Works Appreciation
  • Adsorption manual shaver
    1.Adopt 3D printing technology for integral molding, the bracket itself extends out of the shrapnel structure, simplifying the spring assembly process 2. Lightweight design, more convenient to carry out. 3. The hollowed-out design of the handle, and the magnetic attraction function is added at the bottom, which is convenient for storage. 4. Multi-layer curve shape on the handle, more comfortable to hold, and with anti-skid function.

  • Integrated disposable mask
    The whole mask is composed of three parts: the upper eye protection part to protect the eyes; the fixed part in the middle, which can be squeezed by soft materials to fix the bridge of nose according to different bridge of nose; the lower mask part to protect the nose and mouth. The mask is composed of three in one: the three in one is a disposable protective mask, which is folded by the intermediate shaft to store the mask. It is thin, small and light, convenient for the transportation and daily storage of products. The wearing of masks is simpler: compared with the products in the form of separation of ordinary goggles and masks on the market, the experience is simpler. When wearing masks and goggles, you don't need to wear them twice respectively. You only need to wear them once. Product slogan: one time wear, one time use, one time all-round protection.

  • Fo Tan
    This spectacular penthouse is surrounded by glass, sunshine and open mid-level view. The designed layout can be allowed the owner to have several scenes to regale their guests and friends. The extreme impressive ceiling with 4.6 meters height was enhanced by a well-planned interior architectural structure and minimal colour tones. The designer made good use of the 180 degrees view facing southeastern landscape and aligned the outdoor area with the indoor spaces by colours, materials and space planning in order to create a spacious as well as practical layout for this wonderful penthouse.

  • CASA MULTI luxury department store
    Our concept idea, when we approached this project, was to match functionality and style to let visitors have a different shopping experience. Working with the most famous fashion brands all together is absolutely important to create the perfect background for different products and styles in the same space. Is always difficult to make interesting spaces when you have to create a space in which host so different products and satisfy so different needs. For this reason decided to have a different approach and get inspiration from museum design more than showroom or retail spaces. This different approach reflect our idea to consider the product of the most famous international fashion brands as art pieces and let us thinking about the space as a museum. In our design vision visitors no have different shops in one space, but one space with different shops. They can walk through a fluid and open space discovering different corners and different products and can get a coffee sitting on a sofa and looking at the exhibition like in a museum. Every details and every materials are designed to give to the space a luxury appeal with attention to the international design trends and, most of all, to become the perfect background to a so large variety of products and brands.

  • No worries
    No worries is a warm and artistic restaurant. It is a small white detached house, very unique in the row upon row of tall buildings. While continuing the warm yellow-white background, Nayun Design intensifies the thinking of new business concepts and seeks to convey the origin, positioning and depth of No worries brand in a multi-layered and memorable space.

  • Tangshan Imperial Scenery Hillside Hot-Spring Resort Club House
    Located in the east suburb of Nanjing, Tangshan as a national tourist resort, is famous for its recuperative hot spring. Our project “Nanjing Tangshan, Yujing Banshanyuan Hot Spring Resort” is situated in the mountain area of Tangshan, which includes a club house that provides various sized dining halls, conference rooms, hot spring baths, other recreational facilities and three guest villas that provide accommodation service for the visitors. The site is very sensitive due to its mountain forest surroundings. The wood structure was chosen in order to minimize the construction impact on the scenery site. Aesthetically,wood material harmonizes the artificial structure with the beautiful mountain landscape, and fits the best for the project function as a leisure resort. Moreover, quick and clean construction process of wood structure also complied the client’s request of a tight construction schedule and easy transportation to the hillside project site. In order to minimize the construction impact on site, the buildings’ sites were carefully inspected and chosen. The sites of the club house and three guest villas were selected on relatively flat contour area of the sloping hillside and facing the downside of the mountain. This gives an opportunity to orientate these buildings to obtain the scenery view of surrounding environment. The club house is organized around the central courtyard which creates an enclosed and quiet atmosphere for the visiting guests. The public circulation which is located around the perimeter of the courtyard provides constant changing viewpoints when people stroll around these areas. Within the courtyard, a covered outdoor terrace is provided for dining, party and leisure activities. And program functions such as conference rooms, dining halls are arranged alongside the circulation corridor. The butterfly-like and dynamically overlapped roofscape echoes the surrounding natural environment. The energetic gestures of building composition are not passively subordinated to the surrounding natural landscape, but to create an interactive dialogue between man-maid structure and natural settings. The hovering roofs of the villas allow the two guest bedroom wings spread out toward panoramic view of downhill side. The two floating guest rooms which protrude into the landscape maximize the interactive exchange between indoor and outdoor environment. The poetic tectonic expression of the timber frame structure becomes the theme of the exterior design concept. The shooting cantilever eave strengthened by these extended exposed timber beams at portico presents a powerful image of wood material; the sectional characteristic elevations strongly express the clarity of timber construction, and the joint details of beams and columns connection show the exquisite quality of the contemporary wood craftsmanship. The outdoor terraces also provide a buffer zone between interior and exterior and allow the guests to enjoy panoramic scenery. The balustrade was made by steel plate and natural bamboo, fusing the industrial materials and hand-made products together. Exposed wood structural members, such as beams, purlins, rafters, and columns establish the main interior feature, together with marble floor, cultural stone walls, sandblasted glass partitions and red cedar siding walls orchestra enrich the interior experience. When this resort facility finally completed and opened in operation in January 2018, it instantly becomes one of the most popular hospitality facilities within the Tangshan tourist area. The Douglass fir glum timber frame was applied for the main structure, and the red cedar wood siding with transparent stain finish is used for the exterior walls.

