Works Appreciation
  • tang'talk
    This project draws inspiration from the functional mechanism of biomembrane system. 
    The designer uses the concepts of "operation" and "transmission" in the creation, metaphorically symbolizing the relationship between humans and food. Humans, along with all things, coexist within the nature. As one species in nature, humans absorb life information, namely vitality, from nature through the intake of food, thus acquiring energy. The designer has transformed the entire space into a site for energy conversion, resembling a cell factory. Through complex and meticulous operations, a new force of life is generated. The design breaks away from the traditional “bottom-up” logic of spatial construction, immersing people in an immersive and entirely new world.

  • masterful curve
    The ‘Mayfair By the Sea’ is a special combined unit which is located in the Tolo Harbor  of Hong Kong. We can admire a great sea views of Tolo Harbor and Pat Sin Ridge. Designer create a perfect concept by extended the curves of this beautiful landscape into the design to create a harmonious and modern seaboard spectacular visual in this design project. The ceiling curve line are perfectly to differentiate living room, dining room ,bar area, coffee area, entrance hall and multi-functional area, designer have cleverly transformed this special home into a warm, inviting space that embraces a contemporary yet ever so slightly kitschy vibe.
    all the wall line and detail used natural color tones to present the wonderful layout of the unit, and integrate the love of Hong Kong people for cats into the indoor space. Cat flyovers, tunnels and other equipment are all available in the Cat’s room design, It shows the meticulousness sense of the designers. When the owner open the double sliding doors of the dining room, can though the glass wall and see his’s beloved cat and this unique design, All the various bedroom styles of bohemian, fashionable and aesthetic are the cultural blending between China and the West in Hong Kong. the perfect combination of the space its distinctive artistic features.

  • Cloud Dance Studio
    The dance studio features a thoughtful interior design that seamlessly combines educational functionality with a soothing ambiance, creating a space that embodies elegance, artistry, and lifestyle. Inspired by the fluidity and artistic essence of dance, the studio incorporates plenty of arches, circles, and curved lines, fostering an elegant and tranquil environment where dancers can practice with ease.
    A palette of soft neutrals—white and beige—dominates the area, complemented by dark woods and vibrant orange accents. This combination not only adds visual depth but also evokes vitality and the dynamic nature reminiscent of a dancer's movements. Additionally, the specially designed tea room serves as a sanctuary for students to unwind and embodies the aesthetic pursuit of dance art. Here, over a cup of tea and through meaningful conversations, the essence of art is not just appreciated but celebrated, and the bonds between instructors and students are further strengthened.

  • Dianzi Qingyi Clerical Script
    This font integrates the traditional official script's structure with the square strokes of the tablet of the Wei Dynasty, resulting in a design that reflects both ancient heritage and blends modern innovation. It retains the traditional stone carving style from the late official script era, preserving distinctive features such as "silkworm's head and wild goose's tail" and the interplay of straight and curved lines. Simultaneously, it incorporates modern pen-shaped characteristics to create a clean, sharp, and elegant effect within its strokes. The font boasts a slightly wider centre, an upright style, and a consistent variation between thick and thin strokes, exuding a rich neo-classical aura while ensuring optimal readability. It is well-suited for application in diverse typographic and headline scenarios.

  • MYTH
    MYTH is inspired by the Asian golden cat, painted with the face pattern of the Asian golden cat, which is a symbol of freedom and uninhibitedness. Dressed in the robes of a sage, it is a tribute to ancient and modern cultures, and its aggressive fleshy paws interpret the original spirit of the pursuit of excellence, which is stealthy in its movements, maverick, quick-thinking, and full of curiosity and adventurousness towards the world.

  • Li ya Zhen Lu
    I.M. Pei, a master of world architectural design, once said: A city without old traces is like a person who has lost his memory.
    Liaoning Industrial Exhibition Hall is a building complex with local cultural diversity. The core geographical location, architectural style and cultural accumulation of the city are blessed together, which endows interior design with an ideal design scene that reflects the glory of the field and integrates the eastern and western cultures.
    Liya Zhenlu, hidden in Liaoning Industrial Exhibition Hall, seems to be an independent existence in the time gear.
    Dream like a dream, enter the play as if it were true.


