Works Appreciation
  • Layout desk
    The Layout desk is a multifunctional workspace that comes with various entertainment and work modules to blur the line between WFH and play.WFH has transformed our desks into micro versions of our homes. Blurring the line between work and play, spending so much time at home has made our desks representative entertainment systems, craft stations, and storage bins all in addition to first functioning as our workspaces. 
    Inspired by the blurring of work and play in WFH spaces, Juwon Kim, Jiwon Song, and Eunsang Lee framed Layout with a translucent, corrugated exterior finish that immediately catches the eye. Wrapped in sea green, the Layout desk is modular by design to incorporate a plethora of different work and entertainment features. The Layout desk is topped off with an upper cover that’s designed to conceal the workspace after the workday’s done.
    When you’re still getting in those hours, though, the Layout desk’s upper cover folds up and functions as a partition to create some privacy and a sense of spatial boundaries for the workspace. When closed, the desk features a front display panel, similar to the Mac’s Touch Bar, where users can add widgets to play with after work. The widgets range from a music player, clock, and micro-control grid.

  • QCY HT03
    Inspired by the starry night, QCY HT03 fully explains a perfect combination of nature and technology and the beauty of curves. It features a unique, streamline design, smooth lines to fit your palm, allowing comfort, recognition and beauty to coexist; The charging case taking its shape from pebble gives you a light and silky hand feel. It is made of PC and ABS material, coupled with pearlescent and mirror process to present crystal clear and pearlescent effect.

  • Chengdu Sunac Water and Snow Park complex

    The completion of the Chengdu Sunac Water and Snow Park complex has left a piece of ice and snow forever in a city called Dujiangyan in the south, condensing into a "miracle" that is not melted by the seasons.

    The overall design concept uses "Kangzang Xiangyun" as the imagery, absorbing the momentum of moving clouds and flowing water, and combining the elements of Sichuan opera facial makeup to create a modern image. The design refines and abstracts the intent of auspicious clouds, reappears and sublimates the "rising", "carrying", "turning" and "combining" of "auspicious clouds", fully expressing the smooth and smooth form of natural clouds and water, and the unpredictable feeling . The design of the building's fa?ade also borrows the expression technique of Sichuan opera facial makeup. As an artistic gem created and passed down by Sichuan opera artists of the past generations, facial makeup is deeply rooted in the soil of the Bashu culture with a long history, and is a representative cultural element of Sichuan. Typical facial makeup pens such as bending and rewinding seem to be an understatement in architecture, but in fact they carefully consider the layout to achieve a harmonious and beautiful effect.

  • Intelligent electric towel rack
    The minimalist Italian design style has been carefully designed and decorated from every Angle, through CNC high precision equipment carving processing to create beautiful lines,one-button switch with built-in temperature controller keeps the temperature at 50-55℃ perfectly.Using the latest heating principle: graphene heating technology, safe, environmentally friendly temperature and even heat dissipation.The main body adopts aluminum magnesium alloy material to make the thermal conductivity of the product faster, the product is more portable and durable.The surface adopts environmental protection powder after 200℃ high temperature treatment to make the surface wear-resistant, delicate and beautiful, the quality reaches the national standard.

  • advanced Whole house —customizationzhumuliangzao logo design
    Logo design concept: good workmanship, conscience and quality
    The main figure of the logo takes the word "good" as the creative source. The first short horizontal represents the quality of conscience and good craftsmanship. The three horizontal strokes are identical to the lower part of the word "good", which is specially processed into a vertical overturned one“ ?” Symbol, meaning one in a hundred, the most correct choice. The whole logo expresses the original intention and commitment of Zhumu liangzao people to always adhere to making good products with conscience.
    The short horizontal of this sign can also represent the innovative spirit, implying that Zhumu liangzaoren will always adhere to the continuous innovative spirit and lead the new trend of high-end whole house furniture customization.
    The three strokes in the middle are the qiangua in the book of changes, representing the brand Tianxingjian and the active and enterprising spirit of a gentleman.
    The whole logo is a minimalist style design, which succinctly and effectively expresses the confidence and commitment of jianmuliangzao to home quality. The light luxury style of the logo also shows the feeling of high-end customized home, exquisite and noble.

  • Xsr 155 Yacht
    XSR 155 unique aspect is using extensive glass integrated with the superstructure which gives the project the architectural touch. The hybrid propulsion provides to avoid the noise, vibrations, emissions and expense of running your diesel generators at anchor. Main focus was owner’s freedom and flexibility on board. For achieving this, full glass living areas and spacious exteriors with loose furniture provided.Sarp Yachts has founded one of the largest and most modern facilities in the Free Zone of Antalya in South Turkey. It's specifically designed for the new-construction and refit of luxury motor and sailing yachts up to 80 m in length. Sarp Yachts is the only shipyard which has Integrated Quality Management System with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 OHSAS from ABS in the Free Zone of Antalya. 

  • Bell

    This deceptively simple design, called Bell, contains a very useful feature. Bell is visually similar to the traditional doorbell we see, evoking a nostalgic nostalgia for the old days. Meanwhile, the doorbell’s tongue acts as a sensor, allowing the person who rings the bell to automatically verify their temperature, all in one motion. The Touch Center and digital display show themselves the visitor’s temperature. If the temperature reading is above 36 degrees, the visitor has the right to leave and help prevent the spread of their infection.

