Works Appreciation
  • Fengsheng 101 Highrise Mixed-Use
    The Fengsheng 101 highrise mixed-use complex project is located next to Lixin Avenue in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. The north side of the project overlooks Nanxiang Mountain and the south side overlooks Guangzhou Pearl River New City.The project has a total construction area of approximately 81,000 square meters and a height of 200 meters, including a wide spectrum of programs mentioned above such as hotels, office spaces, apartments, and retails.
    And the project is inspired by the image of sailing, hoping to depict the dynamic gesture with a static architectural form that can reach to the people, community and nature at a much more intimate distance. So that the tower becomes a beautiful new landmark of the city of Guangzhou as well as the Greater Bay Area.

  • Nanchong Film Industry Vocational Academy’s GATE
    The project is adjacent to Jialing River in Sichuan and Chongqing, so we adopts the concept of "Sailing and Starting" in the design. The overall shape refers to the image of the hull, implying that set sail and start a new journey. The black thin columns on both sides symbolize the oars that control the hull, implying that you can hold the tiller and control your own destiny. The central guardhouse's room is displayed in the form of a kaleidoscope, symbolizing the starting point of colorful life and the infinite possibilities of welcoming the future.

    The building, one of the display sites in the plan, makes its first debut. With the theme of the residential areas, “HONGHU fall on the North”, the architectural elements integrate the streamline and frame of the modern design language, thus creating a remarkable vision experience of free and flowing, fluent and graceful beauty of dynamic as well as vitality. The building mainly uses modern materials such as glass and metal with a sense of light and transparent. The colors of elegant silver as well as high-class gray showcase a feeling of pureness and visual translucency, bringing a wonderful space vision. Thus, a unique architectural image is established. Characterized by the striking contrast from the cool color outside to the warm ornament inside, the style of the building has reached a perfect balance, showing its lofty theme.

  • Tianlu Lake Hongsing Seed Valley Startup Area- Plant Factory
    Breeding Centre – designed in hemispherical dome, the exterior of the center is composed of steel structure and ETFE film, with an interior which is primarily used for display and science dissemination. Combined with floodlighting system, the semi-dome is framed as a seed glowing under the starry night. It functions as a breeding center with aerospace themed features, as well as a plantation factory implementing the three-dimensional plant-cultivation technology of aeroponics. Sitting at the core of the sphere is the Shrine of Seeds, of which the outer envelope is the showcase of the seeds cultivated via means of aerospace agricultural science and technology. Whereas the inner pyramid-shaped exhibit, which houses the tissue culture seedlings of a variety, functions as an aerospace breeding experiment and achievement demonstration station.
    The project emphasizes the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. Compared with other similar coating materials, the application of ETFE film consumes less energy, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint. In addition, the nature of the product enhances the building physics through heat insulation and lighting, thus contributing to the global low energy consumption of buildings. Wastes from the manufacturing process and even old ETFE components can be re manufactured into new ETFE products, such as pipe components, wires or castings, to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Ring Restaurant
     This is architecture about time. Located in A Tour A Life, it is like a diamond ring embedded in the site. Surrounding mountains and forests are reflected in its’ fa?ade. As the sun rises and sets, the light glints on the glass fa?ade, coating it with a faint golden halo, and reflecting every moment and change of the surrounding environment in a day. The circular shape of the architecture is a symbol of the philosophy of life and growth in nature. Naturally, the space is defined as the outer and inner ring. In the outer ring, there is a scene of the hustle and bustle of life, while in the inner ring, a scene of peace and serenity specially belongs to the Ring Restaurant. It not only provides people a space isolating them from the crowds, but also a perfect venue to hold a wedding here. Thus, a stable balance between the outside and the inside is established, which is both the pursuit of architecture and the symbol of spending the rest of lives together. The architecture surface, treated like the diamond facets, brings a fantastic visual effect between solid and void. Meanwhile, its stable shape leaves people a deep impression. In this way, the architecture not only presents itself generously, but is also humbly integrated into the surrounding environment. It perfectly embodies the design concept: where you enjoy the bustling life while feel the peaceful beauty of nature.

