Works Appreciation
  • BIBOTING Beauty
    BIBOTING Beauty is an innovative home massage device that combines traditional cupping with modern technology, providing a safer and more comfortable experience. Unlike traditional cupping, which only uses a single strength to suction the skin, BIBOTING Beauty uses advanced vacuum technology to perform a series of suction and release actions, mimicking the feel of kneading massage while achieving the effects of cupping. Its adjustable vacuum pressure design allows users to tailor the suction and release intensity and frequency to their personal comfort levels, thereby avoiding skin damage, enhancing safety, and allowing for longer usage times. Users can easily operate it at home without needing to visit a beauty salon, enabling daily skin care and improving overall quality of life.

  • Small mushroom electric mosquito repellent
    This plug-in mosquito repellent is shaped like a mushroom and combines its basic functionality with a night light, creating a sanctuary where restful moments are undisturbed by mosquitoes and enveloped in a cozy ambiance. Its adorable, rounded mushroom shape adds a lively touch to any home decor while also injecting a soothing feeling into users. As the repellent activates, the night light radiates, casting a soft glow that enhances the tranquility of users' resting environments. Furthermore, the repellent not only offers a single-timing switch control but also a cyclic timing mode, automatically working at preset intervals to adapt to users' daily routines. This feature exemplifies how intelligence can improve everyday living.

  • The New Old Light

    Light, though invisible and intangible, changes the way we perceive the world. Kimu the new  old light series embodies the brand's fusion of new and old, Eastern and Western design techniques. Through the electrification reinterpretation of traditional paper lanterns, it transcends the boundaries of time and space, infusing cultural essence into differences, and creating new possibilities for life. Like a 'container of light' in space, it gives abstract light a visible and tangible outline. Users can adjust the paper lantern's expansion and contraction to achieve different direct and indirect lighting effects. Recently, paper lanterns have once again gained favor for their organic and modern feel, becoming an essential element in the international lighting trends.

  • Precision Handheld Injector
    As an innovative device of the industry, the TL2000-1 Precision handheld injector features a fresh digital injection system. Its user-friendly digital interface allows users to get information easily. The control and adjustment of this product is easy and quick. The entire product is designed in a pen-like form factor with lightweight and simple operation. This product dedicate to save user’s time and energy, ensuring a dynamic balance between physician fatigue and patient satisfaction. The product utilizes an electric injection method to administer medications to patients, ensuring precise dose and stable delivery so that it improves the effectiveness of medication injections and treatment efficiency. It is recommended to use with specially designed disposable sterile injection needles and syringes. It is suitable for injecting various concentrations of hyaluronic acid sodium (Non-crossed and crossed HA) and water-light medications to the patient's face and scalp.

  • Valentine's Day Gift Box in the Shape of a Bouquet of flowers
    This gift box for BlankMe, the hot brand on makeup foundation recently, was designed for the Valentine's Day event in 2023.
    The idea of the design is: to present the atmosphere of Valentine's Day in a clear and special way, hoping to add a sense of ritual to the couple's holiday gift through the special structure and flat design of our gift box, and at the same time, to convey the brand's proposition and aesthetics.
    With this goal in mind, we designed this shaped box. The structure of the box is inspired by a bouquet of Valentine's Day flowers, simply put, it's a box with a big top and a small bottom. In order to increase the sense of opening ceremony, we used a book-shaped box that opens on the side, and the unfolding structure looks like an accordion, which symbolizes that a beautiful chapter of life is about to start. We used the Iris flower, whose motto is "Love for those who believe", for the print content. The special feature is that we used embossing and silk-screen printing to give the Iris flower a three-dimensional effect, which jumps out from the paper.
    This gift box got a very good sales feedback and sold tens of thousands of sets in the same month.

    In post-war residential areas, countless unexploded landmines often lurk, which can still be triggered years or even decades after the conflict has ended. These mines cause severe, and sometimes even fatal, injuries to innocent people. The design of DEMINING PRO aims to address the above issue. This large-scale drone demining technology significantly reduces the need for manual and animal demining. The drone can autonomously patrol in mine-infested areas, marking detected mines and uploading information, ensuring the safety of both demining personnel and nearby residents. 

  • New Energy Integrated Diagnostic Device
    Such product is a multifunctional smart diagnostic device for new energy vehicles with both local diagnosis and online remote diagnosis. It is mainly used for fault diagnosis, testing and maintenance of various systems and components in new energy vehicles. The intelligent diagnostic system covers 24 kinds of maintenance functions and 15 kinds of battery pack diagnostics, fast charging test, printer module, insulation tester, multimeter module, oscilloscope module, endoscope module, work light module, wireless tire pressure module, thermal imaging module, adapted to the ADAS module and supporting online programming. 
    The product boasts powerful performance and is easy to operate, covering more than 95% of new energy models. 
    It provides users with professional, comprehensive and intelligent diagnosis and maintenance for new energy vehicles, addressing the pain point of lacking of maintenance and diagnostic instruments for new energy vehicles in the market and contributing to reducing the maintenance costs of new energy vehicles.

