Works Appreciation
  • Wagner’s Fables

    If the clue of history left in space is architecture, then music is the aftertaste of time. Germany brought into Qingdao during the concession period not only for Germanic architecture but also for their beloved music and opera and other artistic and cultural activities. The German writer Goethe once praised the experience of architecture: "Architecture is frozen music." To discuss the two, through proportion and structural arrangement, it induces emotional shock of harmony or different intensities, occupying the abstract/figurative ends of art, and are similar in nature.

        Waterfrom Design responsible for this case hopes to use the narrative technique of opera and the specificity of architecture to write the grandeur of the natural features of Qingdao, a port city, and to express the rich marine phase of the base located on the shore in the succession and transformation of space brewing.Through the staggering advance and retreat surfaces of the vertical walls, the architectural curvature presents a sense of music flow, echoing the sea, whether it is light or calm, back and forth, the high and low strength forms an undulating wave posture.Whether it's a majestic wave, a calm pool outside the building, or a meandering surface inside, nature or abstract shape ‘water’ construct the dense and wide building volume, just like German composer Wagner used “Texture” to express the opera. The curved surfaces of the building sometimes play in unison, as if the waves are about to roll up to the clouds; or inadvertently look up and see the edge of the fa?ade gently meandering, as if the dawn is approaching on the sea, and the morning star sings only a single chapter.The corridor connecting the two areas is the Act Tunes, such as the soft flute tunes that soothe the viewers’ emotions; on the score, the sound of the waves is relegated to the background, continuing the expectation of the ocean with Wagner's Unendiche Melodie, paving the way for the next chapter, and continuing the immersion of the ever-changing nature.

        Entering the second field, the sudden enlarged space is like a strong wind on the sea surface, completely different from the mysterious tranquility of the previous bay waves and caves. The space is left blank for self-interpretation, just like the soothing of music after the compaction and calms the ups and downs of emotions. Whether it is admiring nature or hoping to use the current to dilute miscellaneous thoughts, melody and inner feelings can be closely resonated here.

        There are window paths on both sides of the overlapping vertical fa?ade, and the seats that gradually emerge are like seeing sparks on the shore when sailing. Standing on the coast of the sea is like being at the junction of civilization and barbarism. Through the entanglement, compression, and release of architectural lines, people can experience the unrestrained or tenderness of an opera while walking, and it is like the ever-changing ocean.

  • AIOT-Smart Park integrated decision-making system
    The Fourth Paradigm Smart Park integrated decision-making system +AIOT platform uses AI technology to promote the development of a new generation of scientific, efficient, and safe Smart Parks, benefiting all walks of life.Rely on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and edge computing to realize the intellectualization of the Park as a whole, monitor and predict the potential safety hazards in the Park in real-time, reduce the probability of risk occurrence, and give the treatment plan after the sudden alarm, to improve the safety of the Park.
    Based on digital twin technology, restore the buildings in the Park, and conduct unified data collection, analysis, presentation, and control of all facilities and equipment that need to be managed through the Park LAN.
    The new UI interface uses advanced metal texture and fretting effect to improve the sense of future and ease of operation. It visually highlights the design quality with a neutral color and creates a scene atmosphere with strong color differences in function and warning.

  • DaFu Visual Communication
    This set of visual communication works consists of a poster and vouchers, mainly used for the visual communication campaign of DaFu, a Chinese local Japanese-style catering brand. 
    The poster focuses on communicating multiple information and coordinating the relationships of priority. The geometrical Archimedean spiral is adopted to create coherence between graphics and text. Besides, it visualizes the contrasts between distance and proximity, sparseness and denseness, dynamic and stationary, to draw audience' attention. Additionally, the three-dimensional slogans and Cyberpunk elements adopted highlight the theme of this campaign.
    The visual design of vouchers integrates Chinese elements and Japanese graphics. On the vouchers are patterns in such shapes as a fan and a shell, all of which symbolize wealthiness. The gradation of colors is utilized to represent the four seasons and echo the representative plants of each season, namely orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and plum blossom. The above two subtle designs jointly signify a bonanza throughout a year. 

  • portable electron virus-scanning microscope
    The COVID-19 has been rampant in recent years. In addition to specific medicines and vaccinations, how to prevent epidemic and detect virus as quickly as possible ,and study the environmental characteristics of its existence have become crucial. In terms of equipment functions, it adopts the principle of scanning electron microscope. After detecting a virus, it will automatically generate pictures and send it to the background server through the cloud to compare it with the virus database to determine which virus has the highest similarity, so as to make the correct decision.
    The whole equipment aims to fully reflect the concept of being safe, efficient and humanized. The main body adopts the modeling techniques such as straight lines and rounded and beveled corners, and integrates the equipment components.
    A good design does not only mean a good appearance,but also its internal structure, materials, assembly and the like. This equipment contains hundreds of parts after being split, and each part is completed by the designer after careful research and repeated scrutiny. The internal and external functional partitions should consider both the practicability of functional components and the aesthetics of the appearance, so that the equipment can meet the function at the same time,as well as make the visual aesthetics of the equipment appearance to achieve the best!

