Works Appreciation
  • 「Naqu Shuiyue」 Hutong Quartet in Old Beijing
    In my city, time is running backwards; dead trees are awakening in spring; all the disappeared smells, sounds and lights are recalled. The demolished siheyuan, hutong and temple are restored to their original appearance. The tiled roofs are like sea waves running to the low-rise skyline. Pigeons are whistling in blue sky; children are familiar with the changes of seasons, and residents stand firm in faith. --City Gate, Open Up by Bei Dao When it comes to Beijing, most people will immediately have a map in their minds, on which arrays of boxy buildings are closely packed. If viewed from the perspective of clouds, the capillary-liked alleys are the soul of this capital city: that is hutong. Despite the rise of reinforced concrete structures, hutong still exists and records the trivial daily life of common people in the city with its leisurely image, holding the city's most original memories. Strolling in Wudaoying Hutong, a clothing store called "Naqu Shuiyue" is located in the noise of street along with many other shops and cafes. As the second Nagqu store opened in this hutong, the owner Mina invited an old friend, the interior architect Wang Daquan, to design the space for this brand again. Based on his unique insights into traditional culture, Wang Daquan looks at the past and the present in the form of overlapping four important elements. Eventually, the Naqu Shuiyue store, which is imprinted with historical context, has become a small window for observing the city. The first element in quartet Containing the old past As an old part of this city, the bricks and tiles of hutong are wrinkled skin, and the beams under the skin are muscles and bones, being the soul of the old building. The fully retained beams support the spirit of space, and the lightly wrapped color paste provides a simple ground color for its soul. The cement has rough and bold texture and the bamboo curtains have fine and elegant form. Among the shadowy ripples generated by the collision of objects, the lines of gown appear particularly clear and plain. The second element in quartet Arousing growth The store was born in hutong and will grow there. The structure of house already exists, so, the design is to create more possibilities for its interior. The name "Shuiyue" comes from a pool of water in the store, full of the artistic conception of water returning to courtyard from four directions. In the event of rain, raindrops will fall down along the eaves, and the pond will collect them, conveying an expectation of life and growth in nature. Acer palmatum stands in pond in the form of an island, revealing its unyielding tenacity in the soft water. When people look at it from the glass window inside, it also gazes at the inside space right outside the window. Therefore, it presents different expressions according to the unpredictable changes of four seasons. In various colored crude potteries, there are plants that bloom and wither according to the season. The flowers such as rosa banksiae, pomegranate, osmanthus, and wintersweet are seeking changes in the ancient building, bringing a new sense of freedom. The third element in quartet Surge of time The weather changes, the light and shadow change too. The breath of people in space changes, so does human thought at every moment. One cannot step into the same river twice, just as the beauty at the moment will collapse and fall apart in the next second, and then it forms a new color and picture. Since it is impossible to catch all the changes at every moment, it is unnecessary to persist or complain about it. And design shouldn't put itself in the position of omnipotence. When a design allows unsatisfactory things to occur and develop freely, and leaves enough room for the unpredictable light, shadow, and scenery to be displayed, it will have a new impression for each encounter. The fourth element in quartet Peace of mind Let yourself hide in rain, play the Chinese zither and make tea. Things appear clearly in front of you, and dimly in the light. In the intervals between contemplations, occasionally there is a blank space in mind, which is shrouded by the current ease unconsciously. The pool of water seems ready to come out, and the water is reflecting the mental state of truth and goodness. Regardless of the function of clothing store, the significance of this space is interdependent and growing together with people. The project shows traditional culture through contemporary elements, preserving the continuation of hutong history. It reflects the culture of an entire city from a partial miniature, expressing the best respect to the past and present from a generation.

