Works Appreciation
  • Foldable modular furniture
    The first wooden chair has strings that form the seat and the backrest, it may make you doubtful of comfort but the strings act like fabric and contour around your body for maximum comfort. The string tension also makes sure that you are well supported. The second chair is like a classic window transformed into a chair with one swivel motion. Because it is a smooth, singular vertical plank when closed, it is easier to stack/store. Another favorite from this furniture range is the fold-out table with storage, it is ideal for small urban apartments or for a kid-friendly room to keep things tidy and packed away.

  • Pizza Hut + Ogilvy designed a limited edition pizza-box with a foosball table built into the lid!
    It seems like Pizza Hut and Ogilvy want you to ‘play with your food’, or at least want you to play with the packaging of your food. The two brands collaborated over the launch of a new limited-edition pizza box that comes with an actual foosball table built right into the lid! The Foosball Pizza Box was created as a warm-up for the Europa League which begins October 22nd (Get it, Warm-up? Pizza?). Wendy Leung, marketing director of Pizza Hut explains, ‘the Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box was a great opportunity to remind football fans that pizza goes best with their football. Launched at a time when everyone’s stuck in their houses, the box hopes to drum up enthusiasm, interest, and positivity. While diehard fans are just waiting to go out and support their teams or play their own games of street football, the Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box provides a great safe alternative, allowing you to battle it out with your friends in the comfort and safety of your own homes. Winner gets an extra slice, perhaps? And if there’s a tie, just equally divide the pie!

    Qiuzhuang, a private garden villa located in the north district of Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.The house covers an area of about 1000 square meters, and the plot is relatively regular. In accordance with the owner's wishes, the design includes a four-storey building with a basement and a small garden-like Chinese garden.The appearance of the building is simple and smooth, composed of cuboid blocks scattered and combined, full of modern rhythm.The design of many French glass Windows makes the building seem to be able to be passed through at will by the wind, transparent and alive.The combination of coffee-colored wood and textural light grey brick creates a gentle and unique rhythm, which is cleverly integrated with the courtyard with four seasons of flowers and scenery.The use of a large amount of raw wood and black walnut wood echoes the architectural appearance. Combined with the unique patterns of stone, it is full of brightness and warmth, and at the same time contains the quiet existence of zen rooms and tea rooms. The soft decoration of a large number of clean colors makes the space spacious and light at the same time.Using the unique "framed view" technique of Chinese garden, the building is designed with multiple perspectives to enjoy the landscape of the courtyard. Through the difference of shape and Angle, people can feel different scenery, and the charm is just right.The design of the courtyard completely adopts the technique of private gardens in the south of The Yangtze River. The small bridge, flowing water and

  • Boundary House
    The first thing is to build a circle of boundary wall.?Push down the dilapidated red brick walls and collect them as building materials for the new home; remove the original potted trees and temporarily settle in the ground at the door of the house; loosen the concrete floor in the yard to reveal the moist soil and grass.Windows are a medium for communicating inside and outside. We arranged nine windows on the boundary wall. The logic of formal organization takes place around the boundary wall. Considering typology, in the boundary space, there are nine spatial relationships between the body and the wall, analogous to the treatment of the boundary wall by traditional Chinese dwellings. The nine types here are: the types of paste and contain of the room and the boundary wall. The type of paste of the stairs and the wall, the paste of the platform and the wall, and the contain and interruption of the steel frame and the wall. Among them, the abstract relationship between the steel frame and the wall is rarely to be seen in the traditional Chinese houses. A similar space appears in the bridge on the north side of the Sa Liu Yuan Yang Guan in the Humble Administrator's Garden and in the corridor named You Yi Cun on the north side of the Lingering Garden, except that they are continuous and linear. The steel frame here emphasizes the transition in the space transition.

