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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Architecture Award

Project Name:Longpeng Art Museum

Winner name:


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The Longpeng Art Museum under the Longpeng Group covers an area of 5000 square meters,

It took more than two years from design to construction completion, with a local mindset and a future in mind.

A rammed earth wall with a length of over 200 meters, a height of four meters, and a thickness of nearly meters runs through the art museum,

The soil is the foundation of the earth's gift to all living beings,Ceramics originate from soil. We use soil as the background to showcase the millennium old porcelain style,Collected an ancient riverbed that will be abandoned in contemporary space,Coexisting with nature, integrating artistic beauty and practicality, achieving a relaxed and comfortable exhibition experience.

Guarding tradition and looking back at the millennium is only for a better understanding of the current status of ceramic art,Promoting the development of contemporary ceramic artists' residences is a shared platform for the exchange and display of ceramic art salons,Emphasize the creative display of young artists,

Promote the exchange of local ceramic art with excellent domestic and international artists for art time exhibitions,Open up regular corporate self display and embrace the inclusion of more outstanding artists.

Putting the spirit of public welfare in art and social responsibility first,Welcome the new era of ceramic migration with an open and inclusive attitude from the local perspective.