  • He·Jing
    The special feature of this case is that it conceals the landscape elegance among the landscapes and hides the Chinese courtyard in the Chinese community. This hot spring villa, located in Zhonghai Spring of Huizhou city, covers an area of nearly 300 square meters. The designer fully integrates the design essence of the unity of man and nature, with the unique thinking of being based on nature and higher than nature, carrying forward the tradition but not sticking to the tradition, and constructs an Oriental artistic conception courtyard where man and nature live in harmony. Known as "half city mountain lake," Huizhou has become an ideal place for many people to see the prosperity of the world and seek spiritual conversion. The owner and his wife travel around the world to enjoy the world's numerous pets, but in the highlight of life, do not give up the root veins, longing for a Chinese courtyard, full of half-life nostalgia. By precisely grasping the appeal of the house owner, the designer skillfully takes advantage of the environmental characteristics of huizhou architecture group to promote the traditional Chinese architectural context and create the Oriental artistic conception and aesthetics, and at the same time, bring the scene into the room and the curtain into the heart, thus achieving this new Chinese-style courtyard residence "made by people, just like the sky opens". A courtyard, three - storey house, is the initial structure of the case. Designer especially pays attention to harmony with the environment in the space to carve, horsehead walls, dripping eaves, white wall, screen wall elements, such as refactoring enclosing wall, in the traditional pattern of residential landscape at the same time, through the solid wall and Windows embedded echo opportunely, architecture and nature to achieve mastery, can form a mutual penetration of the courtyard settlement. In the courtyard, the characteristics of the region and customs are respected to the greatest extent. The hot spring swimming pool is cleaned of dust and the "leisure pavilion" teahouse is waiting for the passing of time. Inherited from the Hui-style style, but the new Chinese style, more emphasis on the harmony between man and nature. Modelling of window lattice, deserve to act the role of in the curtain, wait for the word grain that can be seen everywhere in screen partition, lie between empty dialogue with carvings suspended beam, complementary again woodiness furniture, marble step, inky floor tile adorn, dense give quiet and refined Oriental artistic conception. And boldly open French Windows, shutters, small inn window, etc., and indoor patio to cooperate with each other, not only to introduce natural light indoor, more will naturally JingYanShen house, beauty condition in heart of heaven and earth, the spring and autumn period and the four seasons in one room, made in an indoor scene, in the landscape, natural highlights "sitting watching clouds scud across, listening flowers bloom" is everywhere. Innovative points in the design of spatial layout: In the original space of interior, corridor is long and narrow, sitting room is too small, functional partition is not apparent, kitchen is not big wait for shortcoming, reduced the comfort that lives. Stylist broke the inadequacy on original structure, reinterpret the relation between each space with the gimmick of axial symmetry, receive a visitor especially area and eat area, two dimensional vision go through flexibly. And use smallpox structure and screen opportunely, make between the thing and thing produce "lie between" with "link", achieve the visual effect with space and time height unified. Chinese style space often gives a person with heavy oppressive sense. This case is close to this theme of Chinese style tradition while, pay special attention to build clever, transparent feeling in dimensional layout. Whether it is the ingenious use of the herringbone top, the unique design of the column, or the ingenious layout of the hollow partition, rendering a sense of ethereal transparency. In the meantime, the furniture with bright line, downy colour and lustre, echo with the curtain of light color elegant at a distance, added comfortable, lightsome feeling. The design innovation points of the works in material selection: Emphasize environmental protection sex, function, practical, this case uses material to be able to recycle the wooden structure that regenerates, and resist corrode stronger hemp is given priority to. In the overall design, the stone ground with wood grain is used as a contrast against the wooden roof, screen, furniture, window lattice, and then appropriately dotted with Taihu stone, purple sand kettle, etc., to achieve the mutual integration of temperament and charm. In the meantime, the application of glass material such as armrest of glass of glass of French window, stair glass is qualitative, let the spirit that increased a space moves feeling not only, more realized light and shade overlap confluence, unreal changes the artistic picture that gives a pair of mysterious and qing Qi. And the choice of appropriate woodskin furniture, while echo integral atmosphere, downy the hard feeling of woodiness line and the cold feeling of stone qualitative floor tile, promote the comfort that whole lives. In addition, the use of modern intelligent control system, to meet the needs of modern housing convenience. Not necessarily extravagant just is costly, also not necessarily expensive just sees quality, this case is qualitative with the most suitable material, the design with the most heart, most the effect that accords with demand, won the height affirmation of house advocate a couple. Female house owners love traditional culture, elegant and delicate, so carved beams, pavilions, pavilions, ink, bamboo forest, flowers and plants alternate; Male house main hospitality good tea, love art, so "leisure pavilion" tea house, cooking tea, ancient exhibition area, treasures elegant collection. In the overall design, it not only retains the elegance of the Chinese courtyard, but also realizes the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Therefore, when praised by the house owner, I cannot help lamenting that my heart is at peace with my hometown!

