Works Appreciation
  • Lockin Halo Smart lock
    Lockin halo is the first automatic smart lock with palm vein recognition function, which also has functions such as face recognition, camera monitoring, and real-time screen viewing. Different from face ID and fingerprint , palm vein biometrics are the most difficult to replicate. It is suitable for ages 4 and older. It can be recognized in 0.75 seconds, and it can be recognized without contact, which is more convenient. Compared with face recognition, it is not affected by problems such as face mask occlusion, and face privacy issues. 
    The product has the best door opening experience, and the through-type light display guides the user to open the door with the left hand or the right hand. The symmetrical handle can bring about the problem of hand injury, and it is more friendly to users with long nails.
    The thickness of the all-metal panel is ultra-thin, which is better integrated with the door and the environment. In order to realize the ultra-thin design and highlight the core handle shape of the product, the hardware modules of mobile products such as mobile phones are used in the structural scheme and hardware scheme, and the space is more compact.

  • ZHUAN Pro+
    The well-designed "ZHUAN" Pro+ baby car seat is easy to use, and offers children both reliable protection and a cosy environment to sleep soundly in between trips.
    "ZHUAN" Pro+ can be reversely reclined up to 175°, and both sides of the seat allow one-hand 360° rotation, fairly smooth, flexible and convenient. Other upgrades of this seat lies in the structures of the canopy and the headrest. The full-coverage canopy can shade children on road trips, especially when they are asleep. The V-shaped headrest can offer the optimal resilience, and are further zoned to safeguard the vulnerable head in a more targeted way. The thickened lining are ergonomically designed to provide proper support and hold the whole body in place, accordingly protecting children's spines and allowing them to lie down more comfortably. Meanwhile, the outer skin-friendly fabric is pleasant to touch. More convenient, considerate and cosy, "ZHUAN" Pro+ is the ideal baby car seat for the well-being of children in between trips.

  • Dental Implant Robotic System
    The world's first and Asia's only autonomous dental implant surgery robot. 
    Using robots to operate surgery can lower the learning threshold for surgery, so that a young doctor can complete the surgery accurately and independently after a week or two of training, and improve the resources of doctors in underdeveloped areas. It could also reduce surgical costs, shorten healing times for patients, and enable better health and well-being for residents of all regions. 
    Since 2013, after numerous iterations and surgical experiments, with the collaborative innovation efforts of doctors, engineers and designers, clinical operations will be put into operation in 2021. So far, the robot has served more than 40 cities, serving thousands of people.

  • lockin smart camera
    Lockin Smart Camera is a household surveillance camera, which looks like an ice cream cone. It breaks the mechanical sense of traditional cameras. It can be perfectly integrated into the home environment. Powerful AI functions protect family safety in real time. When the user falls at home, the camera detects the user's chest or head landing in a short time via artificial intelligence, and the user does not get up for more than 10 seconds, a fall event alarm is generated. It can also trigger pyrotechnic alarms when detecting fire or thick smoke. This camera also supports 360-degree panoramic shooting, face recognition, human tracking, pet detection, remote visual two-way intercom and many other functions to protect family safety. One button lens masking function protects privacy. It is suitable for various installation scenarios: desktop placement, roof installation, wall installation, etc.

  • YM Series Industrial Connector
    The YM series connectors provide connection to electrical mains in complex and harsh industrial conditions, especially those high in corrosion-resistance to salt mist. 
    The YM Series Connectors are designed to be highly water-proof, corrosion resistant, safe and reliable, which are realized from the following steps.
    First, we innovated the waterproof structure by rubber sealing the socket and the case, the plug and the socket, the plug and the cable.
    Second, we adopted advanced engineering plastics with excellent properties with better tolerance to salt mist than its metal counterparts. And the internal terminals are finished with nickel plating.
    Third, the product uses a 3-pin bayonet connection and 5-point fixing structure to be more safe and stable.
    The product stands multiple tests, such as TUV and UL, and also undergoes expert review,, experiments and user feedback, garnering much market recognition.

  • littli-U1 Portable Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush
    littli-U1 Portable Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush is a compact and portable electric toothbrush with one-piece design.The delicate brush handle is made of food-grade ABS plastic with a skin-friendly coating.Ultra precision internal structure design reduces the volume to the extreme.25day long battery life, the magnetic suction protects the upper cover and is safe to use on business trips and travel.Using magnetic levitation ultrasonic motor, brushless motor, long service life, small size, high efficiency, and quiet operation;Provide 48000 rpm vibration frequency, bringing excellent cleaning power.The brush head adopts copper-free flocking technology, which avoids the problem of metal and metal oxidation, and the entrance is healthier and more assured.IPX7 waterproof the whole body is washed.At the same time, DuPont bristles are used, and the rounding rate of the bristles is more than 70%, The brush head doubles the amount of hair planting for more efficient cleaning.5 seconds crescendo anti-splash, scientific timing reminder 2min to stop.

