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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Architecture Award


Winner name:

People's Architecture Office / China

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The Courtyard House Plugin is an award winning prefabricated modular system for urban regeneration. Using a house-within-a-house approach the system offers a inexpensive alternative to tearing things down. It is a main feature for the Dashilar Project, a initiative aimed at upgrading an important neighborhood in the historic core of Beijing.

Dashilar is Characterized by narrow alleys called Hutongs and old courtyard houses the neighborhood has resisted change, giving it a rare charm. But the area also has limited infrastructure, no sewage lines, and buildings with little insulation. To face this dilemma, People’s Architecture Office developed a proprietary prefabricated panel made of a composite that incorporates structure, insulation, wiring, plumbing, windows, doors, interior and exterior finishes into one molded part. Within the span of one year the Courtyard House Plugin expanded from a experimental prototype to a systematic solution applied across Dashilar, where so far 15 Plugins have been completed, with 4 more under construction.