    Located at Itaim Bibi, in S?o Paulo, Social Tailors is anagency specializing in digital media. SuperLim?o Studio was commissioned to propose a project for the company's

    new headquarters that would transform the workspace into a place for sharing knowledge, whose main objective was to keep the team connected and integrated. For this, each space was designed and detailed doing everything tailored. With approximately 250 m2 and all designed in BIM, the program predicted the following spaces: open space work area, meeting rooms, decompression area, Phone Booth, bathrooms and canopy. Just after the entrance hall is the distribution of all circulations and the whole program becomes perceptive. For the area of decompression was developed a multipurpose mobile that allows different configurations and interactions between people. A grandstand that works as a presentation space for all staff, support benches and tables at different heights to work with. In addition, it creates an environment for meetings and quick ideas that do not require the use of meeting rooms. To divide this volume of the circulation of the canopy and bathrooms were developed panels of felt and designed and made by SuperLim?o.


  • Poltrona AvaArmchair, 2018

    In collaboration with the Brazilianmanufacturer San Gemman.explores the fusion of humancreativity, artisanal craftsmanship.and digital technology inmanufacturing processesCharacterized by a harmoniousblend of sensual curves andprecise lines, emblematic ofthe desianer's distinctive style.the collection's productionfeasibility is enabled by digitalmodeling and CNC manufacturingtechniques.These innovativeprocesses facilitate the creationof exceptional three-dimensionalpieces, such as chairs andarmchairs meticulously sculptedfor optimal ergonomics,embodying a “techno-organic"desian language that embodies afomm of "material cyborgism.”

  • lC BrisaCelling Fan, 2023

    The lC/Brisa DC |56" ceiling fan launched inthe US in 2023 introduces a fresh perspectiveon sophisticated and contemporary ceiling fans.Available in various finish combinations with LEDoptions, it stands out as a prime choice.

    from The Modern Fan Company, the IC/Brisa DCCeiling Fan brings a captivating sculptural presenceto indoor environments.Featuring a robust DC motopaired with injection-molded ABS blades, this fanembodies a sleek, sculptural allure with its organicdesign and energy-efficient perfommance.

    Meticulous attention to detail was given to thedesign, development, and manufacturing stages. Theseamless transition from fan blades to motor casingexudes a sense of fluidity and equilibrium, embodyinga harmonious balance.

  • Toca do Urso Brewery

    The Colorado Brewery inaugurated, in its hometown of Ribeir?o Preto (SP), the Toca do Urso - a space that simulates a cave to welcome visitors.

    Designed by Superlim?o, the standout feature of this project lies in the use of various vernacular and passive techniques to create a pleasant microclimate in an extremely hot and poorly ventilated region, without enclosing the environment and without relying on active conditioning techniques.

    Located in front of the Brewery's factory, the old parking lot made way for the Toca do Urso.

    The goal was to make the most of what already existed in the surroundings, such as the canopy of two large trees that shade the area for much of the day.

    The large circular hall was buried 1.5m, and the soil removed from the ground was relocated, creating a 3m embankment around the central hall, forming a significant thermal inertia barrier like in caves.

    The circular wing-shaped roof with a skylight optimizes natural circulation and captures wind from any direction, similar to wind catchers common in Islamic constructions.

  • “Westwing”physical store

    Superlim?o signs off on architectural project of Westwings new physical stores in Rio de Janeiro, located in Ipanema and Barra da Tijuca.

    The concept behind the renovation process focused on conveying the idea of omnichannel through architecture, making the physical journey through the store as close as possible to the customer experience on the brand’s website: easy to navigate, quick reading of environments, and optimal display of items that the customer wants to buy, standing out in the physical space.

    Inspired by the flexibility and modularity strategy used in theater stages, the concept came to life through a 60x60 grid on the floors and ceilings, guiding the sizes of environments and exhibition areas.

    This makes it easier to create and remodel rooms based on each store’s specific needs, displaying a different mix of products.

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