Works Appreciation
  • Fengsheng 101 Highrise Mixed-Use
    The Fengsheng 101 highrise mixed-use complex project is located next to Lixin Avenue in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. The north side of the project overlooks Nanxiang Mountain and the south side overlooks Guangzhou Pearl River New City.The project has a total construction area of approximately 81,000 square meters and a height of 200 meters, including a wide spectrum of programs mentioned above such as hotels, office spaces, apartments, and retails.
    And the project is inspired by the image of sailing, hoping to depict the dynamic gesture with a static architectural form that can reach to the people, community and nature at a much more intimate distance. So that the tower becomes a beautiful new landmark of the city of Guangzhou as well as the Greater Bay Area.

  • Lockin Halo Smart lock
    Lockin halo is the first automatic smart lock with palm vein recognition function, which also has functions such as face recognition, camera monitoring, and real-time screen viewing. Different from face ID and fingerprint , palm vein biometrics are the most difficult to replicate. It is suitable for ages 4 and older. It can be recognized in 0.75 seconds, and it can be recognized without contact, which is more convenient. Compared with face recognition, it is not affected by problems such as face mask occlusion, and face privacy issues. 
    The product has the best door opening experience, and the through-type light display guides the user to open the door with the left hand or the right hand. The symmetrical handle can bring about the problem of hand injury, and it is more friendly to users with long nails.
    The thickness of the all-metal panel is ultra-thin, which is better integrated with the door and the environment. In order to realize the ultra-thin design and highlight the core handle shape of the product, the hardware modules of mobile products such as mobile phones are used in the structural scheme and hardware scheme, and the space is more compact.

  • Zhejiang AGMO New Material Technology Exhibition Hall Office Building
    In 2019, when the whole house customization of Aigewood started to contact us, for the large-scale residential decoration industry, we still had a chaotic, polluted and superfluous stereotyped thinking in our minds about wall panels, cabinet doors, and ceilings. Faced with the ever-changing industry demands and the constant market regulation, Aigemu's whole-house customization has expanded from partial customization and overall home furnishing upgrades to in-depth research and development in two major commercial space sectors, and the company's office staff has also expanded to around 150-200 people.
    Faced with the new development of enterprises, we hope that after in-depth research on brands and enterprises, we can plan their new office buildings to meet the future development of enterprises and the spread of brand concepts.
    With the brand concept of "customized for a better life", Aegum hopes to achieve a win-win situation for users, distributors and enterprises. Product advocacy is environmentally friendly, healthy and livable for users, easy to install, and ready to live. The product has the characteristics of no formaldehyde, thermal insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, and durable. According to the characteristics of different customer needs, Aige wood whole house customization makes targeted solutions for the overall space to provide customers with whole house customization.
    We use the brand's corporate color blue as the main body. Conceptually, we hope that the space is nurturing, inclusive, and friendly, so the concept of going up the river is extended, and the flow process wraps the product/space/user. How to better display products through concepts and convey them to users. The team went deep into the site and the factory together, and did in-depth research on the corporate brand. By understanding the source of materials, production and R&D process, we broke our initial prejudice and the technology was updated quickly.
    This is a single-story 62.5*30 meter long 5-story rectangular base space. Our design area is a 3-story space with an area of ??more than 5,000 square meters. The 1-2 floor space hopes to be used as a home and commercial exhibition space, mainly to launch new product lines for dealers across the country, and the public space exhibition hall is mainly for hotel, hospital, and children's space product experience. In the face of the latest digital media, I hope to have a large space venue that can accommodate 1-200 people at the same time for conference training and live broadcast. The 3rd floor is used as an expanded office space. In addition to the office needs of regular companies, they also have a space design department and a product research and development department. It is hoped that the space can have many areas for local discussions. What the marketing department puts forward the most is the hope that there will be a quiet space for telephone communication and docking. It is hoped that the open space of the space will be rich in levels, because in the office space of a small county, busyness in relaxation is a common state for everyone.
    We introduce the river that flows through it from the outside. After entering the hall, the main core of the diversion center is divided into the home and public space exhibition halls on both sides. The space in the middle is hollowed out, and different floors use overlapping bridges to link the spaces. Introduce the original patio lighting on the 3rd floor. According to different functions, it is placed in a small patio in a dislocation, so as to meet different line of sight lines, and the upper and lower air is lighted and circulated.
    The space on the 3rd floor is open to the dislocated patio area, closed for negotiation and discussion, and then a special telephone booth area is set up. The office area is set in the best lighting view area, and the large-area windows continue the landscape view of the roof and connect with the farmland scenery in the distance. The wood veneer and weaving material of the wall are directly installed with the material of Aige wood.
    Roaming visiting route, commuting bridge experience, the penetrability of exhibition halls/large and small core tubes, we incorporate various functional requirements, create a rich experience through the characteristics of space, and go to different places through wandering. level space. Constantly feel the enthusiasm, professionalism of the corporate brand in the experience, as well as the current era, enterprises have to face the unknown future. We hope that the company will adhere to the original concept and make changes for more and wider base family spaces. Review Three-year design of the epidemic, construction site docking, and on-site problems. We deeply felt the difficulties of customers, construction, and various supply chains. We thought the project was aborted. We sincerely thank everyone who participated, and hope that we will all embrace the unknown future with an open mind.