  • Aoyuan Dafa Chenyang residence
    When material needs are met, spiritual consumption determines people's quality of life. At present, the improvement of users' aesthetic and spiritual life, as well as the market competition, all put forward new requirements for the traditional sales offices, and the "Public Art Center" to create the scene IP came into being. According to the open form of the building, we hope to leave more customers' eyes at the window. In the plane planning, the front field is all in the visible surface, and the indoor and outdoor landscape are integrated. Designers pay more attention to the treatment of the partition wall, making it more eye-catching and improving memory points through the treatment of posture. Honeycomb element runs through the main body of the project, and collides with the mesh material to produce different sparks, which is novel and interesting.

  • Raw White
    Empty room makes white,Empty and keep quiet. The creative inspirations of the new born are born from nothing, from the empty, from the pure. This is a "Raw white" space, with white as the background color, the space is pure. With more possibilities for leaving blank, the client wants to build "My World" here and create a spiritual fortress of his own. Starting from the perspective of a compound commercial space, we are thinking about more commercial compounding possibilities in this space. Including office, salon, homesta, party, perhaps reflects the flexibility and complexity of the space, it is the forward-looking embodiment of the design.

  • Jiao-xi Presbyterian Church
    The Church is located in Yilan, north-east of Taiwan, with hot and humid weather in summer and cold and rainy weather in winter. We use four cubes below to support the main hall above, complying with the Bible description ’The Temple of God is built on top’. The lifted up building allows people walk through the square on ground, just like the alley and street in our city, connecting the surrounding communities and greenbelts, and we try to have dialogue with the irregular shape building next door. Inside the main hall, we use timber structure to create an egg shaped space symbolizing the mother's uterus that gave birth to life. We use 7 ventilators on roof symbolizing ‘the Seven days’ in the Bible with functions of adjusting temperature. Light penetrates through the grille with soft shadows, just like we are praying and worshiping in the woods and the wilderness.

