award winners list occupy the most from interior and architectural categories, these awardwinning works are certainly not can be the best classic case of this era of creativity and innovation.