Works Appreciation
  • Hermès’ collections at Milan Design Week

    Hermès collection temporary exhibition during Milan Design Week. The exhibition consists of 4-5 vertical architectural volumes lit from within and covered by transparent paper.

    The quest for lightness, like a challenge to gravity, is incarnated by the creation of objects for the home, showcased in four structures at Milan Design Week. These constructions, in the shape of water towers, are light despite their monumental proportions; made of wood and covered with translucent coloured paper, they radiate light. Inside, each object expresses know-how that draws power from precision.

  • The New Old Light

    Light, though invisible and intangible, changes the way we perceive the world. Kimu the new  old light series embodies the brand's fusion of new and old, Eastern and Western design techniques. Through the electrification reinterpretation of traditional paper lanterns, it transcends the boundaries of time and space, infusing cultural essence into differences, and creating new possibilities for life. Like a 'container of light' in space, it gives abstract light a visible and tangible outline. Users can adjust the paper lantern's expansion and contraction to achieve different direct and indirect lighting effects. Recently, paper lanterns have once again gained favor for their organic and modern feel, becoming an essential element in the international lighting trends.

  • The Sea Of Clouds

    The Sea Of Clouds is a remarkable project located near Huanshan East Road, the city's main urban arterial road. This project not only showcases the city's image but also capitalizes on the rich surrounding landscape resources. It seamlessly connects the cultural, tourism, and urban development sectors in the region. Architects embraced two design concepts: one inspired by the mountain's shape, featuring undulating roofs and zigzagging facades, and another inspired by the momentum of water, reflecting distant mountains, sea of clouds, and the rising sun through water elements. The building harmoniously integrates with the landscape, incorporating green hill units, recuperation areas, and entertainment spaces, creating a dynamic and functional space. The theater within the building is intelligently designed to accommodate various performance forms. The materials used, such as luminescent concrete, ultra-thin stainless steel, and high-transparency glass, contribute to the theater's elegance and resilience, making it a unique and climate-resistant architectural masterpiece.

  • A one-bedroom 38 m2 Moscow apartment

    Size:38 m2

    Type :A one-bedroom apartment


    Features: The larger room is a living room, while the smaller one is a kitchen; there is a small pantry almost at the entrance.

    We transformed a 38 sq. m Moscow apartment for a couple, optimizing space by separating the kitchen-living room from the bedroom. The kitchen boasts a complete corner unit with built-in appliances, including a clever retractable coffee machine shelf. The balcony was converted into a home office with a hanging desk and storage. A double-sided wardrobe centers the kitchen-living area, and a sleek sofa with thin legs keeps the space visually light. In the bedroom, we ensured easy access with two entryways and frosted glass sliding partitions to share light. The bathroom gained space from the hallway and now features a shallow cabinet with a worktop washbasin. An open storage system replaces swinging cabinets in the dressing area.designer:Karen Karapetian

    the city flow installation (monument) is an innovative three-dimensional light art installation that incorporates programmed lighting design, aiming to provide viewers with dynamic and ever-changing light performances. Internally, it features a lightweight yet sturdy truss structure and a unique triple helix connecting element. The ground is reinforced with cast-in embedments to ensure a solid foundation. The exterior of the entire installation is meticulously polished, with smooth and sleek angular details, creating a distinctive visual design.

  • Creative feeder
    Creative Feeder is an innovative bird feeder designed specifically for Song Thrush. It features a modular design composed of three food trays and a base that can be buried in the soil. The circular arrangement of food trays is designed to slide down the base onto the ground. The feeder provides Song Thrush with fresh berries and other food while attracting soft-bodied creatures such as earthworms and snails. These organisms not only help decompose decaying berries but also serve as an additional food source for Song Thrush.

  • Glowglare Stick Wax
    Glowglare Stick Wax is our unique creation, inspired by a fresh perspective on modern hair wax. Our goal is to craft a product that not only offers exceptional styling for your hair but also adds a dazzling touch to your image. This hair wax combines artistry with everyday life, injecting new vitality and creativity into your hairstyle.