  • Innisfree Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
    Less than a year after designing the award-winning New York Flagship store for Innisfree, we were engaged once again by the Korean beauty brand to develop a new global retail concept and to create their retail design guidelines. To initiate the process, we traveled to Seoul to conduct interviews with the brand’s executive leadership and to lead a full day workshop with their in-house design team. Continuing our deep immersion into the brand, we explored Jeju Island to experience firsthand the lush volcanic landscape where the ingredients for every Innisfree product originate. Armed with the findings from this adventure, we created an elevated and experience-driven environment for global implementation in multiple store formats. The biggest challenge facing this effort was the brand’s extensive product line, which can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. This necessitated the development of a versatile fixture system with integrated wayfinding and a clear hierarchy. To guide the overall design, we developed the concept of “The New Natural,” a set of principles focused on the creation of a simple and understated space through the deployment of honest and authentic materials, colors, and methods of assembly. This concept came to life in a design inspired by the ceramic workshop. Inspired by the ubiquitous ceramic vessels that dotted Jeju Island, we took the ceramic workshop as the central point of inspiration for the interior fixtures. Historically, skincare and makeup products were commonly mixed and stored in ceramic containers and much like Innisfree’s products, ceramics are born of the earth and crafted from natural ingredients. The ceramic workshop is where natural earth, rock, and clay are transformed into beautiful functional objects. In traditional beauty retail, stock is hidden in closed cabinets; in a bakery or a ceramics studio, everything is on display. This led to the development of a fixture concept that displays the stock instead of hiding it away. Like in a bakery, where goods come fresh out of the oven and cool on the rack, waiting to be put out, browsed, purchased, and eventually consumed. The result is a design that celebrates density but organizes it. Flexible, modular, and endlessly browsable. A hierarchy of highlights break up the monotony. The customer’s first impression of the store comes at the fa?ade, which is composed of hundreds of custom handmade ceramic tiles, broken up occasionally by the sparkle of integrated lighting. The three dimensional texture of the tiles evoke the natural volcanic rock geometries along the coast of Jeju Island. Upon entering the store, the customer first encounters the Curation and Promotion Tables, two sculptural forms, which anchor the space and act to introduce new customers to the brand, while drawing the attention of returning customers to new products and current promotions. These tables take direct inspiration from Jeju Island, both in their use of volcanic rock as a material and in form, acting as a literal island in the space to be approached and explored from all sides. Inspired by traditional Korean Onggi pots, custom ceramic pendant lights are arrayed throughout the space on a grid below an open ceiling. Giving the effect of being in a simple, utilitarian space, as in a ceramic workshop, while the pendants themselves give an elevated effect due to their materiality and rich brown color. Throughout the space, each of the custom tables and fixtures take cues from traditional workshop furniture. The washbasin is inspired by the utilitarian workshop sink with its deep wide basin and approach from multiple sides. Highlight fixtures throughout are inspired by the artist’s easel. Display tables are inspired by the classic temporary board over sawhorse tables of the woodshop. Movable storage cabinets sit on wheels under these tables. As the customer continues into the space, they pass through the Skincare section of the store, which is clearly defined through color-coded wayfinding signals, and arrive at the Jeju Lounge, a flexible zone that can be used for classes and events or for more casual independent exploration of the brand and its products. Anchored by a full height three-dimensional digital screen, the space is occupied by modular furniture that can easily be rearranged to fit the desired use. Turning the corner, the customer enters the Make-Up section of the store, which is visually dominated by the My Palette Wall, a full wall composed of product displays surrounded on all sides by a grid of ceramic tile inspired in color by the natural range of skin tones. The pixelated effect also mimics the product packaging which allows the customer to pick and choose a selection of colors that fit their preference.

  • Rustic but Exquisite: Mogan Academy
    Mogan Academy is located in the green mountains and fields, with less urban hustle and bustle and more natural resources. Facing the unique natural resources of the site, line+ puts forward that, first, it matches the quality requirements of modern life, without losing the comfortable living experience and high-quality completion of the city, second, it is compatible with the local environment to create a rural living experience. Facing the demands, the design is based on the concept of creating a modern high-quality rural life with natural life as the scenery and primitive culture as the heart. Traditional rural and modern interpretation, rough and rustic rammed earth materials and delicate and exquisite curtain wall structure, line+ hopes that through the integration of the two, this building will become a mixture of urban life and rural experience, and explore another possibility of urban feeding the countryside. The project consists of a 140 ㎡ book bar and 7 guest rooms. The working mode of integration of architecture, interior and landscape also runs through the whole project. The design ideas and professional knowledge permeate each other and build a common ideal with the same design concept and continuous design language. Finally, the strong sense of integrity and integrity of the whole building makes us firmly believe in adopting this working mode.

  • Moti XD E-cigarette
    Moti XD is a new type of oil-filled detachable small cigarette, designed for people who need to smoke anytime and anywhere. Cyberpunk's appearance is a modern interpretation of the deconstructive design concept, redefining the characteristics of e-cigarettes in contemporary society: subverting the tradition, reflecting the emotional fusion of human and machinery. The shape of the mouthpiece closely fits the lips of the person, easy to suck, the flat cylindrical shape of the fuselage is convenient for gripping, and the side semi-hidden buttons conform to the human operation, creating a cool and relaxed smoking experience. The airflow valve design with easy-to-access function last time, oil-proof and anti-condensation design, can provide users with manual and convenient top-filling function adjustable leak-proof airflow valve, used for quick lock and release of the switch box system, reliable and variable Voltage and resistance adjustment can provide ultra-fast 0.7 second atomizing smoke wave and provide overheat protection system to ensure that users can open and smoke at any time and anywhere. The detachable oil storage bin is made of PCTG environmental protection material, which can be used for replenishing the smoke oil for repeated use, and the machine can be reused to reduce the waste of natural materials. The overall appearance is made of environmentally friendly metal and plastic, and is processed by a matte process. The overall wear-resistant, waterproof, dust-proof and drop-resistant.

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