Works Appreciation
  • Z-lamp
    “Draw on the light, have a nighty night” Z-lamp is an interactive nighty light with using pulling and folding to control the changes of the light. “Z” stands for “Zhe”, which means “fold” in Chinese language, it is also the core symbol of the product. Z-Lamp uses an another interactive way to turn on the light: “Fold & Draw” to replace the switch, to makes the lengths and the lighting levels have the synchrony with the visual and the behave. Scale length= light intensity, the scale is determined by the users, to bring more fun and playability to life.

  • Creative Illustration Design of "wonderful flower pill"
    The original intention of the work is to solve the daily life problems of modern people. The illustration character images are based on the four famous heroes, such as Jia Baoyu, Wang Xifeng, Sha monk and Lu Zhishen. Each special creative medicine corresponds to the human attributes of the characters. For example, Jia Baoyu corresponds to "peach blossom band aid", Wang Xifeng corresponds to "villain pricking heart powder", Sha monk corresponds to "dedication" Dali pills and Lu Zhishen correspond to Shengfaling granules. And let the 11 characters in the left and right sides of the antithesis neat words and sentences more vivid run through, visual language through the traditional character image, creative medicine, antithesis words and sentences to show more incisively and vividly, at the same time, the creative illustration is more rich and full. Although the works do not present actual drugs, I hope that it can encourage people to laugh at life with the various characteristics of the characters in the works when they are dealing with the critical impact of life.

  • Chengdu Rongqiao Yue Rong City
    The work style will be the national heritage and modern fashion combination. Large white rotating stair step design is the design highlight of this space, simple and smooth lines, like an open folding fan. Not only give a person a kind of visual enjoyment, but also expand the visual impact of the space.The powerful visual impact left a deep impression on foreign visitors and attracted many customers. It will be built into a diversified urban leisure living space with line rhythm, social entertainment and family life. The style will be cold green shuttle between high fashion and architectural painting, contains the tension between advance and retreat. The vertical large flat space on the fourth floor meets the diversified living requirements, which not only enriches the enjoyment of life, but also expands the functionality of the space. Decoration materials mainly to acrylic, cardboard, finished clothing materials to make a hanging painting. Creating elegant and quiet living atmosphere and continuing the design concept of urban modern art leave customers yearning for a better life.

    Nowadays, the widely used decorative picture cores can’t be replaced or they are inconvenient to be replaced. If the whole set of a decorative picture is replaced, it needs high costs and will cause secondary damage to the wall. In daily life, the decorative pictures in our house gradually become furnishings with aesthetic numbness. Users replace ideas and appeal of pictures in different stages, so as to express their imagination on the life situation. This product changes the problems that frames and mounting always exist in the decorative picture industry and the core can’t be replaced arbitrarily. To the industry, it has the value of innovation and enlightenment. The product can meet the diversified and specific demands of users’ life scenes, such as birthday, wedding anniversary, and Christmas, thus it helps users to easily express their life emotions and images, so as to improve people’s happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment. The attribute of replacing the product’s core avoids from the overall replacement. The decorative style can be changed with lower losses. In this way, it effectively prevents waste and shows green environmental protection. The decorative pictures with the flexible core and free DIY ornamental parts. This product can easily replace the core at a low cost. It can greatly improve user participation behavior and it is also filled with free expression imagination. Target users: 20-35 years old, first-tier and third-tier city women.Fashion, personality, and living with passion. Strive for life enjoyment and situation.

  • Lonely
    All the illustration elements are designed to explore the loneliness of people driven by anxiety in the modern high-pressure society

    The inspiration comes from Istoria hotel in Santorini.Sometimes, the moment of wonderful things skipping ahead attracts us a lot.If you can not stand in front of her immediately,Then you can draw her out.That’s the designer’s special insistence for niceness. SENSE, as a co-founded brand with young entrepreneurs who love hairdressing,Is different from ordinary commercial space. She separates herself from downtown business districts and hides in point-type buildings of marginal districts. But that can not hide its own commercial value. We don’t take it as a traditional commercial space designed. Besides the necessary functions, we pay more attention to her artful expressiveness and emotional interaction. We hope all the people can get more surprises except hairdressing itself. We did not do complicated moving lines in spatial planning. What we want to express are directed interactions, such as waiting, changing clothes,washing head and hairdressing, writing at one’s stretch. And what we focus more on is that we make all the people at any corner in this space can enjoy niceness directly. Retaining all the old building’s texture and mixing together new materials can produce a different chemical reaction. Maybe she is contradictory, she is opposed, but they are dependent in the end.

