Works Appreciation
  • Siji Minfu Restaurant

    Space starts from the open waiting area, where the huge caisson structure hanging from the ceiling opens up the warm atmosphere exclusive to Siji Minfu through red color. The sculptural upside-down module gathers the diners and popularity. The mirror surface projects the central landscape to the roof, stretching the sight vertically. Here and now, a satisfying experience better than that of an outdoor garden can be achieved.

    When people have become accustomed to the high-density living and dining environment, the waterscape and rocks that occupy the entire area independently are even a bit extravagant. In the restaurant, diners can regain the fun of getting along with water, and the hanging branches of persimmons recall the childhood memories of life in the courtyard.

    Continuing the brand concept of Siji Minfu, the dense and fine-grained Forbidden City gold bricks and the gray-toned black bricks of Beijing residential buildings, together with the large-area reserved clear cement plain wall, form the space palette. In the almost grand scene, the solemn and silent space, the rough and gentle texture, the gurgling water, and the daily emotions are superimposed, and peace and grace coexist in the place.

  • Yijian Cafe

    Yijian Cafe is a coffee brand owned by China NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES). It is located in Shanghai JuLu Road, where the French settled a century ago. The parasole tree makes the small, western buildings on both sides of the street appear rather serene. The location's architecture style takes inspiration from the Sino-French apartments built in the 1930s.

    In order to express Yijian's attitude of focusing on producing high-quality coffee, we hope to create an atmosphere a perfect place for high-quality coffee tasting, therefore we created the concept of using a clean wooden box embedded in the city's chaotic concrete ground.A simple wooden box, a long bar table, it appears simple yet complex. Pass through the alleys while holding hands, and feel the fallen leaves of the four seasons. You will begin to feel the many emotions, within a single space.

  • Hook Lounge
    With regard to the environment, the previous structure of the restaurant was isolated with next to nothing visual and physical connection with its nature. What this design strived to manifest was the integration of the restaurant and the coastline. The formal proposal of the link between the restaurant and the sea emerged as a circular path starting from the entrance to a dock. The dock is completely portable made of compostable organic material. The space between the indoor area of the restaurant and the sea was designed as a landscape encompassing the outdoor area of the restaurant and the landscape design. The curvy lines in the plan of the landscape provide cozy lounges for outdoor diners to gaze at the sea horizon while enjoying their semi-private gatherings. A continuous glass fa?ade facing the layers of the landscape and the sea was another formal manifestation of making the most of panoramic view considered as a means of visual transparency.

  • QCY HT03
    Inspired by the starry night, QCY HT03 fully explains a perfect combination of nature and technology and the beauty of curves. It features a unique, streamline design, smooth lines to fit your palm, allowing comfort, recognition and beauty to coexist; The charging case taking its shape from pebble gives you a light and silky hand feel. It is made of PC and ABS material, coupled with pearlescent and mirror process to present crystal clear and pearlescent effect.

  • Chengdu Sunac Water and Snow Park complex

    The completion of the Chengdu Sunac Water and Snow Park complex has left a piece of ice and snow forever in a city called Dujiangyan in the south, condensing into a "miracle" that is not melted by the seasons.

    The overall design concept uses "Kangzang Xiangyun" as the imagery, absorbing the momentum of moving clouds and flowing water, and combining the elements of Sichuan opera facial makeup to create a modern image. The design refines and abstracts the intent of auspicious clouds, reappears and sublimates the "rising", "carrying", "turning" and "combining" of "auspicious clouds", fully expressing the smooth and smooth form of natural clouds and water, and the unpredictable feeling . The design of the building's fa?ade also borrows the expression technique of Sichuan opera facial makeup. As an artistic gem created and passed down by Sichuan opera artists of the past generations, facial makeup is deeply rooted in the soil of the Bashu culture with a long history, and is a representative cultural element of Sichuan. Typical facial makeup pens such as bending and rewinding seem to be an understatement in architecture, but in fact they carefully consider the layout to achieve a harmonious and beautiful effect.

  • Outdoor Performance Art Center of “Peony Pavilion”drama
    The Peony Pavilion, one of the four great classical operas in China, is the representative work of Tang Xianzu, a famous opera writer of the Ming Dynasty.The live performanceDream Peony Pavilionlocated in the old block of Wenchang, Linchuan, Fuzhou,which was aimed to activate the traditional drama, promote the renovation of folk houses and motivate urban renewal.Only by activating and utilizing the traditional opera and the historical folk houses can remain for a long time, and their cultural value can be fully displayed.The architectural space transcends the function itself. By exploring the abstract perception and symbolic meaning of the opera, the audiences emotion and the spirit of the place are unified to a certain extent.