  • Regional environmental improvement and improvement of air compressor station (Intelligent Control Center) of Baosteel-nsc/arcelor Co., Ltd
    The project is located within the Baosteel plant, with the cold rolling workshop of Baori Auto Steel Plant to the south. The project site was originally used for two production annexes - substation and air pressure station. In order to improve production efficiency, the factory wanted to centralize the control system of the production line and build a new intelligent control center in the open space between the two ancillary buildings. In the design process, the new building volume will be two annexes into one, forming a magnificent new building. Due to the structural problems of the air pressure station, the new building needs to consider the corresponding structural reinforcement, and the second floor of the eastern substation is partially renovated to increase the rest space required by the staff for 24-hour shifts, creating a warm working environment.

  • Yancheng Sunac No.1 Commnunity Sales Office
    The sales office of Yancheng SUNAC No.1 Community is located in Yancheng Yandu District. As the community center of the future settlement, it breaks through the traditional architectural pattern in form, adopting a complete streamline form, rising slowly from the ground and using a winding path to reach all levels of the building, while surrounding a quiet pocket park. The main entrance of the building is angled to face the community's entrance plaza, creating an open architectural pattern. The image of its entrance connects the overall facade of the building in one piece, shaping the rich expression of its facade in the pocket park, back facade.

  • Village2

    The project is located at the site of the original elementary school in Hongzhuang Village, Shiyan Town, Dongtai City. The construction area is about 4300m2, including the villagers’ festival hall, Master Wu Weishan’s art archive, the village banquet restaurant, the art homestay, and the pastoral book bar.

    Township construction is the current "popular" architectural topic. After the completion of Hongzhuang Art Center, it not only faces tourists from Dongtai City, but also takes into account the daily needs of villagers, and has won unanimous praise from the government, the people, and tourists.

    For this brand new original building, we insisted on the following points in the early stage of creation, and implemented them throughout:

    1. The goal is to achieve its own business survival after the project is completed, without relying on government subsidies.

    2. The completion is not the end, but the beginning of driving the surrounding villagers to spontaneously form tourism supporting services, control the construction volume, and form a "fire".

    3. The architecture is integrated into the village, and it is by no means high-profile and abrupt.

    4. Interspersed with the "walls" and "spaces" of traditional Chinese architecture to form a rich enclosure and semi-enclosed layout.

    5. "Fields and lanes" is the origin of the rural aesthetics. An abstract Chinese traditional lane space is formed inside the building, allowing light to participate in the design. When you are in it, you can feel the artistic conception of the lane space, and finally guide visitors to the north side. Pastoral countryside, forming a "village in a village".

  • HENGQIN Seafood World

    The design was inspired by the splendid scenery of the ocean, as it was boundless for the fish to swim and leap freely. The Seafood World also wanted to offer parallel experience. The exterior of the architecture was shown as an abstract image of leaping fish. The buildings were made of steel, while the facade was forged to imitate the surface of an oyster shell as HENGQINg is famous for oyster. In addition, the main building was constructed in the form of two mega fish swimming together. The smaller buildings scattered around were the metaphor of shoal of fish.

    The design followed the principle of sustainability as it maximum the use of native water and plant area. It also take convenience and effectiveness into consideration as the Seafood World wanted to offer the best dining experience. For example, there were plenty of bridges and trails that connected different functional spaces which made the motion smoother.


    This is a nursery on the 2nd floor of a building in Atsugi, Kanagawa. It’s an architectural design office ‘HIBINOSEKKEI’ which specializes in designing kindergarten and nursery that designs and manages this nursery.


    As the following 8 points, many elements of forests in Atsugi are taken into interior designs. Then here can be the place where children can concentrate on playing while creating plays by themselves and taking exercise.


    1. Trail Steps

    There are many steps in this nursery. Even in a limited space, with steps children will take exercise.


    1. Forest in a Building

    In the steps, various kinds of plants are placed so that children can feel green inside. Also they can notice small changes of plants in each season like sprout and blooming.


