Works Appreciation
  • Horn cup
    The horn shape can make people think of the action of raising arms and shaking arms, which can arouse people's association and convey positive energy. After pouring boiling water, the hot steam comes out from the hole at the top of the ox horn, which has a certain picture sense. The user does not need to take down the cup cover to blow hot water, but can directly blow at one end, and the hot steam will be discharged from the hole at the other end.

    Nowadays, the widely used decorative picture cores can’t be replaced or they are inconvenient to be replaced. If the whole set of a decorative picture is replaced, it needs high costs and will cause secondary damage to the wall. In daily life, the decorative pictures in our house gradually become furnishings with aesthetic numbness. Users replace ideas and appeal of pictures in different stages, so as to express their imagination on the life situation. This product changes the problems that frames and mounting always exist in the decorative picture industry and the core can’t be replaced arbitrarily. To the industry, it has the value of innovation and enlightenment. The product can meet the diversified and specific demands of users’ life scenes, such as birthday, wedding anniversary, and Christmas, thus it helps users to easily express their life emotions and images, so as to improve people’s happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment. The attribute of replacing the product’s core avoids from the overall replacement. The decorative style can be changed with lower losses. In this way, it effectively prevents waste and shows green environmental protection. The decorative pictures with the flexible core and free DIY ornamental parts. This product can easily replace the core at a low cost. It can greatly improve user participation behavior and it is also filled with free expression imagination. Target users: 20-35 years old, first-tier and third-tier city women.Fashion, personality, and living with passion. Strive for life enjoyment and situation.

  • realme Buds Q
    Inspired by cobble, the renowned Hermès home designer, Jose Levy designs realme Buds Q with a full curved body and an unprecedented anthropomorphic shape that is beautiful, comfortable and ergonomic. With PC + ABS polymer composite material, streamlined internal structure, single buds only weights 3.6g. The frosted textured surface achieves a sense of luxury.

  • realme X50 5G Master Edition
    realme X50 5G Master Edition is the first 5G product created by realme and Naoto Fukasawa with bold design and excellent performance.Inspired by floating pattern of metal in life, Naoto realizes the dynamically refracted metallic luster?and endow the smartphones?with the unique mix-and-match?style of metal and glass by metalizing dots and lines.

  • The First Step Shoes PXL-S62A08
    PXL-S62A08 shoes are designed for toddlers. When walking, all toddlers look flat-footed and the whole sole touches the ground, with the soles rising about 15 °. The soles of our products are flat and easy to twist, making the shoes have comfortable space for the toes.We have developed honeycomb-pattern sole, increasing friction when walking, to avoid tumbling even on roads with water. The distance between the forefoot and the ground is not more than 1cm to make the feet sense the ground better. And the rich color provides more choices for the toddlers.

  • Adsorption manual shaver
    1.Adopt 3D printing technology for integral molding, the bracket itself extends out of the shrapnel structure, simplifying the spring assembly process 2. Lightweight design, more convenient to carry out. 3. The hollowed-out design of the handle, and the magnetic attraction function is added at the bottom, which is convenient for storage. 4. Multi-layer curve shape on the handle, more comfortable to hold, and with anti-skid function.

  • Integrated disposable mask
    The whole mask is composed of three parts: the upper eye protection part to protect the eyes; the fixed part in the middle, which can be squeezed by soft materials to fix the bridge of nose according to different bridge of nose; the lower mask part to protect the nose and mouth. The mask is composed of three in one: the three in one is a disposable protective mask, which is folded by the intermediate shaft to store the mask. It is thin, small and light, convenient for the transportation and daily storage of products. The wearing of masks is simpler: compared with the products in the form of separation of ordinary goggles and masks on the market, the experience is simpler. When wearing masks and goggles, you don't need to wear them twice respectively. You only need to wear them once. Product slogan: one time wear, one time use, one time all-round protection.

  • Onlywood
    Self-supporting shelf. The assembly is made without any screw or nail. The set holds by interlocking and thanks to its own weight. Ideal for books or other decorations, this innovative solid oak self-supporting rack will fit in a contemporary as well as traditional interior.

  • Energy Flow
    The artwork is being realised through winning City Dress-up Public Art Competition organized by Hong Kong Government Development Development Bureau. It is the winner of the Category Kowloon Bay. When the solar energy turns into electricity, renewable energy can also be integrated into the works of art. In the city, we have become ignorance to our environment, no longer sensitive to fresh things. The artwork is made up of two rocking chairs, one of which gets up and the other party will shake to both sides. Slightly swing backward and forward, interacts with each other. The artwork made by the combination of two rocking chairs, which is equipped with ?exible solar sheet with the power transmission USB port. People could charge their mobile phone when they rest on the chairs. The site is at the entrance to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Headquarters. There is a very simple educational trail that specializes in electromechanical engineering and renewable energy. Therefore, this public artwork could become part of the educational trails, to provide an additional meaning.

  • PEARL Hotel brand design
    A hotel image that can make guests memorable

  • Light 4 Life
    The actual lifetime of the LED light bulb is less than the design lifetime. Though the LED unit has the longer life the power unit. If the power unit was failed the whole light bulb will be useless. However, the plastic parts and some electronic components still have value to use. This design sealed power unit and LED unit in two different modules, in this method maximized each parts lifetime. The new push-push socket simplified the installation process and avoid electronic shock. This design maximized each part's lifetime and give customers more option to choose, the modular design gives this light bulb extensibility. We also designed a conventional socket for the customer who is still using E26 socket. This design decreased wasting problem, maximized lightbulb's lifetime. The new push-push socket gives convenient for elder and people who have difficulty in moving. Based on structure demonstration,this product have massive production possibility. The target users are the household group and enterprise group. This design will impact the light bulb industry. The modular design and expand possibility will be an eye-catching point in the market.

  • Hydrogen-powered car
    Hydrogen-powered car Audi Cetus is a hydrogen-powered, zero-emission city car, designed to change everyday city travel. The idea was to create a car for 2 people that will be likeable and fun, in an effort to restore excitement to the experience of driving. A playful conceptual exercise, truly embraces aerodynamics to both reduce energy consumption and form part of a future design aesthetic. The smooth curves and streamlined shell mimics the movement of a swimming fish, in an effort to corelate the similarities of the hydrodynamic properties of marine creatures with the aerodynamic performance of the car. This results to an energetic and distinctive form that is formulated by the little details such as the flow of the exterior shell. The design is primarily concerned with the forces of drag and lift, which are caused by air passing over and around the car body in motion. The entire form that embraces the car’s various elements combines functionality, quiet operation and aerodynamic performance. Along with, it also adds to the aesthetics of the vehicle and its exterior looks, leading to a more dramatic change in overall appearance and performance of a vehicle. The windows are designed to allow as much light as possible to enter. The use of electrochromic glass gives the possibility of dimming by pressing a powered switch in order to control the level of illumination of the interior. On the back, surfaces curve smoothly into one another and embrace the back wheels, creating a wraparound, retractable trunk that opens like a drawer. Additional security features include smart sensors in the vehicle. Characterized by soft lines and user friendly features, the surface design flows with motion of the fluid around the body that is made to run on the road. The low profile was developed and customised extensively after ergonomic trials in order to minimize the height of the car and subsequently the air turbulence on the back. The dynamics of the streamlined silhouette are further emphasised by the natural smooth form that flows to give the car a distinctive appearance. By incorporating this concept the design becomes a more visual expression of the smooth flow of air and this underlying order gives the car its character.

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