Works Appreciation
  • Foldable modular furniture
    The first wooden chair has strings that form the seat and the backrest, it may make you doubtful of comfort but the strings act like fabric and contour around your body for maximum comfort. The string tension also makes sure that you are well supported. The second chair is like a classic window transformed into a chair with one swivel motion. Because it is a smooth, singular vertical plank when closed, it is easier to stack/store. Another favorite from this furniture range is the fold-out table with storage, it is ideal for small urban apartments or for a kid-friendly room to keep things tidy and packed away.

  • Pizza Hut + Ogilvy designed a limited edition pizza-box with a foosball table built into the lid!
    It seems like Pizza Hut and Ogilvy want you to ‘play with your food’, or at least want you to play with the packaging of your food. The two brands collaborated over the launch of a new limited-edition pizza box that comes with an actual foosball table built right into the lid! The Foosball Pizza Box was created as a warm-up for the Europa League which begins October 22nd (Get it, Warm-up? Pizza?). Wendy Leung, marketing director of Pizza Hut explains, ‘the Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box was a great opportunity to remind football fans that pizza goes best with their football. Launched at a time when everyone’s stuck in their houses, the box hopes to drum up enthusiasm, interest, and positivity. While diehard fans are just waiting to go out and support their teams or play their own games of street football, the Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box provides a great safe alternative, allowing you to battle it out with your friends in the comfort and safety of your own homes. Winner gets an extra slice, perhaps? And if there’s a tie, just equally divide the pie!

  • Dieter Rams speaker
    Music is sometimes the only company you need, whether you’re listening to your favorite artist with your ears perked up beside the speaker or letting jazz fill in the background while you work. With quarantine, however, it can sometimes feel difficult to just let listening to music be an activity in and of itself. The list of distractions and temptations is literally endless – the timeline never runs dry. Instagram’s feed is ever-changing and endlessly refreshable, as another text message rings and more unread emails pile up, and Twitter has the latest and most accessible updates out there. But this new Dieter Rams-inspired Bluetooth speaker design encourages you to click the lock button and stow the phone away if only for a song. The design’s concept is visually approachable and inviting, with a single speaker on the product design’s right-hand side, a roomier pocket for your phone on the left, and self-explanatory player controls on top. While the visual and compartmental design makes the music device easily portable, it also motivates you to end the constant scrolling and just enjoy the music. Since the speaker works with Bluetooth, the space to stow away your phone is more of a light suggestion than a prerequisite for operation. However, if you do decide to use the suggested space for your phone, the product’s design becomes user-adjustable. Since the speaker’s screen, which encases your phone, is transparent, that means you can transform your screen into a compact cassette or any other background, invoking your favorite musical memory within any room. It’s admittedly hard to put the phone down when you’re spending a lot of time in the same space every day – the timeline isn’t the only thing that could use some refreshing. If anything, quarantine has awakened many of us to the relief that design can provide by reigniting in us simpler, warmer energy from yesteryear. Inspired by Dieter Rams’ widely-celebrated TP-1 transistor radio and phonograph, this new speaker design offers exactly that. The elemental str

  • Fun Factory - A Comedy Experimental Theater
    It locates at the central area of Shanghai Xujiahui. Since it is the first attempt to build the connection between offline and online resources, we treat it as a meaningful role, working as a brand-new commercial exploration of talk show culture and the establishment of a new comedy theater conceptual model. As for the functional requirements, bring the culture of talk show and giving the performance to the mass would be the core content. At the same time, we also have the attributes of a small scene comedy theater, interviews, screening halls, exhibitions, retail and social venues, even though the area is only 100 square meters. In the theater design, corresponding scenes are preset for temporary site attributes and applications in various unknown scenes, which give the space a possibility for self-renewal. Stand-up shows and comedy performance would always be the main function in this design. we interviewed many well-known actors in order to meet their environment requirements. We try to avoid as much interference factors that disturb performer and audience as possible, such as redundant light. At the same time, from a wider public perspective, we create a popular cultural product with affinity and interest.

    Projects for private apartment, the owner as a promising young man, with his girlfriend to work in Shanghai, a year back home a few days, so on the function layout design localization, the use of house life cycle is divided into three stages. The first stage, the parents live, at the same time, after you come back to meet their temporary living condition; The second stage, because the future may be used as a marriage room, on the function of space design, consider the situation when the couple married after living, second bedroom as the main form a complete set of bedroom space, meet the demand of locker room empty can and can become parents visiting temporary living space; After the third stage, had children, the second bedroom with the functional requirements of children room again. The above three stages, to meet the living at the same time, receive, and different people, different stages of usage. Space is carrying us for life, for home, for the pure in heart. This project even more so, the use of diversified stages, representing the communion space, and according to the characteristics of space main user owner, we bold breakthrough, from the layout to color, from material selection to art, we strive to achieve perfection. Whole works like a deck of art paintings, light pen, plain coloured space clean and tidy, not genuine not artificial, such as clean over-the-knee, no trace; Emerging gradually thick and ink, artistic conception, the Italian classic furniture and tie-in combination, from guest dining room to the bedr