  • Franklin Home Power
    This is an innovative home energy storage product in the industry, which aims to provide an all-in-one home energy solution for a family. Prioritize the use of new energy sources such as solar and wind energy to supply for families or return to the power grid according to the corresponding electricity price policy, which not only saves electricity bills for users, but also helps to save energy and reduce emissions, maximizing the storage and utilization of new energy (PV, wind energy, etc.), and accelerating the arrival of clean energy era. When the mains power fails, the system will automatically switch into the battery power supply mode, support the whole house backup power or partial backup power, ensuring constant power supply for the family, and bringing a better power-using experience to users.

  • Vanke (Chongqing) Corporation Co., Ltd.
    Chongqing's landscape on the external wall allows the building to have a conversation with surroundings, further establishing relationship each other. The tower that saliently features vertical white metal lines and blue glass curtain wall develops an uneven and staggered riverside skyline, reflecting Chongqing's valley. The podiums at the bottom, along the soft river-like curve, connect structures of all shapes. As they surface, the viewing platform will appear to remove a sense of repression caused by large buildings.

  • YBBA01
    The birth of this wall lamp is attributed to three aspects: first, we recognize a kind of wallpaper with beautiful levels, changeable luster, three-dimensional fullness or pure color. They are usually expensive and difficult to popularize in most people's homes. So I have an idea: only one square meter. Paste this square meter wallpaper on the hard back plate, which is the main body of this lamp. The main body will be selected and pushed by our studio from time to time and made into a series. It is an independent product. 2、 We always think that good objects need good light to show. That square meter wallpaper needs light to follow like a painting - a light bulb. The lamp with good reduction degree in the light is tungsten filament lamp, but the temperature and energy consumption of tungsten filament lamp are too high for environmental protection. Therefore, the LED bulb with tungsten filament lamp effect is selected. 3、 With the main body and the light source, we chose the iron with strong plasticity as the frame and connector for simple combination. We covered the dazzling bulb with a circular iron plate and refracted the light on this "picture", so the first edition was completed. One function of this wall lamp is that the back plate covered with wallpaper can be replaced. A screwdriver can complete the disassembly of the back plate. A set of frame can replace multiple main Wallpapers according to demand to create different types, which is also a point of energy conservation and environmental protection. The picture is the first edition, with black frame, white concave convex wallpaper and an LED bulb. The next step is the iterative frame: with the same texture, the frame is narrower, the feel is smoother, the weight is lighter, the assembly is simpler, and the surface is sprayed with different colors. Back plate: the back plate can be made of wood, steel plate, copper plate, etc. according to the wet or dry environment. Also lighter is needed. Light source: bulb, spotlight, etc. Future: derive more intelligen

  • Imilab Eye Caring Lamp

    Imilab Eye Caring Lamp is designed for children as an intelligent caring lamp. Apart from eye protection function, it is equipped with a rotatable camera and WI-FI module, realizing remote care&communicate between parents and children. The camera can be rotated to protect children’s privacy.

  • HODO?ZERO?GRAVITY?ComfortTech?Shirt
    This is an unparalleled 0 sense black tech shirt in the industry (0 sense, which means 0 pressure, 0 wrinkle, 0 restraint, and is also the design inspiration, representing the designer’s pursuit for ultimate comfort and high quality). It’s the first to combine microfiber + modal natural fiber + spandex elastic fiber with Swiss HeiQ intelligent temperature control black technology in an all-round way, and with the sophisticated and exquisite workmanship, making it is suitable for multi-scene wearing needs, soft, skin-friendly and elastic, and does not produce sense of restraint, bringing a more comfortable shirt wearing experience for men users. 

  • diiib ispa installation constant temperature shower shower
    1.ispa's is an innovative shower with massage function.
    2.ispa has four functions: head shower, hand shower, outlet, partial massage.
    3.Through the right dial button , users can switch the outlet and local massage functions.
    4.Local massage uses  a powerful jet of water to help relax your skin and muscles and enjoy the comfort and pleasure of showering.
    5.The angle of the massage spray can be rotated and adjusted,which provide a better shower experience and humanized design for people of different heights.
    6.The easy-to-clean safety glass provides ispa with a large and tidy storage area.

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