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Revitalization of an industrial area –

contemplation & sensuality Inspired by the work of Hermann Nitsch on the one hand and the"clarity" of the existing building fabric on the other, the former Heger factory was transformed into a monastery-like museum complex through deliberate removal and addition.Buildings and open areas were created within the enclosing shell,which allow associations such as a long hall, cathedral, aisle,claustrum, crypt and a central piazza.

The interplay between large and small, low, long and high, open and closed indoor and outdoor spaces is the concept and part of a dramaturgy that is process-oriented.

The path and the moment of sensual experience are the focus.This enables a broad spectrum of design for changing exhibitions and campaigns.The architecture claims to support the overall work of art Nitsch, but recedes into the background with a reserved archaic language,opening up the spaces for rest, interaction, concentration, staging,

action and for an all-encompassing aesthetic experience. The substance of the former industrial courtyard was put under monument protection on a joint initiative with the city of Mistelbach and the state of Lower Austria.The planning task of a museum and the austerity of the industrial courtyard suggested associations with a monastery complex, in

which Nitsch's total work of art can also be grasped through the strict plan, in which buildings and open spaces are inserted on an equal footing.