    In the middle of the city, it is located in a secluded area, which is separated from the downtown area and the downtown area by natural buildings. Adhering to the modern simple technique and integrating the praise of the original form in the traditional Japanese aesthetics, the log color is used to show the unique texture of the material, so as to praise the natural form and create a clean and clean feeling. Light color fabric sofa with flannel texture, hand woven wool carpet, black element straight line, and simple lamps and lanterns are matched with each other to give a clean and elegant feeling, making the home always exude comfortable, quiet and warm. On the basis of using logs to build the original sense of space, we simplify the decoration, make it solid with empty space, and use a large area of blank state, without too much deliberate decoration, to create a simple and orderly indifference. It is the same with the so-called light body and mind. While emphasizing the simplicity and abstraction of space form and objects, the design also pays more attention to the relevance of objects. The placement of each object has been carefully considered and the significance of the object when it is related to space. It is also good to abandon the sofa in the living room of the conventional residence and share the delicious food with the dining room in the open multi-functional hall; children no longer watch TV and play in

  • ZXD&GZ Office
    Pivot of Creation—ZXD&GZ Office Archimedes once said :" Give me a pivot, I can prize up the earth." This is the same to creation. Good ideas can double the value of a space. Between gray and black, a touch of orange-yellow will become the finishing touch, be active, be the pivot of creation, or be the inspiration source. It will also be the soul of the space. Herm è s Orange is born with a sense of high quality, and giving the single office space to gradation and style, while the warm tone of the decoration adds a few warm and sweet feeling, create a sense of affinity in calm and serious… At the porch, the light as a pen, outlines the flowing door path, fascinating. After the hall door, as the eyes can see, advanced gray-based tone, bar background wall, and popular Hermè s orange in front of your eyes. The reception area adopts sinking design to create a core area of immersion experience. Looking through the bar, the orange pivot device is hidden in a corner, cute and fit like a glove, breaking the stuffy space and making the atmosphere lively. Echoing the reception area, the bar channel is designed to make the whole space fluctuate and change. Pick up the steps to the director's office. Above the corridor, the corrugated ceiling creates a sparkling water reflection effect, reflecting the flame of the fireplace. The director's office uses the minimalist design of the main gray tone, emitting reason, tolerance and thinking. The existence of orange pivot represents overturn, creation and maverick.

    Qiuzhuang, a private garden villa located in the north district of Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.The house covers an area of about 1000 square meters, and the plot is relatively regular. In accordance with the owner's wishes, the design includes a four-storey building with a basement and a small garden-like Chinese garden.The appearance of the building is simple and smooth, composed of cuboid blocks scattered and combined, full of modern rhythm.The design of many French glass Windows makes the building seem to be able to be passed through at will by the wind, transparent and alive.The combination of coffee-colored wood and textural light grey brick creates a gentle and unique rhythm, which is cleverly integrated with the courtyard with four seasons of flowers and scenery.The use of a large amount of raw wood and black walnut wood echoes the architectural appearance. Combined with the unique patterns of stone, it is full of brightness and warmth, and at the same time contains the quiet existence of zen rooms and tea rooms. The soft decoration of a large number of clean colors makes the space spacious and light at the same time.Using the unique "framed view" technique of Chinese garden, the building is designed with multiple perspectives to enjoy the landscape of the courtyard. Through the difference of shape and Angle, people can feel different scenery, and the charm is just right.The design of the courtyard completely adopts the technique of private gardens in the south of The Yangtze River. The small bridge, flowing water and

  • moon coffee maker
    If you are a coffee addict then you will feel excited about new appliances that increase the joy you feel when brewing! This conceptual coffee machine is very unlike the espresso makers in the market and it’s the aesthetics that set it apart. It is a dream machine for people who love coffee and space exploration equally (like me!). The compact capsule shape makes it look like a moon lander for your counter and is obviously powered by caffeine which is only the second most powerful fuel after rocket fuel! The designer’s main focus was to retain some of the rawness and the mechanical steampunk look of the traditional Italian espresso makes while maintaining a clean shape that adds character to the product. There is a tubular water/steam container at the back which I feel can be extended down for added support for the appliance. There is also another container for your beans which I assume leads to a small grinder mechanism inside so you only get the freshest cup of joe each time. Overall, the shape is very unique and combines the nostalgic steampunk elements with clean, smooth curves for a balanced modern machine. I almost feel like this should come with a voice feature that does a countdown to when your coffee is ready. “I’ve always been fascinated with those big chrome machines that almost looked like a small lab, it made me think about how we perceive coffee now when the whole ritual is being reduced to a capsule and a press of a button. When sitting down to settle on my concept I thought how can I incorporate this love for mechanical and tactile looking objects, with an updated clean look? Can I make a coffee machine that looks scientific but also has a cute character?” says Yehuda. T – 10 seconds till I have my second (or fourth) cup!