    1. Cave Atelier

    The atelier is surrounded by low walls so that children can concentrate on drawing while blocking adults’ eyes. The inside wall is a blackboard to display children’s works, draw with chalk, play with magnet and so on. 


    1. Explorer Library

    Next to the atelier, there is a bookshelf. In the bookshelf, there are an aquarium and some insect cages. Next to them, there are picture books and encyclopedia about creatures, so they can watch the creatures while looking up. Their interests can be connect to learning.


    1. Secret Path

    Next to the explorer library, there is a narrow path and it has a shelf of toys for play house. This space faces to the east and children can enjoy their imagination world while feeling the warm sunlight. Next to this space, there is a long planter so that they can  touch soil and raise up vegetables and plants.


    1. View Counter

    When climbing up to the highest step, there is a counter where people can see the city view. Children can take picture books from the book shelf behind the counter and read here, have lunch here, and watch trains and people outside.


    1. Mirror Pond

    The toilet space is surrounded by mirror walls. Though the toilet is in the classroom, people don’t feel any oppressive feeling, but can feel as if the classroom with many plants is continuous. This mirror walls can be the place space for children to draw, enjoy the wonder of the mirror or create creative plays.


    1. Forest Dining

    The height of the kitchen counter is suited to children’s sizes so that they can decide how much they eat and prepare their lunch by themselves. This lower counter is convenient for cooking. Also over this counter they can communicate with chefs more easily. It stimulates children’s interests in food.


    From these 8 points, as the model case of a nursery in building, this nursery is the place to spread children’s plays and learning and grow up their rich mindset and health.

  • QBE Seguros Colonial
    In the northeast of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, covering an area of about 4000 square meters, this new building icon stands in a booming real estate development zone.

    The project conceptually puts forward the concept of force, safety and innovation consistent with the company's vision and mission; A proposal was made to link the two main volumes (one of which directly faces pichincha volcano) and consolidate a public square as a contribution to urban beautification and decoration.

    Due to their spatial configuration, the expansion of these volumes has produced a welcome embrace for users and visitors.

    The body is developed under the contrast of double skin, with a light crystal on the stone and a solid blind wall on the water element. The huge glass surface becomes the urban background, reflecting the city and outline of the Andes, and the iconic pichincha volcano is the protagonist. The water mirror on the square produces the reflection of the solid shell and strengthens the building.

    It is worth noting that the construction area of 18000 square meters only accounts for 30% of the land area. Five of the eight buildable floors in the Department have exceeded their maximum height; Respect the impact of the project on the environment.

    Internally, the building scheme is divided into five floors and three basements, including three floors of office and auxiliary space (coffee shop and training room), four floors of gym, library and VIP room, and five floors of board space.

    Low energy consumption, grey water reuse and ecological material selection criteria are adopted.

    The interior design of the first four floors adopts the language consistent with the external design and its scale, and uses the transition space of three floors as the lobby. Due to the configuration and use of materials, the indoor space presents a translucent and smooth area. The interior also includes the use of glass (dark high-tech for acoustic and thermal control) and metal (aluminum) panels as external lining elements.

    The furniture with dark glass surface and stainless steel accent emphasize this, in sharp contrast to the warm texture and decorative elements. The water mirror, internal green area and control view complement this recommendation. The lighting design is designed by defining axes from the same building, deepening and highlighting the shape of plants, and connecting with the outside to produce readings different from those in the daytime at night.

    QBE seguros colonial therefore proposed a construction project, which concisely and concisely defined an enterprise type with strong urban identity and sense of responsibility.

  • Yancheng Sunac No.1 Commnunity Sales Office
    The sales office of Yancheng SUNAC No.1 Community is located in Yancheng Yandu District. As the community center of the future settlement, it breaks through the traditional architectural pattern in form, adopting a complete streamline form, rising slowly from the ground and using a winding path to reach all levels of the building, while surrounding a quiet pocket park. The main entrance of the building is angled to face the community's entrance plaza, creating an open architectural pattern. The image of its entrance connects the overall facade of the building in one piece, shaping the rich expression of its facade in the pocket park, back facade.

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