    The Chunpu Bamboo Dock, hidden in the deep mountains of the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan, is designed with a concrete main body combined with a solid wood mortise and tenon structure roof. The design of the double "human" shaped roof breaks the traditional form of southern Sichuan residential buildings. The entire building is divided into two parts by cutting, one high and one low, with modern glass structures used as the connecting parts in the middle. The combination of rammed earth art paint and old demolished wood on the exterior reflects the design concept of modern Eastern aesthetics. Nature has constructed different forms of beauty, and we have discovered this beauty in our home here. We have carved it into this simple set of buildings in our natural environment. The design stands in the Wanqing Bamboo Forest, capturing the changes in climate and scenery, and the shifting stars of natural scenery, perfectly blending the six guest rooms with the wind, bamboo forest, and sky. Unlike the row after row of urban houses, it continues the residential form of the Bashu forest and adds the design concept of modern architecture.

  • Spring fills the world
    Those who enjoy spring are happy and hearty, and spring fills the world. This case takes spring as the reference and peach blossoms as the intention. Peach and plum blossoms bloom in the spring breeze; Peach blossoms on the human face complement each other in red; Peach Blossom Flowing Water Mandarin Fish Fat; Do not love deep red, love light red; The upper layer of the mountain is covered with peach and plum blossoms, and the smoke and fire in the clouds are a home. The blooming flowers in my heart and the delicious taste on my tongue are just the beautiful scenery of Fenghua.

  • Extending the Cycle

    The project describes a building extension in which the added floors are designed to utilize the demolition waste from other construction sites. An industrial building in Winterthur, Switzerland will be repurposed to create a series of 12 units/studios. The design process starts with the collection and classification of building elements sourced from dismantling and demolition operations, and the identification of their potential for recycling. An external steel staircase, aluminium windows, metal corrugated sheets, roof insulation and photovoltaic modules are all salvaged from previous construction and given a second life. Steel beams are reused for the new structure, old façade stone cladding is redeployed as floor tiles.

    BACKGROUND STORY:In the future, an onslaught of solar flares have depleted the ozone. Poor crop yields and inconsistent connectivity have left the world in disarray. The preservation of the largest surviving forests is now essential for the resortation of the ozone layer, and any hope of life before. In these desperate times Tactical Park Rangers must be enlisted to not just preserve, but protect these forests from increasingly desperate survivors.

    These pants were adapted from my Thermoregulation Backcountry Pants project with fabrics specific to the Tactical Park Ranger project.

    The Tactical Park Ranger shacket features dual two-way venting and storage zippers that give access to hidden internal pockets. Additional external storage includes a vented Velcro pocket, an accessory chest pouch, and a sunglass or pen holder. Nametape, TPR themed Pine Tree side venting, and dual sided vent ruffles on the arms complete the shacket. There is also a deployable ninja mask for sun projection and stealth.

    Energy Machete - 3D printed handle, laser cut etched and spray-painted fluorescent acrylic blade, UV flashlight inside.(designed by Daniel J Carhuff)

  • Heart of the City: Art and Equity in Process and Place

    This project re-imagines a car-centric streetscape of two city blocks and a plaza as a new public realm aligned with the city’s vibrant and diverse community. Proactive community engagement drove the success of this work: over 70 pop-up and prototyping events, one-on-one stakeholder meetings, artist sessions, and other engagement events captured a true understanding of the community's needs and desires for this project.

    The project pioneers a curbless street design, integrates dramatic public art installations from local and internationally known artists, and utilizes custom-designed accessible site furniture. Cutting-edge sustainability strategies promote greenery and reduce stormwater runoff and ice-melting salt usage.

    It’s an amazing example of how to reimagine a traditional street into a place for people, with an incredible mix of uses that support community. The project goes beyond creating a place; but a sensitive, inspirational urban heart that minds its people and pumps energy into the surroundings.

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