  • Tianlu Lake Hongsing Seed Valley Startup Area - China Digital Village Construction Innovation Center
    The building is an 80m by 30m cuboid. It is a demonstration building for science dissemination and education. Combining with both immersive and interactive exhibiting, it showcases the progress and achievements of space breeding, digitalized village, and intelligent agriculture. The roof of the exhibition center is fully covered with photovoltaic panels, insuring the low-carbon, ecological and environmental preservative strategies have been fundamental throughout the design. 
    Surrounded by mountains and shaded by trees, the building exterior is applied with the white curtain wall, glass and timbers, composing a natural response to the environment. High-tech elements are incorporated into the undulating sloping roof and the immersive interior, altogether speaking of a modern yet exotic accent.

  • xiaojiuba
    Located in Shihuifang, a famous commercial street in the prosperous prime area of the park that houses a more than 2,000-meter-long commercial street bringing together top and well-known restaurants, Xiao Bar comprises a long corridor on the first floor and the main use space of atypical commercial stores on the second and third floors. Through upgrading building fa?ade, interior and branding design, the brand attempts to shape a quiet and go-as-you-please dark space atmosphere, thereby enabling visitors to get slightly drunk in this semi-private space.

  • ZHUAN Pro+
    The well-designed "ZHUAN" Pro+ baby car seat is easy to use, and offers children both reliable protection and a cosy environment to sleep soundly in between trips.
    "ZHUAN" Pro+ can be reversely reclined up to 175°, and both sides of the seat allow one-hand 360° rotation, fairly smooth, flexible and convenient. Other upgrades of this seat lies in the structures of the canopy and the headrest. The full-coverage canopy can shade children on road trips, especially when they are asleep. The V-shaped headrest can offer the optimal resilience, and are further zoned to safeguard the vulnerable head in a more targeted way. The thickened lining are ergonomically designed to provide proper support and hold the whole body in place, accordingly protecting children's spines and allowing them to lie down more comfortably. Meanwhile, the outer skin-friendly fabric is pleasant to touch. More convenient, considerate and cosy, "ZHUAN" Pro+ is the ideal baby car seat for the well-being of children in between trips.

  • Nanchong Film Industry Vocational Academy’s GATE
    The project is adjacent to Jialing River in Sichuan and Chongqing, so we adopts the concept of "Sailing and Starting" in the design. The overall shape refers to the image of the hull, implying that set sail and start a new journey. The black thin columns on both sides symbolize the oars that control the hull, implying that you can hold the tiller and control your own destiny. The central guardhouse's room is displayed in the form of a kaleidoscope, symbolizing the starting point of colorful life and the infinite possibilities of welcoming the future.