  • Hidden in the yard
    This is a Chinese-style courtyard located at the top of Nanshan Mountain in Chongqing, a city in western China; the owner found a design team, hoping to create a modern courtyard in harmony with nature through the design; at the same time, it satisfies the male owner's hobby of quiet, resignation, and meditation life Way and able to live in harmony with family In the traditional Chinese courtyard building, the four-sided rooms surround the atrium patio. Each room can only be lighted on one side, and the windows are small, resulting in poor lighting and ventilation, which does not meet the living needs of modern people. In this case, the designer maximized the expansion of multiple windows facing the inner courtyard of the courtyard to make the interior light better, and the interior can communicate with nature everywhere; and designed a semi-enclosed bridge across the courtyard, so that the owner can Under weather conditions, the indoor space of the front and rear yards can be freely accessed. The addition of a semi-outdoor space such as a cloister allows the owner to get closer to nature, making this Chinese-style yard more in line with modern lifestyles The male owner of the family likes to worship Buddha and meditation. Therefore, the designer used the single-story building in the front yard as a cultivation space for the male owner. The large area was left blank, and it was ethereal and quiet. In addition to the entrance, the hall only placed a piano and facing the French windows. Leisure lounge chair. There is also a separate meditation room with traditional wooden beams and mottled bamboo shadows outside the horizontal windows. It is a solitary space for dialogue with the soul; while the family life of parents and children is placed in a two-story building in the backyard. The building has a family room for family communication and entertainment. Many bedrooms can see the beautiful view of the courtyard atrium; the quiet area of ??the front yard and the living area of ??the backyard are connected by the courtyard of the atrium, and the kitchen and dining room are located in the middle. , The family eats together, chats, and when the weather is fine, you can also have a meal with friends at the big table in the yard. This makes the yard static and movable, fulfilling all the expectations of the owner for home! The garden of this yard has been carefully designed, combining Chinese and Western styles, and circular elements are used in many places to complement the square courtyard. The display in the home is small and sophisticated. A few old furniture is passed down by the owner’s father’s generation and placed in a suitable space by the designer. The soft furnishings are also streamlined and restrained, creating a quiet and hidden space atmosphere. This is a home, but also a natural yard to cultivate the body and mind.

  • Recyclable PET Flooring&Wall Panel
    Recyclable PET Flooring&Wall Panel is only 4-5 mm thick, which is a new generation panel that complies with sustainable development requirements. It is the first application in the flooring& panel industry globally with various kinds of recycled PET items(from clothes, water cups, etc.), while its PET Core can still be recycled many times after being discarded, thus significantly reducing the white pollution of existing plastic materials and the abuse of new materials. Based on the principle of "fusion of same material", no adhesives or glue are used, and a solid adhesion is still reached between the PET and the UV material. With a surface hardness up to 67, it can effectively resist impact. And its waterproof, anti-slip and abrasion resistance characteristics make it usable for more than 10 years, and it is easy to maintain and repair. A combination with the acoustic pad can effectively reduce noise. And installation with click system is simple and fast. The space occupied after installation is small, leaving more space for utilization. Moreover, it is a perfect decorative material, suitable for a variety of styles of home environment, such as modern simplicity, Nordic style, simple European, light luxury. The product can be perfectly restored in 4 designs and patterns thanks to high-definition ink jet technology and digital printing technology: 1. Featuring a restrained design, Lauren Platinum contains patterns outlined by golden edge lines in a background color of Lauren white, as well as delicate and smooth texture, vividly presenting the high quality as real stone. 2. Stauffenberg adopts Normandie gray as the background color, characterized by wabi-sabi design style, which is quiet, elegant. 3. Slovenia features a background color of Athens gray, which carries the original natural flavor, and brings an all-embracing beauty. 4. Inspired by the work "The Starry Night" of the Impressionist painter Vincent William van Gogh, Starry Night uses diverse colors to perfectly render the entire colorful starry sky. The light blue tone and dynamic lines leave people with a free sense of time and space and infinite reverie. You’re what you buy. Providing consumers with a new choice of environmental protection consumption, this product fully embodies the enterprise's concept of "Leave The Forest To The Nature & Let The Human Enjoy The Green World".