  • Yangliping Performing Arts Center

    The Performing Arts Center is located between Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake in Dali.Inspired by the powerful surrounding landscape, Zhu Pei searched for landscape related references to solve the architectonic challenges for the Performing Arts Center.The original idea of the Performing Arts Center is mainly derived from our perception of the local natural climate environment and the specific culture nurtured from it, as well as the survival wisdom of the locals,Its greatest effort is to try to subvert people's cognition of theater and create a new theater concept and a new theater experience.

  • MF Harmonious Colorful Forest

    MF latex paint experience hall project, the designer takes colorful forest as the creative theme, and explains the harmonious scene between product and human and nature with the minimalist design concept, which not only binds the core meaning of environmental protection to the end, but also integrates the colorful attributes of the product into it.

    The core area of this case design is the dusk forest created by the secondary use of PVC pipe. The latex paint coating puts on the green coat for THE PVC pipe. While painting the forest background color, it also highlights the adhesion of the product.

    The aluminum honeycomb panels are designed to be color cards with a gradient of color and hang from the ceiling, like a giant pipe hanging in the sky. The night wind blows through the forest, and nature becomes the player.

    The floating tea table is another finishing touch in the forest. The shock of the waterfall falling from the sky adds a lot of styling points to this integrated design.

    In the gray and white art geometry space, the leisure area constructed by the lazy sofa and circular carpet creates a kind of meditation and zen, where people and the environment reach the maximum harmony.

  • Safe-Run Research Center

    Human and nature - garden type technology R & D Center 

    Safe Run is committed to building a world-class benchmarking smart future factory with the perfect combination of automation and informatization. The design of the R & D center aims to abandon the lattice with modular baffle at the end of the 1980s and create a new garden office social mode. With the development of science and technology, the office mode is constantly changing, and the immersive experience and flexible scenes are more in line with the new office mode. In the 5-storey modern glass curtain wall building, the designer infinitely magnified the concept of garden, introduced it into the interior of the building, overlapped with the office space, and created an ecological garden of contemporary art in the space. The space of more than 7000 square meters is divided into three main functional areas: Atrium garden, reception exhibition hall on the first floor and office space.

  • Aixiang (Shanghai) investment office

    The interior design area of the office space is only 180 square meters. The designer draws inspiration from tradition. Regarding the entire space as an art piece, borrowing from the ancient poem "Smoke from the mountains, and the sunset from the bamboo. Birds fly up to the eaves, clouds come out from the windows" artistic conception, to interpret a modern new Chinese office with a unique form.

  • Intelligent electric towel rack
    The minimalist Italian design style has been carefully designed and decorated from every Angle, through CNC high precision equipment carving processing to create beautiful lines,one-button switch with built-in temperature controller keeps the temperature at 50-55℃ perfectly.Using the latest heating principle: graphene heating technology, safe, environmentally friendly temperature and even heat dissipation.The main body adopts aluminum magnesium alloy material to make the thermal conductivity of the product faster, the product is more portable and durable.The surface adopts environmental protection powder after 200℃ high temperature treatment to make the surface wear-resistant, delicate and beautiful, the quality reaches the national standard.

  • advanced Whole house —customizationzhumuliangzao logo design
    Logo design concept: good workmanship, conscience and quality
    The main figure of the logo takes the word "good" as the creative source. The first short horizontal represents the quality of conscience and good craftsmanship. The three horizontal strokes are identical to the lower part of the word "good", which is specially processed into a vertical overturned one“ ?” Symbol, meaning one in a hundred, the most correct choice. The whole logo expresses the original intention and commitment of Zhumu liangzao people to always adhere to making good products with conscience.
    The short horizontal of this sign can also represent the innovative spirit, implying that Zhumu liangzaoren will always adhere to the continuous innovative spirit and lead the new trend of high-end whole house furniture customization.
    The three strokes in the middle are the qiangua in the book of changes, representing the brand Tianxingjian and the active and enterprising spirit of a gentleman.
    The whole logo is a minimalist style design, which succinctly and effectively expresses the confidence and commitment of jianmuliangzao to home quality. The light luxury style of the logo also shows the feeling of high-end customized home, exquisite and noble.

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