  • Nine Types of Fruit Wine Gift Box for the Winter Solstice Festival
    Nowadays, when popular festivals come, many companies or brands often give gift boxes. Therefore, Jiuqi Industry Company wants to choose a traditional winter festival — the Winter Solstice, and send a special winter gift to customers.

    Creative Idea
    The idea is inspired by the ancient Chinese folk method to calculate the date of cold weather and spring days, the Jiujiu Cold Relieving Map, and the old Chinese tradition of drinking alcohol in winter to keep out the cold weather. We combined the above two things and conceived a fruit wine gift box. The overall design of the gift box is based on the traditional Chinese lifting beam structure, adding copper elements to the warm teak wood, which has structural support and visual embellishment. The front of the gift box has a three-layer design. Open the box and remove the screen engraved with The Jiujiu Cold Relieving Map in Chinese. Nine types of fruit wine are displayed in the Duobao Pavilion, highlighting the heart and preciousness of the gift.

  • Xiaoshan· CHAOYUEHUI
    By virtue of diverse lighting effects and different materials, this project offers a stylish SPA space of a low-key yet luxurious style.
    The mirror-like polished stone floor under the dynamic lighting effect creates a virtual scene of flowing water, and such a blend of reality and virtuality leads to a sense of drama with strong visual impact. The mental plates arranged in the shape of waves above the bar counter, as well as dynamic beams, form a uneven, multi-layer look, which make the space visually higher and enhance the layered sense. The streamlined walls made of white sandstone act as partitions, and the rough surface fails to directly reflect light. With the upper light, they cast round, irregular shadows, so as to strengthen a sense of intimacy.
    The magical lighting together with multiple materials contributes to incomparably good user experience, improves artistic expression and highlights aesthetic pleasure, thereby realizing an infinitely superior spatial effect in a limited space.   

  • B3, Shenzhen, The three waves of time

    The B3 Bar, located in COCO Park, Futian, Shenzhen, is designed by RooMoo. The design theme is carried out around the brand naming method of B3. B3 is the first letter of three English words: brunch, bistro, and bar. We take "time" as the concept of the whole design, echo the brand requirements, and strengthen the meaning of time to B3.

    How to transform the abstract concept of time into a concrete manifestation? In order to solve this problem, through our understanding of the flow of time, we have brought three periods of thinking for space, which are symbolic of the fluctuation of time in the air, and turned abstract time into actual performance.

    The Halo Panorama Dome concept is a 9 meter fully prefabricated multi-use structure with 60m2 of internal space, a huge glazed arch and curved balcony, all shippable to anywhere in the world. Scaled for a multitude of uses this configuration can function perfectly as a luxury villa with ample space for sleeping, living and bathing areas that are all able to take in views of the surrounding environment through large sliding doors and a panoramic wall of glass. The Panorama Dome is a multi-use structure that has been primarily developed for the resort market, ideal for use in remote locations where the fully prefabricated factory controlled manufacture can facilitate a more cost effective construction timeline.

  • The Mountain Villa
    This 15 years ago rural self-built villa, when we first met in 2009, many places have begun to deformation and subsidence, the foundation of the house is not deep, underground is full of stones, the gables wet and bubbling water...... The complex hillside environment greatly increases the difficulty of building transformation. After repeated research and scientific calculation, especially considering the difficulty of construction and transportation, the final plan is to continue the previous architectural framework and strengthen and repair the house on the original basis.

    In combination with the project environment and the owner's desire, we define the house as a "house growing in the mountain", just like the bud planted by the owner 15 years ago, which has been dormant for a long time, and has been revived with life and vitality today.

    It must be a kind of Chinese expression, a kind of localized memory, a kind of local response, a kind of plain and mild habitation. It stands on the mountainside, like standing in the empty nostalgia, in the vast clouds, in the quiet mountain stream, in the past such as a pole.

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