  • Harbin Heyue Mansion sample room
    This project is located in Daoli District of Harbin and belongs to the high-end residential area of Harbin. In this project, the designer uses the simple and minimalist aesthetics of the Song Dynasty to show the space, requiring absolute simplicity, extending the design of the entire space with the simplicity of circle, square, plain color and texture. The white clean facade of the interior space and the beige ink-like marble background wall are based on the minimalist style. There are not too many materials and elements, and enough space for soft decoration is reserved for interactivity. The Song dynasty painted with ink and burned monochromatic Ru kiln porcelain, so we used the sky blue color of Ru kiln, the head of northern celadon and the crown of five famous kilns, as the main color of the space. The combination of white gray and azure color creates a mood of "azure and other smoke and rain" in the entire space. The overall space design uses different materials to make a perfect fusion, and cleverly uses the differences to divide the functionality of the area. The flowing glass divides the space area and adds the visual concept of the open space. The large-area glass windows in the living room warm the space temperature under the refraction of sunlight, and also enhance the comfort of one's own soul. MERCEDES BENZ's sofa is flexible in the space, extend.

  • Taoyuan Greentown
    This case is inspired by the culture and aesthetics of the Republic of China period. In this project, the "Republic of China" is a space that seems to be infinitely retrievable, from one to the other, from here to another, from now to the past. "Western Tide and New Tide", "Upper Society", and "Traditional Beauty and Modern Beauty" have become the subject terms of the project creation, which interprets the characteristics of the era of the Republic of China: the entry of Western culture has changed from silky threads to tides. Cultural forms are all infiltrated with Western colors; beauty and cruel history are interdependent. For the most part, the style of the Republic of China is the beauty of landlord, comprador and upper-class intellectual society. On the one hand, it is the feudal era of closed country while on the other hand is the violent involvement of the Western world. Social culture presents unprecedented openness and integration. The designer has completed the image of the era of the Republic of China style from multiple dimensions in terms of architectural form, space atmosphere, object story and identity, constructing the link of contemporary life.

    A cosy minimalist Scandinavian-inspired theme is prevalent throughout this condo, elegantly meeting the request of the owners - a couple with young children, for a bright and spacious home that expresses who they are and what they love. While the aesthetic appears to be simple, the designers were meticulous about getting the neutral palette of light tones and soft furnishing in harmony with one another. The high attention to detail proved to be advantageous as what transpired was a collection of fine features against a serene and pleasant backdrop. In the living room, white decorative panels and full-height storage cabinets with the same panelled effect grace the main walls. Instead of placing the TV on an elaborate feature wall, the flat screen is set right above the white wall panels for a streamlined look. Other media equipment is neatly stored inside the standalone cabinet. Herringbone flooring further enhances the minimalist appearance, giving the pared-down theme a touch of personality. Throughout the 2-bedroom home, loose furniture pieces keep the lightweight Scandinavian concept consistent. The designers also went for an asymmetrical approach to infuse a carefree attribute to the space. For example, in the living room, a grey sofa with a single planter box placed casually next to it as well as the round-shaped rug and coffee table create a versatile composition of form, function and textures to support the interior style. Behind the sofa, the full-height storage cabinet incorporates a bench seating area for the dining space which features a wood dining set that comes with two chairs. Above, the pendant lamp draws attention to the table centrepieces comprising small potted plants. Natural light from the sliding door brightens up the space while indoor plants in attractive vases evoke a fresh feeling instantly. Designed to be a dry and wet kitchen at the same time, the cookspace features a pair of custom-made sliding doors with thin metal frames. As the bottom part of the frame is trackless, when the doors are completely opened, the kitchen seamlessly blends with the surrounding living spaces. When closed, it becomes a defining feature, adding on to the living room's backdrop. In the centre of the kitchen, a polished white island anchors the space while black chalkboard finishing on the facing wall beautifully contrasts with the pristine white colour theme. The chalkboard finishing is more than just decorative as it allows the owners' toddlers to entertain themselves drawing on the wall while their parents cook in the kitchen. In the bedroom, soothing greys and light wood hues dominate. Billowy sheers and heavy curtains engender a soft atmosphere, matching the lush upholstered bedframe. Walls are kept bare, painted only in a warm shade of grey, saved for the framed photographs that line the opposite walls - these pictures were handpicked by the owner who is an avid photographer. Next to the bed, a white desk with thin legs on the left as well as a cosy chair on the right side complete the furnishing details to create a well-composed Scandinavian-inspired ambience that the owners are fond of.

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