  • Uija Multi-function portable water purifier
    This industry’s first portable water purifier for outdoor use can purify water in nature to offer direct drinking water for convenient outdoor drinking water supply, and help to decrease the use of PET bottles.
    Reverse osmosis filtration technology is applied to convert lack water, river water and even rainwater to mineral weakly alkaline direct drinking water; multiple sterilization design + ultraviolet disinfection module kills 99.9% of bacteria and inhibits bacterial growth all the time. In this way, this product ensures healthy drinking water supply in case of natural disasters. The built-in lithium battery allows the water purifier to realize continuous water purification for 12h, and the resultant direct drinking water output up to 170L is enough for a family of three to use for one week.
    The supporting APP shows information including water usage, water quality, etc., and is able to call for help with one click. This product will be of great help when it comes to a long journey, outdoor camping and emergency survival.

  • NOSE-Scent Intelligence Analysis System
    Can you really design a perfume only with a sense of smell? 
    Sense of smell is important, of course, but when it comes to developing new perfume models today, much of the groundwork is done through data evaluation - and that's where AI technology comes in. In the perfume industry, perfumers have about 1,300 scents (synthetic fragrances, flower, moss, spices and fruit extracts) to choose from. NOSE TECH own a database of 1.7 million formulations composed of various substances and corresponding combinations, which enables NOSE TECH fragrance intelligent analysis system to complete training and learning. The system can also query sales of perfume products by gender, age group and country. After analyzing the data using deep learning algorithms, AI systems (independent of cultural biases, personal preferences, knowledge, experience, or other factors) will be able to discover compatibility possibilities that have never been possible before.

  • Next-Level Retail with The Mercedes-Benz G-Box
    G-Box is a new and innovative shopping experience introduced by Mercedes-Benz specifically for the Chinese market, redefining the sales approach for the G-Class off-road vehicle. The G-Box gives the G-Class a unique competitive advantage at the point of sale in China. 

    With it, Mercedes-Benz is picking up on the current hyper-personalization and hybrid retail trends and enables, together with mediaman, the combination of physical and digital customer journeys. Serving as a powerful tool for automotive dealerships and sales consultants, G-Box facilitates upselling of additional options and packages while reinforcing the brand image. It taps into customers' lifestyle preferences and creates an emotional connection, enhancing the overall user experience. G-Box is well-suited for tech-savvy Chinese customers who seek in-depth information about available features. 

    Moreover, it opens up new opportunities in the high-quality and intricate consumer goods market. In addition to the specific form for the automotive business, Mercedes-Benz China and mediaman have created a new kind of prototypical sales instrument with the G-Box. A physical configurator that opens up new opportunities in markets for high-quality and complex consumer goods, with discerning younger target groups who expect an emotional and highly-individualized purchase experience.

  • XIJIU JUNPIN Advanced tea set
    There are eight elegant lifestyles in Chinese gentleman culture, namely “music, chess, calligraphy and painting, poetry, liquor, flowers and tea”. Among them, tea and liquor are the important carriers of gentleman’s taste in life. Inspired by the Xijiu culture in Guizhou, this set is designed to let users experience the elegance of a gentleman in tea tasting.
    The cotton velvet tablecloth in the set depicts the unique winemaking style of Xijiu City. Putting the entire set on it, it creates an elegant atmosphere with the color combination of Junpin blue and Chinese gold. The tea set is decorated with exquisite textures, including the legendary Xi fish which only exists in Xishui County, the Xiyuan Tower that reflects the glorious local civilization, and the Ruyi pattern that inherits the good meaning. In addition, the design team condensed three characters, which symbolize the realm of a gentleman and mean setting up lofty aspirations, adhering to the traditional craft and harvesting numerous awards in Chinese, and outlined them on the body of the Fair Mug to inject the gentleman culture into the product, enabling consumers to experience the cultural conception in tea-drinking.

  • Household floor hanging ironing machine
    Core innovation points: 
    1: Two heating ironing head and micro-pressurized heating body, 
    reduce condensation, ironing does not wet clothes 
    2: Visualization 2L large capacity water tank, add water, 
    no residue, clean no dead Angle Long life of 70 minutes 
    3: Built-in filter element, filter water stains bacteria 
    4: endless adjustment of ironing board to meet more ironing Angle 
    5: Ironing rack multi-width adjustment, to meet the needs of 
    different clothing shoulder width 
    6: Handle operation, no bending; Off hand sensing, 
    automatically stop steam 
    7:90g/min ring shaped storm steam, instant penetration 
    to smooth the fold 
    8: Five-speed mode fine care: three-speed steam + 
    dry hot mode + explosive steam + one-key cleaning 
    and scaling removal 
    9:10382mm 2 Smooth cast aluminum panel, with Teflon coating, 
    improve efficiency smooth without damage to clothing.

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