  • Car accessories store
    The work, inspired by caves, is a car accessories store located in Taskin City Plaza, Changsha. Just like the cave-human symbiosis over four thousand years ago, cars evolve as a necessity of life nowadays. Based on the architectural form of caves on the loess plateau, the work’s space design features thick and rustic loess color as the dominant hue, lending a touch of profound history. A modern colored loam wall serves as the middle partition to restore a simple ecological sense and reconcile the space color palettes, thus highlighting the space atmosphere. The wall niches are inspired by the Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi province, and the niche-shaped stands, once dedicated to enshrining Buddhas, are now applied to the interior space to display the exquisite car accessories one by one, which take on a unique modern look against the rough earth walls amid the light at the top. Besides, the design of the cantilever beams on the cave’s ceiling has been improved by integrating modern steel wire light strips, giving a shading alteration to the pure white dome structure and rendering a sense of layering to the interior space. The entrance door is shaped like an arched hood seen in ancient carriages. With the cave, which is heavily tinged with profoundness and antiquity of loess culture, and the car accessories coming as a result of modern industrial technology, space embodies more of the fusion of tradition and modernity, as well as the loess culture and the modern industrial culture.

  • Make ID OFFICE
    Founded in 2006, Chongqing Pinsheng Technology is committed to providing marking and identification services for the people’s livelihood industries such as communications, power, finance, and medical care. With the mission of “giving digital identities to all things and becoming the cornerstone of an intelligent society”, they practice “every time Marking is a connection with the world" the original intention, so that every seemingly cold and serious marking behavior becomes a very warm humanistic care. The designer Zhou Zijian re-examined the relationship of contemporary office space, and refined the four cores of the enterprise-system, order, creativity, environmental protection, soft sensibility and rationality, and revealed the core of modern civilization and the futuristic sense of technology invisibly in the space. . A space that depends on "people" and "order" needs to have the dual personality of rigor and vitality. Geometric lines and warm white rough materials extend from the elevator corridor to the interior of the space, giving the entire place a uniform temperament. The long and narrow aisle sets a calm and rational tone for the entire field; Pinsheng products are full of spatial details, inadvertently showing the "trend" attitude of cutting-edge technology. One step is narrow and one step is wide. The designer creates a space rhythm of opening and closing, giving the audience plenty of room for exploration and imagination. The nature, simplicity and antiquity of wabi-sabi creates a humanistic atmosphere in the space, perceives the delicateness and temperature of the space through vision and touch, dilutes the unfamiliarity and coldness of technical products, and actively establishes the intimacy between man and technology. Humanity is invisible, but the most charming. While chasing the futuristic sense of science and technology, while based on the origin of life, Pinsheng people put work and daily life into a certain ritual. Rooted in such a culture, the designer uses the interweaving sequence of colors, materials, elements, light and spatial modeling to continue the happiness and sense of belonging of Pingsheng people in the space, following the changes of the space and perceiving the context of emotional relaxation. . The classic arched architecture gives a sense of space ritual. The pure and smooth geometric blocks are full of vitality in the walk of the sun, adding an eternal definition of flow and tranquility to the space, and is perceived by the spiritual world of people; A display stand is derived from the shape sequence, which displays the representative products of Pinsheng in each period in sequence according to the time axis, forming a sense of theater in the space and deepening the relationship between people, objects and space. The arch fa?ade wall extends on both sides of the multifunctional hall, shielding the old and messy glass curtain wall, allowing the space to be reborn; the new space has a new identity --- "Pingsheng College", which is responsible for the society of corporate education Responsibilities, changeable scenes, and complex interaction create more possibilities for people's collective activities such as meetings, performances, learning, and training. The doorway invisibly separates the office area, the leisure area, and the dining area. The space is softly connected between the “boundary” and the “between”, allowing people to naturally release their emotions; the concept of gardening landscape is placed outside the space, and at the same time , Pinsheng personally develops and manages vegetable gardens, integrates beauty into daily life, and reshapes the habitat that humans and nature interact and share. Scarpa once said: "You need to create certain relationships to make things come alive." Pinsheng office space responded positively to the creation of “effective relationships”. By combing through the multiple relationships behind the company’s personality, emotions, and humanities, it achieves balance and connection in the design context, optimizes people’s work and life awareness, and improves people. The self-discipline and creativity, this is the new civilization.

