Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI Best Environment Friendly Award

Project Name:Sustainable Artist Linen

Winner name:

Kite Feng / China

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For spaces, materials serve as the foundation of everything.

Perhaps one day, buildings can "breathe" like organisms, exhibiting zero waste and resilience, mirroring the harmony of the natural world.

Artist Linen advocate for a sustainable culture and environmental friendliness! We embark on our journey,

starting with sustainable linen fabric…….

Environmental pollution has led to millions of individuals worldwide with hypersensitivity conditions. Linen, a 100% biodegradable natural fiber, possesses an ancient heritage with antibacterial and healing properties.

Artist Linenharbor a profound love for nature.

We aim to spread the global linen culture, focusing on nature-centered design and eco-friendly practices.

Through our work, we aspire to rally the international design community to utilize more biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials.

We invite more designers to join us, becoming ambassadors of sustainable culture and influencing a greater number of individuals.

By adhering to the principles of sustainable nature and environmental friendliness, let us venture further on our path.

The guidance of nature-centered design will manifest each dream, one by one.