  • Integrated Customs Health Declaration and Verification Machine
    Customs health declaration and inspection machine is an intelligently integrated machine for health declaration and inspection of inbound and outbound passengers for epidemic prevention and control. The device is an intelligent verification and shunting system which integrates functions of collective temperature monitoring, declaration and verification, certificate recognition, face recognition, object sensing, soft gate, etc. This system can be docked with the Chinese Customs health declaration applet and the Customs New Travel System. Passengers can quickly complete the customs declaration verification by brushing the electronic two-dimensional code generated by the health declaration on the verification system to achieve the verification of the passenger self-service health declaration. Warning alerts for abnormal body temperature, abnormal declaration information and high-risk or controlled passengers have been provided. One-to-one contact-free screening and automatic accurate interception have been achieved, the risk of spread of infectious diseases and passengers'immediate analysis and retrospective have been reduced, problems such as asymmetric information, concealment and non-reporting have been solved, and the efficiency of port inspection has been reduced, and difficulties in information verification have been effectively reduced. Effectively alleviate the work pressure of staff, avoid cross-infection between staff, optimize the working environment of staff, improve the customs clearance environment of passengers, and make an outstanding contribution to epidemic prevention and control.

  • xinhe creation room
    Xinhe creation room is a company focusing on interior space design, located in Pudong Creative Park, Shanghai. The height of 5 meters gives the space more creative conditions. The whole space hopes to give designers unlimited creative inspiration and inspiration in an immersive atmosphere. The collision of cement ash and walnut, the struggle between modern high buildings and primitive jungle. The essence of design is to find the balance of Commerce and promote the development of society. At the same time, the design also needs the expansion of thinking. The wall on which the suspended staircase relies is made into a mirror design. The space extension brought by the mirror refraction, the hanging painting of perspective effect, and the infinite creation brought to the designer in the disordered space.

  • A Modern Villa Facing The Sea
    Through the understanding of the project and the owner, we have reshaped the space, divided the 9-meter-high space, completely reconstructed the originally trivial partition wall, and turned the whole ground floor dining room into an open leisure, activity space, negative one-floor lighting and floor height is the focus of the design, we will tea room, audio-visual, chess card, wine cellar. These spaces break the form of partition wall through partition partition partition, let the whole space like Chinese garden, like transparent, not separated, everywhere scenery, step by step to achieve a room with the opeand space integration. The bedroom area on the second floor, we not only guarantee the privacy and comfort, but also increase the family members together activities, tea, movie viewing space, so that the atmosphere of the whole family more thick, happy. 

  • IAI Interior Award

    This project locates in the prosperous city center surrounded by beautiful scenery. With the spirit of fusion and symbiosis, we integrated it into the surrounding mountains and forests. The concept of nature is infused into the interior space.  The crossover and collision of geometric elements, colors and materials represent a harmonious coexistence between man and nature, creating a breathing aesthetic living space.

    The living room introduces the open atmosphere of the outdoors, creating an indoor natural oxygen bar,allowing people to re-feel the vitality of natural aesthetics;As for the creation of the bedroom, we do not want to attract people's attention with decorations, but persistently pursue the beautiful factors hidden under the surface of life,making daily living a kind of enjoyment.

  • China Resources·Youshan Yuejing Show Flats

    We use the showroom project of Runlin Real Estate as the hub to explore in contemporary life and humanistic spirit, trying to weave an ideal habitat for human settlements and we use design + scientific methods to bring the residents back to a quiet and vibrant life in the downtown area.


    The 113-square-meter three-bedroom room has been given a gentle and elegant soft furnishings. Wood is the sleeping sunlight. The balcony leaves a space inward to "store" the sunlight, so that the apartment can "breathe". The tea room is placed to make the interior functions more diverse. The white translucent curtains are matched with light-tone wood and cotton and linen. The furniture brings a leisurely and fresh space atmosphere to the space.


    Through thinking about the family structure of four persons, the 148-square-meter three-bedroom showroom adopts the overall color of light gray, bold sculptural artwork, and the black spiral staircase in the duplex space, bringing a strong modern artistic atmosphere.

  • Le Coq Wine & Bistro,Xian

    In Xian architecture, we can observe that many ancient houses use squares elements as ornament on facade. The square shape also connects with the stone of the city wall present in the city. To blend in the cultural environment, we revisited this language of squares to reinterpret the past into a modern design.

    This project brings an authentic social experience to the customer. The function plan separates every step of the dining experience on each floor and creates this ‘’VIP’’ feeling all the way for the customer.

  • WeeGi

    What we intended to create is a place where people can gather around, a space where everyone can get along freely. The people who live here are like glowing fireflies and everyone's light gathers, creating a space full of warmth and energy, each one of us illuminating and influencing the entire community. This is also the origin of the project's name. Everyone's light and energy gather in this place to light up lives and to find new possibilities. In the process of designing, we also integrated the sense of light and vitality into our shared vision, presenting a relaxed, healthy, and energetic image. We hope that a vibrant community like WeeGi can gather everyone's light, to light up a new life, and become an ideal living state.


    YIPOINT was established in 2013 and is a full creative integration service organization. YIPOINT uses the Internet thinking mode to empower brands, seize the pain points of corporate brands, and from the perspective of users, provide comprehensive brand integration and communication solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Customers are all over the country, forming a national network service pattern. 

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