    "Smartbox" is a modular educational toy with basic math algorithm for Children, 3-9 year-old is they rapid development period of cognitive ability, they receive a large number of color, number, space and other information. At this time, giving children appropriate enlightenment input can greatly develop and guide they logical thinking. "Smartbox" is based on the form of traditional building blocks, with four NFC algorithm modules, which are two digital modules + algorithm modules + display modules. When a group of modules get close to the others correctly, the display module will display the answer of the corresponding algorithm, and play the prompt tone of the answer. According to the level of kids’ understanding ability, the number of modules should be appropriately increased or decreased, so as to adjust the difficulty of the algorithm. Let children learn and grow happily and enlighten the future in playing~ Children are willing to absorb knowledge with playing, boring teaching makes they acceptation more difficult and slower. The traditional building block is a simple combination of numbers and symbols and lack of feedback information (the correct answer). The advantage of Smartbox lies in a better combination of "building block form" and "arithmetic logic", and in the display module with sound to play the answer, the reason to make the building blocks are more interesting and children's attention is more focused.

  • The rose fountain
    The rotation curve is not only beautiful in appearance, but also common in architectural design and industrial design. However, in our innovation of jewelry design, we have learned from architectural principles and adopted the rotating Mosaic process to show the soft feeling of the water column of fountain and 92% high refractive index of light, which make the arc moving line of diamond ring more beautiful and increase the sparkle of diamond. The rose fountain breaks through the previous design conventions of flat and static diamond ring and makes all angles of the diamond ring become the aesthetic focus, which is very different from the traditional diamond ring. Through creative design, we discover the infinite possibilities of jewelry, and thus convey the independent spirit of daring to be different and pioneering to women in the new era. Compared with similar works, the unique hollow structure makes up for the neglect of the light effect on the side and bottom of the diamond in the previous diamond design, and enables the light to pass through the gap of the pedestal to make the diamond ring look more transparent and shining no matter at what Angle. The inside of the ring uses an ergonomic Smile Arc radian and this makes the ring more comfortable to wear.

  • Yuanshe,lanshu
    Yuanshe · Guanshu is in the mountains of Songyang. The road to the B & B is the old tea horse road, which is still full of vegetation. There is an ancient tree of hundreds of years old at the intersection of the road. Under the tree is a small temple which is rumored to be very effective. On both sides of the road are farmland and tea garden. Songyang is rich in herbal medicine. Along the way, you can see green mountains and green hills, and the bamboo trees shade the trees. As soon as the mountain wind blows, the fatigue of the road will dissipate in the mountains. The outdoor constant temperature swimming pool faces the green hill. Langshu village, where Yuanshe · Lanshu is located, is located at an altitude of more than 800 meters. It is surrounded by green mountains and surrounded by clouds all the year round. You can see the villages and fields in the distance at a glance. With rammed earth walls, Horst stones and logs, the appearance of B & B is simple and generous. They have contracted the whole village so that the whole homestay can be perfectly integrated with the nature. The buildings are scattered layer by layer according to the mountain situation. The rammed earth walls, Horst stones and small green tiles of the traditional buildings in Songyang are also used properly. The rare 100 year old trees in the village are also included in the architectural layout. The houses are spread around the ancient trees, as if they are holding the ancient trees in their arms The source of the name "tree". From a distance, B & B is like an ideal village embraced by mountains and rivers, hidden in the mountains. Although the B & B is hidden in the mountains, there is no lack of Jiangnan Lingxiu implication. There are 17 guest rooms planned for B & B, and the style of the guest rooms echoes the local culture of farming and reading in Songyang.

  • Rewind
    Being most vulnerable to the coronavirus, seniors are left homebound and limited by their activities, leading to concerns for their mental and emotional well-being. This isolation can contribute to the rapid deterioration of cognitive faculties, especially for elders with dementia. In response, Poh Yun Ru has designed Rewind, a cognitive stimulation tool that exercises the mental agility and acuity of seniors through joyful therapy. The device is designed for elders who rely heavily on repetition in everyday life — via sounds and sights — to retain memory. A motion-tracking tool produces visual and audio feedback through a paired device, unearthing personal memories that users associate with the sensorial interaction.

    G-wall is a modular home fitness system,which is easily intergrated into home style.During covid-19,we have accelerated the deployment and development of G-wall home fitness system to meet the needs of working out at home.It is the first time to integrate the concept of fitness system into custom furniture at home and abroad.?G-WALL advocates a healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.It helps customers strengthen their body and immunity. Compared to traditional equipment, G-wall can be hung in the cabinet creatively and save more space.Besides,they can choose materials and color of surface,which is integrated into home style.

  • Sun Way Restaurant
    Design Concept: The design for this project takes landscape and nature as the theme, creating an experience of returning to nature although amid a bustling city. Through the interpretation of contemporary art techniques and oriental aesthetic, an artistic reality integrating landscape and times can be presented.

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