  • question
    The theme of the series is pain, and the content of the three books is human, society and nature. The three books are designed with the theme of human, society and nature, combined with the special expression form of concept books. In the book material and design, they are combined with the theme for innovation From the visual experience or reading experience can bring different experience, hope that through this series of works, let people in the process of reading, resonate with books, stimulate people's empathy through the content, and appeal to people to realize the society, human beings and natural existence through the text content theme All kinds of problems that can not be ignored in the world make human, society and nature more harmonious and stable.

  • JE Beijing Restaurant
    Nowadays, when we head out for food, we don’t mind whether it is Chinese or Western, whether it is classical or modern, we just enjoy it. And a good designer could combine culinary style and environment firmly. Iris , the host of JE Beijing, hopes to create the restaurant into a designed space that is both artistic and practical. Based on it,our designer played his talent to the full. In oriental aesthetics, designing is about achieving overall harmonious, and respects differences in the same time. The concrete facade of JE Beijing is restrained and elegant. Under the proper light, the texture of the building appears, and it exudes an advanced aura like a fancy Museum. The designer removed the floor of the original space and set up a metal staircase in the grand space, swaying upwards, connected to the second-floor outdoor terrace. The color of the staircase is oriental red, and the shape is derived from the ribbon. The lights on it is sketched like a golden thread. Standing upright in the space is itself an aesthetic sculpture. This "Oriental red ribbon" leads the entire space, pretty charming and gathers all the attention. And let it became a dynamic space. Rigidity and softness, warmth and simplicity, tranquility and unrestrained balance are achieved here. The veil-like glass lamps above the head soften the space in a way. And it dissolve the rigidity and coldness brought by cement and metal in the space, and fit the atmosphere scheduling of the dining space. On the wall above the dark green sofa, the designer uses glass bricks and cement bricks. Extremely rough ones and extremely delicate ones show up together, and gives the second "skin" of the space a rich possibility under

  • High In The Clouds
    When the building that rises to the sky meets the majestic law, the bell is ringing and the bell is graceful. The new office of guangdong global economic & latitude law firm is located by lede bridge overlooking the pearl river new town. In the design of the project, the designer extracted the core concept of guangdong global law firm, "global vision, local wisdom". Two concepts as the keynote, with the height of reaching the sky to broaden the horizon, adjacent to the pearl river to broaden the horizon, with the pearl river millennium historical wisdom precipitation and collection of knowledge into the code, endow pattern and wisdom. Above the globe, between the longitude and latitude, the top of the law are in the cloud, to create a visual and connotation of the two corresponding "cloud city", correct and stable, but not friendly.

  • Original peripheral
    Zero blue is a young brand founded in Turin, Italy, which integrates vision / planning / Photography / video / cultural innovation. The brand manager improves traditional handicrafts and uses modern language to talk with contemporary young people, And design a series of new creative content of extension products. The content of mobile phone shell is inspired by the love of friends around for fun and interesting content and the consumption trend of unique products. For example, the visual experience of saltfish turning over and concrete products, unique aesthetic fun and interesting, in line with the innovation of the current millennium.

  • Tea and Pastry
    Tea conveys the sincere emotion between the enterprise and the customer through the meaning of the Chinese poem "tea in clay pot, time and affection". Cake from Su Shi's poem ,which means small cake such as chewing on, in crisp and happy. As a festive food for the Mid-Autumn festival, customers can taste authentic Su style pastry without added preservatives, and express warm greetings to customers. This gift consists of two boxes and one set, including black tea and shortbread. The creation is based on the design thinking of keeping love through the years. The traditional way of storing tea in clay tea pot reflects the emotion between people. The whole package is simple and plain visually. The ink painting shows the tea mountain, and the lines outline the pastry. The artistic conception of rubbing and ink adds elegance.

  • Tianjin Country Garden Zhongjuntianhuan Sales Center
    White, utterly distinct from chaos, is the ultimate expression of holiness and purity. The world is inundated with myriads of colors, and thus our eyes sometimes need to take a rest from the excess. The designer tries to create such a spiritual space where the heart becomes clear and the yearning for home arises. For any business space, service and unique customer experience are the real charm. Every guest who pay visits to the sales center will be mesmerized by the pervasive white and their delicate feelings, especially the imagination for their future home, will be awakened. The 700 square-meter open space is functionally partitioned by the architect from the structural perspective. The gracefully curved arches give expression to the beauty of order, the upwardly stretched form symbolizes growth momentum, and the openwork metal screens attach an oriental poetic ambience to the space. Spreading on the wall, the floor and the roof, white is ubiquitous with a variety of texture and shades. The space thus appears unifying but never monotonous, and white is both the protagonist and the background. The openwork archway looks like a white brushstroke, sometimes flowing while sometimes pausing, leading the space narrative of visitors: (guests) getting to know the property, negotiating, shown around and signing the contract. Guests, in this narrating process, gradually find their dreamt home.

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