Works Appreciation
  • Hi!papa sunscreen

    This is a sunscreen with a sense of design in the industry, specially designed for children. According to the appearance of the snow mountain, the most beautiful isosceles triangle is optimized, and the original “round visual snow mountain” is created, which has the design aesthetics of childishness and delicacy. The cap engraved with waves, avoiding the stereotyped image of the conventional cap, and innovatively converts the icy vision of the “tiny snow mountain” into the visual sense, and projects the function and value of the product itself in the form of visual experience into the child’s impression, making it eye-catching.

    The cap has a smart light change reminder function, that is, the high-end color masterbatch can remind the child to apply sunscreen in time, which helps children develop a good personal habit of sun protection since childhood.

    The size of this sunscreen is in line with the size and structure of children’s hands, and it also takes into account the convenience of children’s travel. The volume is subtracted to ensure that the overall shape is more suitable for children’s fingers, effortless to hold, and has the image of the snow-capped mountain.

    The main packaging material used in its body is an environmentally friendly one: PP with good chemical resistance, which is nontoxic, odorless, recyclable, and will not react with the sunscreen inside, ensuring the stability and safety of the sunscreen inside. 

  • Nasalcleaner & DK entitled physiological seawater nasal care sprayer.
    Co-developed by DK, this is a nasal sprayer designed for children, featuring an appearance inspired by a cute and childlike penguin. The straight lines and rounded curves of the sprayer echo penguins profile of sturdiness and perseverance. The pressing area of the sprayer nozzle refers to the protruding dots in the penguin’s throat, which works to increase tactile feedback and friction. The nose rinsing water extracted from natural seawater further cares for children’s noses. Thus, by this jointly designed children’s seawater nasal sprayer, Nasalcleaner hopes to convey the verve and vitality of the brand to consumers and help children reap happiness and health along with feeling the mystery and power of seawater.

  • The shop of Laiyifen Mall
    The concept for the LYFEN Shanghai raffles stores wantsto offering customers a new experience with “fresh snackwith fresh transport”all of the snacks will be wrapped andtransported from the factory directly,and the packagewill be combined with the modular shelf and the modularIsland system,which could arranged between differentplane and height of the different store. In addition,theSolid wood will be used in a variety of the fittings to displaythe product,natural materials and natural plants will supplya feeling of freshness of the product and the space.

    With the concept of "trendy Bashu", continue the brand's personality of "no rules, no rules, no impermanence", and look for inspiration across thousands of years. From ancient Shu culture to future science and technology, from folk art to fashion elements, combined with abstract paintings, integrate Bashu culture with trendy art, follow the Chinese garden design method of "moving one scene", and deeply shape the charm of the most interesting Shu romance space.

  • UF1 Dangbei Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector UF1

    UF1, a compact luxurious ultra-short throw laser TV that can be used as demand, has solved the flaws of physical TVs hefty sizes in limited bedroom and living room space. With an ALPD laser light, it can project a big image of 100 inches with 1080P resolution 20cm away from the wall. The product features 1400ANSI brightness, smart focus and keystone correction, which is adaptable to different projecting angles.

    Employing the principle of diffuse reflection and a built-in eye-protection algorithm, it can effectively protect users' eyesight by lowering the brightness as they approach. The integral 4 all-direction microphones and AI voice assistant enable intelligent voice interaction within 5 meters. The simplistic appearance and thin, delicate style can be naturally integrated into the different home environments, offering amiable watching experiences.

  • More than Simplcity
    The project is located in Xiamen. The owner is a young business man. This is his first house in his life with full of passions in this. He is a rags-to-riches tycoon with proven business skills. Design concept is minimalism style with functioning and harmony.

  • From the waters, the city of the future is constructed
    Wuhu nickname jiang, since ancient times have half mountains half the reputation of the lake, soft outfit to natural ecological leisure space as a context, to continue building to indoor modern style language, place in ecological, return to nature Interlingual transfer from wuhu bay for in accordance with the supporting of culture, refining essence, deconstruction of traditional, extraction of local natural resources and cultural interaction dove's prototype, combined with modern manufacture process, To create a natural ecological scene of turtle and bird, reflect the scene of human culture, and establish local cultural symbols to create a modern university space aesthetics museum integrating contemporary art and geo-culture

  • Starry sky

    As night falls, sitting by the window, looking up at the starry sky, accompanied by the sound of insects in my ears,Wandering in thisbright dream.

    This case integrates the aftermath of man and insects, nature and starry sky into the space, and shapes the feelings of human settlements-symbiosis with nature, integration with the city, harmonious symbiosis has been flowing in time.

    This project breaks through traditional design ideas, creates innovativeIPs, cultural landmarks, and takes "sky and starry sky" as the designcore, and carefully creates a creative book comparable to art museums.

  • Maffei

    his cabinet abandons the traditional and dull design, which gives new look of the space with the combination of innovative storage system. The mirror shelf is specially designed for the round mirror which looks like the rising moon, adding design flair and storage space. Meanwhile, there are multi-layer storage compartments in the shape of rounded rectangle, and large-capacity storage box, which perfectly demonstrates the powerful storage function of the side cabinets.

    Located on the shore of the Wenyu River, the only river in Beijing that flows in all seasons, Luneng Grasse Town has a unique residential environment within the city of Beijing, based in the positioning of the project. In the consistently modern approaching, uphold the contemporary design language and made aesthetics with nature, to realize the beautiful interaction between human and environment, and meticulously created this space connecting art and life with the nearly demanding standard.

    The project's area has a large number of colleges, institutions, including students, young families and other diversified people. The designer wanted this place to be an urban cultural space where the culture of books and community life are integrated together, dedicated to exploring more possibilities between home, college and work, to meet the needs of a diverse range of groups for cultural knowledge, reasonably planning the layout of space to create an open, artistic and fluid cultural space.

    The original design was for a space with a floor height of 8 meters, and in order to create more practical functions, the designer adjusted the first floor into two floors, utilizing the loft approach, with two floors above and below and a complex space structure, emphasizing the openness of the space, with the lower floor as a coffee and bar area, a creative display area and a book display area, and the upper floor as a self-study space. Simultaneously, the original architectural style was retained, such as the traces of exposed wall tiles, beams, exposed pipes, etc. Metal elements can be easily seen elsewhere, and the hard industrial atmosphere is integrated with the warm atmosphere of books.

    The vertical lines, the collision of refinement and roughness, giving a sense of rationality, rhythm. Materials with a modern industrial sense, rough texture, and mottled texture effect show a visual effect of old and very fashionable and bold, and the concrete floor with a calm luster looks apathetic but has a very modern sense. The roof was painted in black, with the original plumbing pipes lined up beneath it, and a mysterious sense of metallic light occasionally flashed out under the light.

    The designer has created a quiet book space by weaving and transforming iron, concrete, and black and white. The natural wood contrasted with the cultural elegance, and this collision gave the impression that the bookstore is still a warm humanistic country in the industrial civilization.

  • Bamboo Light Co-shadow Guide System
    Located in Zitown, jointly developed by the government of Xihu District in Hangzhou and Zhejiang University, this product is a national AAA-grade assembly building and three-star green building. 

    To better embody its poetic feature, the design team selected the form and theme of “bamboo forests and shadows”, and extracted the main design language from the bamboo shape in the evolution of "bamboo—bamboo leaves—bamboo shape".

     Moreover, they introduced the natural bamboo leaves and bamboo poles texture, and a modern industrialized color scheme and style, so that the logo can be better integrated with the building fa?ade and building interior decoration, creating a deeper and more meaningful atmosphere for the whole project.

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