    This is an art form showing space with water as the theme. The designer tries to integrate the interior, architecture and landscape into a whole and present the state of water in different ways. Presented such as light fluid dynamic water falls, and the real flow of water in the landscape pool as a photograph echo and combine, let people feel in different water present ways to design an art form of display space. Water is the subject of this case. The architectural design conveys the relationship between water and architecture, water and nature with the idea of transparency. The interior is the exhibition area and the negotiation area, and the partition of the space on the wall is formed by using the three-dimensional grille with geometric sense. Next to the negotiation area is the atrium landscape formed by the continuous glass wall surrounding the pool, which becomes an indoor landscape point. Water is the subject of this case, which is designed to convey the relationship between water and architecture, water and nature with the idea of transparency. We attempt to use the form of light to create the effect of a water waterfall and form a sense of the flow of a waterfall; LED lights, wood materials and other exquisite nodes are used to further present the water curtain wall shape of light. The atrium landscape formed by the glass wall surrounding the pool becomes an indoor landscape point. 1. Light water On the facade of the building, we designed a light water curtain wall to echo the theme of "water". The water curtain wall of the light is composed of LED lights. After the running of the lamp, it forms the effect of water curtain. The water curtain wall has two sides, forming a facade of the building externally and a background wall indoors. 2. Origami stone walls In front of the building is a very large landscape pool, as if the whole building floating on the water. A roughly 50-meter walkway cuts through the water to connect the entrance to the sales office, allowing for a slow entry into the interior. Before entering the room, a 16m-high entrance will be passed through a thin stone wall. The space is towering and the side looks like origami. From the outside open space into the compressed entrance channel and then into the open indoor space, formed the contraction of the space rhythm, the whole process full of ritual sense. 3. The road of spiritual precipitation A road was laid to cut open the pool, from the middle of the road to the water, and a viewing platform was set up. Hope to give visitors a heart to feel the design of our entire building We are involved in the architecture, interior design, soft outfit engineering and landscape design, trying to make is indoor, architecture, landscape of the three integrated into integration, form a with water as the theme of the exhibition space of art. The premise of this project is to serve as a sales exhibition area for real estate developers, with a service period of 3-4 years. Finally, the building will be handed over to the government as a public living space for citizens. We want to make a waterfall with nature , and present it with light to express the seamless combination of man and nature. Through the water curtain wall of light, the pursuit of indoor and outdoor experience process is also the pursuit of an integrated feeling of architecture and indoor landscape, and more importantly, a sense of ritual to enter the art museum. Light of water curtain wall is with a luminous effect, at the time of project completion, we set up a viewing platform, in the middle of the pool is a lot of people stop and location of the shoot, also attracted a lot of people attention and eye, and curious about the design process.

    Architects reinterpret modern architectural aesthetics by means of extremely modern means, real structure and space. This kind of architecture, which originates from the inside and comes from the inside out, with its integrity and authenticity, gives architecture a moral and honest aesthetic feeling. This kind of architecture, based on the changing structural form, will function, space, material, structure and human beings. The blending and dialogues develop step by step so that everything in the building is beautifully displayed in natural light.

  • V2 Pavilion
    The project is 2017, Shanghai Hotel and commercial space engineering and design exhibition in a 80 square meters of exhibition hall, the organizers invited 21 hotel management group and design company to build a simulation model of the housing space in the designated area, the exhibition time is three days. In this space, the more desirable is to find a sense, create a relaxed, free, mysterious and comfortable space. Three days of exhibition time, immediately after the dismantling of the field, so do not want to spend too much money to complete a standard model. Recyclable, removable and relatively inexpensive building materials and exhibition site crowded environment has become a place to consider in the design. Finally chose the translucent advertising grid cloth and steel structure to build the facade of the house. Translucent enclosed space, effective separation of the exhibition crowd dense and messy environment, but at the same time indoor and outdoor people also feel each other, let the house form relatively quiet and independent space. A big ball with a concave and convex texture was placed in the space, and it formed a wonderful picture with the birds suspended in the sky. A soft bed, a comfortable desk, a beautiful sofa, a pure white environment, full of space poetic, every corner is a picture. According to the site, time and light changes, the indoor space will also change accordingly. At noon, the light from the outside of the building passed through the room, and the light became softer after the "harmony" of the translucent advertising cloth. The people in the room dimly saw the people walking outside, and the people outside could see the change of the house and the environment was very soft. The exhibition time is very short, only three days, and we need to do is like flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, is open, like the broad-leaved epiphyllum. The whole exhibition feels like life, and we work hard, but soon it will be dismantled, and everything will become an unforgettable process and a treasured memory.

  • Metaphorical form to architectural space
    In southern Italy, Apulia region, has a long history of the park is known as the site of an important archaeological significance. After the earthquake in thirteenth Century, the area was once one of the main ports in the area. In addition to a number of cultural relics, Rome architectural symbol of Apulia, land is still the early Christian Church of the ancient town as the most important that the area of the parish. At the site of this early church, the Italy artist Edoardo tresoldi built a memorial screen for the quality of the construction of such a small town. The sculpture, known as the cathedral, occupies vast space, light and transparency, and the resurrection of archaeological remains as a form of sculpture for visitors to experience and explore. The mesh metal layers overlap and overlap to form spongy arches, high columns and Rome roofs. Tresoldi and MiBACT (cultural heritage and activities department) and Prussian archaeological supervision, together with the archaeological background of contemporary art, join the ancient church in new life." "The work of Edoardo tresoldi has emerged as a magnificent architectural sculpture of some existing early Christian churches, while enabling the renewal of ancient and contemporary relationships," curator Simon Torotta said." This is a work that has broken down a long period of artistic controversy and summed up the two complementary languages. Turn into a fascinating landscape

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