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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Architecture Award

Project Name:RUSHI Lodges

Winner name:


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If the Mountain House, which is located in the valley of the real estate project, retreats into the mountain forest according to local conditions, the owner hopes to create a single corner of the open-minded world, not to destroy the natural landscape, and to become a part of nature, the comfortable and habitable architectural space needs to start from the belief of the harmonious coexistence of nature. Let the building, indoor landscape into one, the ground selection of southern Fujian rustic rustic and gentle, pure hand-chiseled rough surface, the path of the living room deck from the inside to the outside like a stretch of sculpture, free growth in every corner. Low-key interior design in the house, all eyes will be attracted by the glass exterior landscape. The courtyard retains a natural pool of spring rain, like a mirror embedded in the valley, where the only stone is so tranquil. Through design let us learn to live in harmony with the wisdom of nature.