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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Architecture Award

Project Name:Youxin Art Reception Hall

Winner name:


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Walking through the air of stone masonry, red brick stacking, soil wall enclosure, mechanical installation, and the historical and nostalgic atmosphere of southern Fujian, creating a concept of Chinese garden landscaping.

Shuttle through different time and space between modern industry and traditional agricultural culture. Delicious catering, personalized coffee, art exhibition, drama performance, Zen tea ceremony, business conference and other exchange experience platforms are integrated into the space.

In the renovation of old schools and machinery factories, the original blackboards, ancient wells, industrial lights, large boilers, large fans, sanding machines, large screws, etc. will be retained, reflecting the beauty of industrial structural forms.

Catering is not only about eating and drinking, but also about humanities, creativity, art, and emotions, as well as conveying warmth and stories.

The environment changes with the heart, creating a dining aesthetic space that combines Minnan characteristics with an international perspective.