  • E390 Electrical Motorbike
     E390 is an aesthetically pleasing electric motorbike which satisfies the trendy travelling for young people. The joint of molded pieces without exposed screws is conducive to its lightness and delicacy.The rear lights blend brake lights and steering lights, further promoting the design taste. Besides, Its integrated large-screen panel and front&rear modular positions for additional accessories meet various users’ traveling demands. The structure blends hydraulic front&rear forks and the aluminum alloy luggage carrier, thus rendering comfortable driving.

  • MESU Brand Design
     As a first-line brand of domestic wallpaper with top sales at Tmall sales for 5 consecutive years, MESU hopes to strengthen the awareness of the brand in the hearts of users by the bidirectional assignment of IP and brand through this brand upgrade. The graphics of spotty dogs shapes simple geometric form by abstract techniques, with spots as basic symbols, endowing simple and unique graphics by transforming, segmenting, rotating, and splicing, to build IP as a differentiated super symbol, so as to "decorate life" with a more vivid communication. The graphics is applied with brand manual as the fundamental norms, combining with static and dynamic, and explores the possibility of multidimensional with commercial promotion as the main carrier, to help MESU company generate emotional resonance with consumers in the brand evolution, find the original aspiration of the brand, let more people understand it and identify with it through re-interpretation.

  • Big Bang Series 5803J3
    The design inspirations of the Agelocer BigBang series of watches come from the roaring engine, speeding sports car and staggered track. It features a black and gold time scale, which is fused with elements of sports car dashboard to create a dynamic, multi-layer mechanical dial. It adopts a 24-hour double scale subdial for the hours and a minute hand below the scale, with a hollow mechanical design which allows for a clear view of the inner structure. The masking relationship is used to express the passage of time and to give the user a sense of urgency. The matte style design is for the interpretation of time lapsing, conveying a sense of urgency. The thickness and height of each layer of the dial and the height of the hands need to be precise so as to save enough space for each other. Eventually a multi-layer dial and interspersed hands, which move in a unique way respectively and in tandem with each other, have come out through repeated adjustment. The watch mirror is coated on double sides and make the dial more transparent, and the hardness of the material used is second only to diamond to protect the dial and lengthen the service life of the watch. To avoid the discomfort caused by the dial being slightly larger than the crown against the back of the hand, the crown has been moved to between four and five o'clock in accordance with the ergonomic design. Also, the watch features a luminescent coating on the hands, which can be recycled and ensure clear sight at night, and the 50M water resistance meets the needs of daily use without fear for rainy days. The BigBang series is generated from original design and precision machinery. Agelocer blends highly exaggerated and creative industrial elements with the mechanical watch design, unprecedentedly fusing brand values and precision machinery in a fashionable and creative manner. It offers a free, stylish wearing experience and sets up a unique brand image of fashionable mechanical watches.

  • YBBA01
    The birth of this wall lamp is attributed to three aspects: first, we recognize a kind of wallpaper with beautiful levels, changeable luster, three-dimensional fullness or pure color. They are usually expensive and difficult to popularize in most people's homes. So I have an idea: only one square meter. Paste this square meter wallpaper on the hard back plate, which is the main body of this lamp. The main body will be selected and pushed by our studio from time to time and made into a series. It is an independent product. 2、 We always think that good objects need good light to show. That square meter wallpaper needs light to follow like a painting - a light bulb. The lamp with good reduction degree in the light is tungsten filament lamp, but the temperature and energy consumption of tungsten filament lamp are too high for environmental protection. Therefore, the LED bulb with tungsten filament lamp effect is selected. 3、 With the main body and the light source, we chose the iron with strong plasticity as the frame and connector for simple combination. We covered the dazzling bulb with a circular iron plate and refracted the light on this "picture", so the first edition was completed. One function of this wall lamp is that the back plate covered with wallpaper can be replaced. A screwdriver can complete the disassembly of the back plate. A set of frame can replace multiple main Wallpapers according to demand to create different types, which is also a point of energy conservation and environmental protection. The picture is the first edition, with black frame, white concave convex wallpaper and an LED bulb. The next step is the iterative frame: with the same texture, the frame is narrower, the feel is smoother, the weight is lighter, the assembly is simpler, and the surface is sprayed with different colors. Back plate: the back plate can be made of wood, steel plate, copper plate, etc. according to the wet or dry environment. Also lighter is needed. Light source: bulb, spotlight, etc. Future: derive more intelligen

  • Cellphone-mounted Painting
    Cellphone-mounted Painting artistically coordinates cellphone components and background patterns on paintings to create decorations for users. Users can preserve idle cellphone components on the painting, which accordingly gives rise to a new entertainment upsurge among young people. The cellphone-mounted painting series is represented around two themes of “space travel” and “free play”, also accompanying with the prevailing nostalgia and retro style currently. The theme “space travel” visualizes space elements of the astronaut, universe and celestial bodies to delineate space exploration. The patterns in a feeling of science&technology complement cellphone components to integrate the theme “space travel” with cellphone components. That also symbolizes the advancement of science&technology and the history of space exploration. Regarding the theme “free play”, it perfectly balances the sense of nostalgia and the connotation of freedom by absorbing elements of arcade games which are memories of youth into its hand-painted comics. The inclusive design is specially for fitting various cellphones. Therefore, users can freely putting cellphone components in any area of paintings to obtain DIY works decorated by background elements and details.

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